Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Little Gator" Takes a Bite Out of Henry's Ass In Val's House

Yes, but God forbid we should vote for McCain. He just isn't conservative enough. So we'll just have to swallow hard, stay home, and allow Chebama to be elected the next President of the United States of America. That'll teach those moderates.
Posted by: LittleGator at February 11, 2008 08:48 PM


In case you haven't noticed the Democrats have had about double the turnout than the Republicans in this primary season. Handing old man McCain the nomination does little to inspire anyone to come out. You want me to be excited, give me an exciting candidate not a broken down old liberal in Republican clothing. Got it?
Posted by: Henry "Conductor" Gomez at February 11, 2008 08:52 PM


As with many things in life, one's choice of candidate is to some degree subjective. One guy's "broken down old man — liberal in Republican clothing" is another guy's war hero, POW, castro-hating, straight talking, consistent and unapologetic moderate Republican.

Given a choice between McCain, Huckabee and Romney, I gotta go with McCain. Huckabee is an evangelical wacko. The kind of guy who wants to control your every action and thought. Keep the government out of the corporate board room, but stick the government's nose in your bedroom. Not the kind of "conservative" we want or need. Romney he REALLY fits your "liberal in Republican's clothing" moniker. He is the Republican Kerry. Stick that finger up, and lets see which way the wind is blowing flip/flop/flip/flop/flip/flop.

Now that McCain is sure to be the nominee it is time to put behind the tantrums ("perretas" en español), and support the guy that your fellow Republicans have selected to go up against the Great Satans of the Democratic party. Either that, or continue the unproductive complaining, and let Democrats get an easy win.
Posted by: LittleGator at February 11, 2008 09:37 PM

Sorry LittleGator, it's still a free country. I don't HAVE to do a damned thing.
Posted by: Henry "Conductor" Gomez at February 11, 2008 09:46 PM

Ah, Henry, don't downplay your efforts. You are doing all that a right-wing Cuban blogger could ever be expected to do to get Barack Obama elected president. And, yes, it's still a free country, but it may not be after you get your way.

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Vana said...

HAHAHA little gator socked it to Henry, it was about time too someone spoke up, I'm surprised they didn't delete him