Monday, February 11, 2008

Glad to Be Able to Keep a Promise to George

We promised in a previous thread to find something of George Moneo's to praise. We had despaired that perhaps we had made a promise we would not in good faith be able to keep. But, happily, George this morning did say something wise and funny that we could endorse.

Val asked the question: "Why would someone "change her name to 'Medea,' a woman who, in the Euripedes' tragedy, takes the sword to her two sons to spite her husband?"

George offers this answer:

"Val, it's perfectly understandable. She's a communist and a feminist. Both are philosophies of hate and envy. One for wealth, the other for penises."

Now that is good.

The rest of his comment is overkill and you can read it over at Babalú.

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Vana said...

There you go, you found something to praise in George, but there he went and over killed people don't know when to shut up!