Friday, February 8, 2008

And Val said "Stop!" And They Stopped

Surely this cannot be possible — an entire day without even one post from George or Henry about the election; no prognostications of impending doom; no re-hashing of canards against McCain; no lamentations about his running mate if the "Huckster" or exultations if Fred Thompson; no roses thrown at Obama because of his supposed physical attractions; no "Hillary is invincible so why don't we just bend over for 4 years and get it over with." No, none of that today.

Val finally asserted himself and put an end to these proceedings which had turned the echo chamber into a house of horrors with all its customary cacophony. Civility, which has never been Babalú's strong point, was suffering the death of a thousand cuts this week. It seemed like everybody was just one comment away from insulting the other's mother. For once, these petite tyrants were not browbeating dissenters with impunity because everybody was a dissenter in one degree or another. They had only one choice — shut down the blog or take their medicine. They did not take it with good grace but they took it. Then Val, who stands to lose the most by Babalú's self-implosion, cried, "Stop!" And they did. But not before they had wasted the very last drop of credibility which Babalú had left, which, at the end, was being measured in drams.

Val & Company seemed to have forgotten that they, too, have a base and can't afford to alienate it any more than can John McCain — a useful lesson which they should take to heart when they enter the voting booth in November and cast their votes for McCain.


Fantomas said...


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


They will vote for McCain in the end. Count on it. With a smile on their faces if his running mate is Fred Thompson or a frown if it's Mike Huckabee, but vote for McCain they will.

Fantomas said...

No they wont. they do have integrity

they will sit this one out until 2012 or 2016

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I will grant you that they have as much integrity as you do.

Fantomas said...

tranquilo que despues mandan a che che chea para aca y ya tu sabes a ese no lo paso

Cuban Angst said...

Henry is still hyperventilating. Someone needs to take right-wing radio away from him for a week. He is unhinged. For someone who fancies himself a political pundit, he is a dense, concrete thinker. Moneo is no better. He was more moderate about a week ago when he said he would hold his nose and vote for McCain after Fred dropped out. Then he started listening to Rush, Malkin and Mark Levin and went off the deep-end himself. I would be willing to bet that neither of these "guapitos" has ever served in the military or would have the cojo's to do so. I think we call them chickenhawks. By the way, Gingrich was just on with Laura Ingraham and feels the Republicans will and should unite. Isn't Gingrich their guru?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

cuban angst:

Yes, Gingrich is their guru and their everything. I am sure Henry and George think that by savaging McCain they are hastening the day of Gingrich's political resurrection. Fred and Mitt were but substitutes for Newt, though neither could match his record of "accomplishment." It is because of him that the Republican Party became the last redoubt for xenophobes. It was Newt who gave new life to this oldest American political tradition and Newt also who selected Hispanics as its latest target. Any Hispanic who admires Newt Gingrich and frames his politics around Newt's is a renegade and traitor.

Vana said...

Guess the political animal is no political animal after had to stop the rantings, took him long enough