Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Notable & Exposed: "How Great Was My Fidel!"

"[F]idel Castro is leaving on his own terms, at a time of his choosing. Neither invasion, nor covert operations, nor embargo, nor a steady strengthening of U.S. sanctions since 1992, nor the current Administration’s myriad efforts have forced him from office." Phil Peters, "Without Fidel," The Cuban Triangle, February 19, 2008

Fidel Castro so hated the Cuban people that he would allow no impediment to stop him from brutalizing them for 49 years. Neither invasion, nor covert operations, nor embargo, nor sanctions, nor George W.'s ten thousand efforts could stop Fidel from fulfilling his destiny of destroying his country to spite the United States. And he "is leaving on his own terms and at a time of his own choosing" with the Grim Reaper scraping the back of his neck with his sickle and his legacy about to tossed on the ashcan of history.


Fantomas said...

Who is Phil Peters? De donde salio este miserable personajillo

A la basura with him , please give me a fucking break phil?

Agustin Farinas said...

Phil Petrs is given to raptures and platitudes of this type usually on his blog. His commenters as a rule, with few exceptions, and I include myself in the last group, are always on the left of the political spectrum. Alwasy expecting the best from the regime and criticizing the USA for making life for "the well meaning Fidel" difficult while the "poor guy" all he wants is to do good but they (the USA, the bad guys) will not let him. Nothing bad that has happened in Cuba is his fault, but the fault of the embargo, yada,yada,yada. His commenters, included your "old friend" Mambo Watch, don't waste any opportunity to make apologies for his dastardly regime. There are no surprises in his blog.

Charlie Bravo said...

Fidel Castro is not leaving on his own terms. All's scripted according to the method and liturgy of communism..... that's exactly what is happening.
"Al fin el general se hizo comandante, al fin el general se hizo presidente"
"El general"
Porno Para Ricardo

Agustin Farinas said...

Fantomas said...
"No te me confundas con Obama. Te lo digo el hombre va a ser fuerte con el regimen . Eso que va a claudicar y darle las nalgas a raul es pura paja mental de los republicanos white old rich men

Vamos a darle la oportunidad al negrito bro, after all you want end to travel restrictiosn this may be your guy

Go Obby

oye dime que te parecio lo que dijo Joe Garcia en Magazine Cubano lo oistes?

parece que a los mafiosos de miami no les gusto lo que dijo Joe y ya empezaron los ataques"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 5:57:00 PM

Let's analyze this commentary from Gomihead.
Gomihead: "No te me confundas con Obama"

No, we are not, it seems the only one confused here is you. No surprise.

Gomihead: "Eso que va a claudicar y darle las nalgas a raul es pura paja mental de los republicanos white old rich men"

Now according to Gomihead, all the Republicans are rich old white men.
Well I am a Republican but not rich, although I could be classified as white and old.

Gomihead said: "Go Obby"

Well this one needs no commentary or analisis, it is self explanatory.

And last, but no least, the last pearl of wisdom from our resident political commentator (or is it the more aptly "common tator")Gomihead:
"parece que a los mafiosos de miami no les gusto lo que dijo Joe y ya empezaron los ataques"

Now where did I read that phrase to describe Cubans who do not agree with the communist regime and live in Miami?
Well, where else? In Granma!
Well done Gomihead, now you can be a commentator and political pundit for Granma, you have all the qualifications and the appropiate language to go with it.
And Mr. Gomihead is now a cheerleader for Hussein Obama. Who would have thought it possible?
Cosas veredes Sancho.

Agustin Farinas said...

The comments listed above from Mr. Fantomas,were found on the Kill Kastro blog today. They are a revelation.

Fantomas said...

Fariñas cada dia que pasa cometes mas errores y luces cada vez mas mal

please stop writting about me at once and stop bringing material that i write in other blogs...

you may as well open another review about what people comment in other blogs..

cuidado t que te quitan el negocio y te dejan afuera

Vana said...

However it was that he left, he left when he wanted to leave, fidel is as selfish as he has always been, he left because he's worried about his own carcass, and is ready to release a power he no longer cares about, at least that's how I feel, but the repression, the abuses, the arrests, no human rights for the people, that's still there, and will remain, unless that regime releases power, or is somehow toppled.

Agustin Farinas said...

I only posted what you wrote. Nothing else. If you are ashamed of it now, please don't put the blame on me. Did I read your comments wrong at K.C.? Was it someone else posting as you? It could happen, you know?
And oh, I like the part about "Go Obby!"
I am sure Maria Isabel in Obama's campaign in Houston, would be real proud of you.

Fantomas said...

