Saturday, February 16, 2008

Obama and ChicagoAnswer

What are Barack Obama's ties to the Chicago-based Marxist revolutionary movement known as ChicagoAnswer?

And who is Mrs. Santa Claus?

I'm working hard on answering those questions.


Posada Carriles was incarcerated in El Paso, TX for nearly two years awaiting trial on immigration charges, which were ultimately thrown out by Judge Kathleen Cardone as a legal travesty ("The evidence is overwhelming that the Government improperly manipulated the administration of criminal justice in order to secure a criminal indictment against defendant"). During the time of his "preventive detention" for peligrosidad and immediately after his exoneration there were numerous demonstrations against Posada in Texas organized by Marxist groups such as A-N-S-W-E-R. We do not doubt that the now-notorious "internationalist" María Isabel participated in those protests if she did not herself organize them. Something else to look into.


Charlie Bravo said...

Nothing like a good socialist connection for Obby....
I am sure that this is the reason why he hasn't mentioned Guevara by name in his "inappropriate flag" statement. Imagine, he cannot afford to alienate all those hardcore crypto-communist supporters....

Vana said...

Wow Manuel waiting for the dirt about ANSWER.

Ms Calabaza said...

I listen to satellite talk right and talk left radio. Friday I heard an interesting back and forth about alleged info that Hillary's camp has on Obama but has hesitated to bring forth. Hillary's folks have had a whisper campaign going about a big Obama secret. They claim if Obama were to win the nomination, Republicans will use this info to destroy Obama. Is this just Hillary strategy or is there some truth to it? We shall see.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Ms. Calabaza:

Obama's already admitted that he used marihuana and cocaine in high school. He's never said when he stopped. His best friend in high school was a drug dealer. Obama himself may have dealt drugs also in his youth. Perhaps there are suppressed juvenile records.

As with disgraced NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, there may be skeletons in Obama's closet. And, yes, I am alluding to allegations of sexual indiscretions. The only question that remains is whether whatever it is that he is hiding will come out before or after the election.

Anonymous said...

ya'll sound worse than pinko bush haters.

grow up. this is democracy, if obama wins he wins. HE IS NO communist or socialist.

Ya'll are real paranoid, gotta get out of Miami more.

Agustin Farinas said...

I think paranoid you will be one day when they scream at you:
"Put your hands behind your back and be quiet!".
Only then, you will know although somehow late, you have screwed up, and that you are actually arrested, but unfortunaltely, by then you have no recourse nor any rights. But just keep sticking your head in the sand, and pretend not to see, if it makes you feel good and safe.
But I see a dirty little storm comming in over the horizon, and I am aprehensive, to put it mildly.