Saturday, February 23, 2008

Notable & Grotesque: Political Animal Compares John McCain to Jeffrey Dahmer

"With 30 years in Washington D.C., McCain is sure to have more skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. — Henry "Economist" Gómez, "McCain, the Media and Castro," Babalú, February 23, 2008

We know Henry's plan already. He has not been in the least reticent to reveal it. He wants John McCain to lose. Badly. So that Barack Obama can introduce socialism with a big "S" in the United States and recognize and underwrite it in Cuba. Then in four years, according to Henry's script, the whole nation will rise up against the Democrats and usher Newt Gingrich into the Oval Office or some other suitably cretinous xenophobe who will restore America to the status quo ante (that is, exactly where we are today).

Henry may be right about his country. America has shown itself to be very resilient in the past and may well withstand 4 years of unrelenting assault on its institutions and foundational beliefs. Maybe. But you can be sure that Cuban freedom will become an even more remote prospect if not an altogether unreachable one if Obama is allowed to "open Cuba," that is, to consolidate Communism in Cuba as Richard Nixon did in China.

Barack Obama is the promised land that Fidel Castro has been wondering 49 years in search of in a desert of his own making. Like Moses, Castro has even recognized that he must step aside for his dream to be realized and has resigned as head of state to make it easier for Obama to negotiate with his successors and open to them a new wondrous era of subsidies and limitless credits. At the beginning of the Revolution, Obama's idol of clay established the U.S. as the guarantor of Communism in Cuba under the terms of the Kennedy-Khrushchev Pact. Now his organic successor and continuator — or so Obama has been acclaimed by Kennedy's "Holy Grail" — will extend not only military protection to Castro's island sultanate but pay it tribute as well.

Henry proclaimed himself long ago to be an "American Cuban," which apparently means that it is the interests of the U.S. which are paramount to him. I cannot see how the interests of either the American or the Cuban people would be served by an Obama presidency. But it is neither American nor Cuban interests that really matter to Henry but the interests (as he perceives them) of his party, or rather, of the most reactionary faction of his party. In this, Henry has much in common with Fidel himself and other "purists" who are more than willing to bleed their people and wreck their country to maintain a social order amiable to their interests ideological and otherwise.

Henry, whose interests line up with Castro's more every day, is now chastising McCain for having publicly criticized Castro because this will supposedly evoke a counter-reaction from the media that might serve Castro's interests and damage McCain's and ours: "In attacking Barack Obama on his stance with regards to Cuba, McCain is certainly going to raise the hackles of the news media. You see Cuba is a sacred cow for the them. There are probably few issues that the mainstream media are as unanimous about as the embargo and U.S./Cuba relations. McCain should batten down the hatches now that he's taken a position contrary to his erstwhile buddies in the media."

First of all, this is not a new position for McCain who has been a consistent champion of Cuban freedom for the 30 years that he has been in the Senate, indeed, a champion in words and deeds long before that. Is this one of those "skeletons" which Henry thinks McCain should keep in his closet? No, McCain has never concealed in a "closet" or anywhere else his unconditional support for democracy in Cuba.

Henry believes this support to be a drawback. The solution, according to the political animal since the age of 5, is for McCain to stop criticizing both Obama and Castro. That way "his ertswhile buddies in the media," will, supposedly, return the favor and not criticize him. Right? No. Henry admits that the media will criticize him regardless because, in a particularly despicable phrase even for him, "[McCain] has more skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer." At least that is what Henry hopes and the media will disappoint him sorely if they do not discover those "skeletons." Although Henry "applauds" McCain's anti-Castro rhetoric because "it is the truth," it is not a truth which he believes the American people are not ready for (if not now, when?) and he wishes that McCain would stuff his criticisms in that closet to which he has just alluded with whatever else may be "politically incorrect" in his past.

Whatever McCain does or does not say, the media will savage him as it would any other Republican. That is what the media do. It would not make any sense for McCain to court their favor when he can never hope to have it, much less to try to skirt their disapproval by becoming something he is not. His only hope is to hold steadfast to his beliefs and hope that his opponent will also. Then it shall be an easy choice for Americans in November.

What no one in his right mind, least of all a Cuban, should ever do is advice McCain to throw Cuba to the media jackals.

I confess that before becoming acquainted with Henry I had never known in the fullness of its meaning what has been described a "useful idiot." I knew, of course, that the breed existed and was by no means a new creation. What I did not understand until now is that they could really be oblivious to the harm they do and to the fact that they are accomplices of evil. But now I realize that a man can be so wrong in the estimate of his own abilities that he can serve the devil while thinking himself on the side of the angels. Of course, after he has been confronted with that fact time and again he longer has the excuse of ignorance although pride may supply its place; but then he would no longer be a "useful idiot" but a conscious agent of those nefarious interests.


Charlie Bravo said...

Barack Obama is simply the warranty of a solid continuation of Castro's legacy in Cuba. Not a transition, not even a succession, with Barack Obama the continuity of the dictatorship is guaranteed to its fullest, and will set precedent with other countries, so Communism will flourish accordingly all around the world. Terrorism will also become a ripe cottage industry, since there are websites already rooting for the first Muslim born "leader" in the Western world. Amazingly, people seem to forget that those four years can become 8, and then 12 if a "successor" to Obama is granted the money to run for office. Now that I talk about money, has anybody worried about where the money to keep Obama running is coming from?