Obama ya mando a quitar esas banderas, el no autorizo dicha accion, se disculpo con todos nosotros , YO LE ACEPTE LA DISCULPA

Tengo una carta personal del comite de Campaña de obama enviada a mi e mai

Se ha pronunciado en mantener el embargo y que liberen los presos politicos, QUE MAS QUIERES QUE EL HAGA FARIÑAS? y cuando sea presidente esta dispuesto a batirse de tu a tu en una mesa con Raul, cosa que bush no quiso hacer

lo que si te digo Obby esta imparable , me informan mis fuentes que victoria de Obby en Ohio y Tejas obligaran a Hilary a renunciar...y eso esta a la vuelta de la esquina , ella sabe que no tiene ningun chance whatsoever against him

y pobre U G L Y Big Mac, pobresito, va a recibir una pela

apuntalo hoy

Anonymous said...

La "free education" te quedo a medias, no fantomas?

Vana said...

A mi me parece que fantomas es medio comuñanga, bien sabe que Obama es un comunista, y continua con la misma pataleta.

Anonymous said...

"the Grim Reaper scraping the back of his neck with his sickle and his legacy about to tossed on the ashcan of history."

love it.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people enough about the embargo and Phil.And by the way Charlie Bravo I'm Cuban/American..Not a Fidel boot licker,I'm not a Bush lover..Mr. Bush: Oh, I don’t know. This idiotic lame excuse for a leader hasn't done anything worthwhile in almost 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Do you comphrend the words coming out of my mouth.You are such a dumbass that you can't comphrend anything. ... Anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time knows how bush work. Name one thing Bush have done for the cuban people in cuba? Skip the Bullshit...Facts, tick tick tick..

Fantomas said...

es medio comuñanga

Vana tienes razon son un agente de castro lo confieso y mi mision es callarte la boca en los blogs, me tengo que poner a trabajar duro para ganarme la cajita hoy


Anonymous said...

So, people have different opinions and different views. .... That's the nature of the world we live in.That's what we do in a free society -- debate,

Charlie Bravo said...

Anonymous Cuban American, have you ever lived in Cuba? You sound you as if you've never been there. For more information on my disagreements with Bush visit my blogs KillCastro and the Black Sheep of Exile.

Agustin Farinas said...

in his latest speech in Texas your idol "Obby", ended by saying : "we can change the USA, we can change the world!".(big applauses from the static and mesmerized audience)
This type of messianism is too rich for my blood. I remember the change coming to Cuba from somebody who claimed also that "we" the people" (as in "I" really) wanted change, and look to see what that got us and where we are. I don't Obby to change the world because he can't possibly have a magic wand and turn Mr. Ahmanedijad, or Chavez, or Bibn Laden into a group of well behaved choirboys and mr.nice guys overnight. These guys are playing for keeps and are serious about their desire for us to be pulverized into dust. Or even worse yet, convert to their type of religion and monstrous type of thinking. I simply don't think your "Obby" has the mettle, the experience,the cunning, or the balls it takes, to face such a challenge and this determined enemy like we face in these troubled times. Besides his supporters and their policies and the type of "leaders" their admire, scare me a little bit to put it mildly. Thank you, but I will take my chances with McCain.
Do you know what I mean,Vern?

Fantomas said...

simply don't think your "Obby" has the mettle, the experience,the cunning, or the balls it takes, to face such a challenge and this determined enemy like we face in these troubled times

Lo prefiero a el que a Hilary eso es todo, si MC gana bienvenido sea yo soy Republicano de corazon auNQUE no puedo votar

Agustin Farinas said...

I find it very hard to believe you when you said:
"I am a Republican at heart"
A Republican will not cheer for Obama like you have done here and in other blogs knowing that his supporters display Che pictures and a Cuban flag in a campaign office. I don't mind your cheering, is a free country and you can cheer for whomever you want at anytime. But don't try to pass me "a cat for a hare" (Darme un gato por liebre) because I am not that stupid.
And Obby is not qualified to be the Commander in Chief because anyone who answers a question with another question instead of a solution does not have the brains to occupy that office.
Read his answers to what will he do in Iraq for the solution to the riddle.

Obama : "we would not be having this discussion or asking these questions, if we had not gone in there in the first place"

Is this the answer from a Commander in Chief? Please, don't make me laugh, is too early in the morning and I am still half sleep.

Fantomas said...

Farinas ...He continues to win more states, if he gets texas and ohio

forget about it

Americans are still fainting....

Oprah for VP

Agustin Farinas said...

I really don't care how many states he wins because I will not vote for either one of the Democratic candidates. In my humble personal opinion, they are both flawed and their positions do not appeal to me, although I must say I don't know any of Obama's positions on anything since he is keeping those as secrets. There is a lot of talk from him about hope and change, but beyond that, the substance of his positions on anything worthwhile are not known. People are voting for this guy strictly on emotion and that is a very dangerous thing to do. Even Hillary said she will like to hear about his solutions and for him to spare us the sound bites. They sound good, but are meaningless. Once he is the candidate as it appears to be, he will have to debate the issues with McCain and here he will have to ante up whatever proyects and plans he has in mind. McCain will not let him get away with saying hope and change, over and over again. Let's see what he says for himself during those debates.