Monday, February 18, 2008

The Truth About Barack Obama Finally Revealed

As Cuban exiles know better than most, sometimes the truth has to swim clear of its enemies before it can be told. The truth about Barack Obama had to go even farther than we did. 10,000 miles and more, several oceans, all the time zones, to the other side of the world, there only, in New Zealand, could a blogger named Trevor Loudon fit all the pieces of Obama's political history, revealing him to be the creation and creature of organized Marxism in the U.S. Whether calling themselves communist, socialist or progressive (lower case or caps), the only goal they all have in common, besides subverting America's democratic institutions, is the election of Barack Obama. In their publications, circulated among the faithful, they hail Obama as a second Lenin and await hopefully the revolutionary change which they are sure Obama will bring to the country and the world.

This is not for the faint of heart. If knowing what the future could bring will blight the present for you, read it anyway; for it is too late to hide or pretend that something (or someone) is a chimera when everything is already known that can be known and all that remains is to fight the danger or succumb to it.

The series is published in the New Zeal blog in 14 parts so far. Each part is a self-inclusive and vividly written vignette, no endless catalogues of dates and times or arcane references requiring further education. We shall not soon forget Loudon's comparison of the funerals of leading Marxists to those of mafia dons, where the "made men" must attend not just out of respect but to confirm and validate their status. All 14 parts are arranged in descending order:


Ms Calabaza said...

are you going to give me insomnia again? Too damn scary.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ms. calabaza:

If the nightmare were only confined to dreams! It's the waking hours that will the hardest to endure when we have no refuge from reality. Pack up your bags, Ms. Calabaza. Like the refugees from the Spanish Civil War or Naziism who settled in Cuba, we too must prepare to embark on our second exile. When this country becomes like our homeland then it will no longer be home to us. Of course when that happens the rest of the world will not be very habitable either.

And to think it sneaked upon us again and found us again unprepared!

Ms Calabaza said...


where to go?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ms. calabaza:

All I know is that we can't go home again.

Charlie Bravo said...

Nothing surprises me any longer.
I found a blog where they go about saying that Obama is the Messiah or something like that.
As we have saying for a while, already, he's nothing but the Manchurian candidate to advance the most negative agenda since the ascension to power of both fascists and communists, which were the two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, we have not been mistaken....

Vana said...


This is horrible, we need no more proof of who Obama is, I'm scared, really scared, Manuel when you say pack your bags to go, you really scared me, I know you have vision, I trust what you say.

If we must live here under communism to see this country change forever, I say we go back home and fight it there, for there is no where to run to, noone will have us, if we pack our bags we have no other choice but to go home.

May God have mercy on us again.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There is still the hope that McCain can save the Republic. He will have to do so without the help of the MSM, which will go no further than report allegations that Obama is a plagiarist. That is, that he steals other people's words, when, in fact, he is going to steal a great deal more if elected president of the United States: not words about freedom but freedom itself.

If some guy in New Zealand were saying that aliens had landed in Peoria, he would be given more credit than one who tried to tell Americans that Communists were on the verge of taking over the U.S. government.

The same thing happened in our country. Every Cuban journalist, every media outlet, knew about Castro's Communist antecedents but that fact, when it was mentioned at all, was presented as a eminating from the government and hence suspect. Bush, unlike Batista, has not even tried to assert it, though he cannot be fool enough not to know it.

In am hopeful that McCain, if Obama is not thwarted by Clinton, will bring up Obama's secret history, though he can expect little help from the media in disseminating it.

In the end, it will be American themselves, uninformed and and misled, who will decide their own fate (and ours) at the ballot box.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, you have been preaching this from the first. For some of us it was a gut reaction long before all the pieces fell into place and apprehension became certainty. We have seen the movie before and have no interest in repeating the first part, although me may have to sit through it again nonetheless.

Fantomas said...

Another Lenin?

Ahora si te debes meter tu mismo en el madhouse y botar la llave

you re losing it

Mazorra pa ti

Agustin Farinas said...

As usual Gomihead, does not have a clue. Nothing new here.
When they tell him to "put your hands behind your back, shut up and be quiet" he will get the full meaning. Unfortunately there are many like him out there who cannot distinguish the trees from the forrest. As I said 2 days ago, I see a little storm brewing on the horizon, and I don't like it one bit.