Thursday, February 7, 2008

Babaloo's Waterloos: When Ideology Trumps Common Sense

George Moneo has just announced that his latest will also be his last post on John McCain, need we say, by popular demand. The reprieve will only be until the convention, though it is welcome nonetheless. Henry, too, has promised to refrain from further comment and devote all his energies to the re-election of the Díaz-Balart brothers, who, in turn, have pledged to do everything in their power to get McCain elected.

The echo chamber apparently isn't working anymore. The Babalunians are losing their patience with these paint-by-the-numbers ideologues whose fealty to conservative principles wouldn't stop the xenophobes in their party from stripping them of their anchor baby citizenship and repatriating them to a country they don't know and obviously wouldn't want to know in its present circumstances. The pressure cooker is all good and well so long as they themselves are not trapped in it.

At every turn now Henry and George are being confronted by irate commenters who will have none of their version of real politik which entails sticking the country with four more years of the Clintons and/or wunderkind Obama as a purgative for the Republican Party's having supposedly abandoned the ideals of Ronald Reagan, except that installing Democrats in power was never any part of Reagan's "ideals." They should remember that the "Gipper" was a team player who supported Gerald Ford for president after losing the nomination to him and despite the fact that he personally despised everything the liberal Ford stood for. Reagan was not a turncoat and he knew how to bide his time. He would be enraged at the antics of sore losers who think it is more important for them to control the party than it is for the party to control the White House.

Much as the U.S. would be affected for the worse by 4 more years of the Clintons, it is nothing compared to what would befall Cuba in the interim. Castro knows it and is preparing to take advantage of that once in a lifetime opportunity to make Cuba a ward of the United States while keeping the communist system in place. He is going to retire from the "presidency" and invest it on a surrogate so that Hillary and/or Obama can negotiate with the regime without having their hands tied by present legislation which makes the lifting of the embargo almost impossible while Castro retains power. Obama has already said that he personally has no compunction about talking to Castro and is prepared to begin discussions with the regime without prior conditions, which means, as I've noted before, that they could be torturing a man in the next room and he'll just continue conceding his way to a rapprochement. Hillary, who has promised not to negotiate directly with Castro, has never said that she wouldn't talk to somebody else. Well, she's going to have that somebody else and all the cover she may require to lift the embargo and enthrone Castro's heirs in power forever.

This is what will happen if McCain loses, and this is what Henry and George are perfectly content should happen so long as they get to give McCain the finger. And let me not leave out Val, either: he thinks all this is "perfect."


CubanAngst said...

"George Moneo has just announced that his latest will also be his last post on John McCain"

you want to bet?

Rene M. Grave de Peralta said...

These things are very difficult to gage from the outside, but I'm getting the feeling that Cuba is simmering at a higher temperature lately, if not reaching a boiling point. Chavez is ruining Venezuela so fast, he might not be able to continue subsidizing the Castro's for long.

There is two aspects of lifting the embargo that I have a huge problem with and they are; sending thousands upon thousands of American tourists over there to spend millions of dollars and American corporations investing there in any industry, be it tourism, oil, or whatever. That would keep the dictatorship going indefinitely as you point out. That is the real danger of the Democrats lifting the embargo.

The only part of the embargo I am for lifting, is the right of Cubans to go see their family. Politically, I don't know if you could get that without opening the door to a full lifting of the embargo.

Agustin Farinas said...

Henry and George remind me of the man who took his eye out just to spite his face. All this whining about Romney losing and not supporting McCain, in spite of the fact that by not supporting McCain we will get Billary or Barack Hussein (God help us!) sounds like two cry babies throwing a temper tantrum. And this from the guy who supposedly is a political animal since age 5? What a joke!