Anonymous said...

Talk about delusional people out there, drowning in the Kool-Aid !Henry is a maroon.To think that this sorry excuse of self-absorbed incompetance ever had any credibility with the blogging world is mind boggling. What a joke. Henry...GO AWAY. You're a bitter man who can't be trusted. Just more evidence of the disease, Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Just a pathetic excuse for a blogger who failed to do the most BASIC of all Blogging tasks (VERIFY) Henry Gomez Don't get so emotional over this. Have some free government cheese.

I hear shuffleboard is a nice hobby to take up.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Che Obama

A very dangerous man who is getting quite close to becoming our President.

Omaba is a shameless race-monger, a madrassa-taught muslim, a demagogue who rants endlessly about the evils of private enterprise earning profits for their shareholders, a coward who is in the pockets of the vicious mass-murdering islamists' unlaundered robes. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth will awaken the nation to the ugly realities of this monstrosity who threatens to turn the USA into an African satellite country.

Agustin Farinas said...

I must say that I think Henry has gone off the deep end now. Why these continuous attacks on the only person that stands between the White House and Obama? What is he expecting to gain by all this? Is he taking his eye out just to spite his face? What possible good can come from bringing McCain down with all these attacks and rumours? Doesn't he know who benefits from all this stupidity in the end? And this is the guy who calls himself a political animal since the age of 5? Obviously he has not grown much since that age. He should stop pouting and get over the loss of Romney and start backing the candidate the Republican folks voted for in the primaries. Period.

Anonymous said...

A political animal since the age of 5? more like a desperate blogger.

'Man is by nature a political animal.'

Can we condider ourselves as political animals and why?' Please please tell me anything you know. I will be ever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Henry Gomez is a lightweight. He is just another hater who, at one time, was able to say just about anything he wanted without challenge.He must have missed the distinction between objective news blogging and idiotic comment.

Henry "Blathering Idiot" Gomez

Ms Calabaza said...

Any candidate that the R's would have nominated would have been attacked by the press. Romney, would have been portrayed as the greedy rich guy who bought all the companies, dismantled and left people jobless. Huckabee,the ignorant southern preacher who believes the earth is 2000 years old. Guiliani, well we saw what they did to him. Thompson was a movie actor with cancer, half-dead, with a trophy wife. Need I go on...The R's are going to have to win with the media against them (as it has been for years). So, Henry's premise is faulty.

By the way MAT,
have you noticed the amount of anonymous comments you are receiving about this? I suspect he is polarizing people at Babalu. It's very frustrating to read his posts bashing the only hope that conservatives have at this time against Obama/Hillary. Me thinks Henry forgot Reagan's 11th commandment . . . because he keeps bringing up those "trapios sucios".

Anonymous said...

Newsflash Calabazita!

As far as I’m concerned, the whole country is a free speech zone...But I do respect women who wear her pants neatly. I like sneaking on here and poking my head up like a prairie dog, then going incognito again.

Ms Calabaza said...

Ooooooh, me thinks I touched a nerve! LMAO

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ms. calabaza:

You are absolutely right: no Republican candidate would ever find favor with the Democratic mediacrats. The fact that they have already started attacking McCain only proves that, at least to them, he is a real conservative even if he doesn't pass Henry's arcane litmus test which excludes the Cuba question altogether.

In this election, at least, Henry is in bed with the mediacrats. He also wants McCain to lose and Obama to win. He finally stopped throwing roses at Obama but he has never stopped dumping on McCain.

I know that all the Babalunians are frequent visitors to the RCAB. And I am sure, also, that the urge to vent here must be tempting for at least some of them. Perhaps one or two have not been able to resist it. Still, given the repressive climate at Babalú, which must be no less oppressive for contributors than for commenters, I doubt that many would comment here if not for fear of being discovered by the Unholy Triad then surely for fear of being found out by me. Let me assure them that their anonymity will always be respected here and that though I may be able to guess who they are, I shall never say tell.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am well aware of Henry Gómez's insignificance, but I do not mind massaging his ego because no better foil could be found to expose the hypocrisy and arrogance of those who pretend to care about Cuba but do not, or who claim to know anything about Cuba when they know nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to disppointed you but "NO" sweety .You see, one of the few things that I’ve learned in my young life is that when I am confronted by idiots...I ignore their stupidity.

Rather than positively contribute to this awesome blog,you prefer to attack people who are smart.I'm sure you are having a hard time thinking outside of a binary mode.

My understanding is Stupid people either have nothing to offer others or they have more poison to offer than solid food.

Fortunately, I haven't run across too many of these people. When I do encounter them, I usually ignore them. I don't engage them too much because that seems unproductive.

Ms Calabaza said...

by the way, I read your review of Confederacy of Dunces a few weeks ago and went to Amazon and clicked it on to my wish list. Turns out that my #1 son went to the site and ordered it for me. I got it in the mail today and plan to start reading it tomorrow (have to finish Looming Towers tonight). Thanks for the reco.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ms. calabaza:

You will remember me all your life for having recommended that book.


nonee moose said...

What's binary?

I don't know that word.