Thursday, February 14, 2008

Henry to McCain: Will You Please Oblige Me and Die

On yesterday's Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour, which, we are happy to report, may soon be put out of its misery, Henry brought up the possibility that John McCain may suffer a "heart attack, become incapacitated, or, God forbid, die." That "God forbid" doesn't sound to us quite sincere, but we'll let God be the judge. It seems to us, however, that if Henry is raising plaints to the Almighty regarding this election he would be wiser to pray for McCain's victory than (God forbid) McCain's death.

Nevertheless, I think that it is finally beginning to dawn on Henry, the political animal whose maturation was stunted at the age of 5, that John McCain, warts and all, is the only bulwark that stands between Barack Obama and the presidency, and that it is the responsibility of all who believe that Socialism and democracy are incompatible, and particularly those who think, as does Henry, that McCain is less than the ideal candidate, to shore him up and not to knock him down, unless their resignation to an Obama presidency is not just defeatism but a betrayal of republican (with a small "r") principles.

The only excuse to be indifferent about the result of this election is if you believe that there is no difference between McCain and Obama. If that is what Henry believes, then let him say so and be done with it. Yet he does not dare to do so because that assertion would say more about him than McCain. In fact, in the wake of the Che-Obama affaire, it would be impossible for Henry and other sunshine patriots to make that assertion unless he wants to become an object of (greater) ridicule and have his own conservative bona fides questioned.


Vana said...

He already is an object of ridicule, I think Henry is losing his marbles, to wish a patriot's death, a rightous man, so that we can end up with a commie, I think the American-Cuban, is not American nor Cuban, he's an alien.

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