Monday, February 11, 2008

The Che-Obama Connection (Courtesy of Killcastro)

I'll bet this is one item of "Che" merchandise (on display at Obama's Houston office) that will never be featured, much less condemned, at Babalú. Or should that be "O'Bamalú?"


Contrary to our expectations, Babalú has used the picture (without credit to Killcasto) and it was none other than its top Obama booster Henry "Economist" Gómez who posted it, proving, yet again, that his face is one of the hardest substances that Cuba has ever produced, though I think that having been born and raised in this country may also have contributed to making it impermeable to any sense of decency or honor.

The great mountebank has been throwing roses at Obama for weeks. He bought the roses for their thorns, with which he regularly excoriates McCain; but being a frugal type, he did not let the flowers go to waste, but showered them on Obama in spasms of unrestrained admiration for his looks, charisma, forensic skills, and God knows what other endowments.

It cannot come as a surprise to Henry that the man he so idolizes from the opposite(?) camp is a shill for Fidel Castro. Obama at least has the merit of making no secret of his own infatuation with Castro. He has publicly announced that he would meet with Fidel Castro at the first opportunity and conduct negotiations without prior conditions. Castro's henchmen could be torturing Oscar Biscet in the next room, and President Obama would have ears only for Castro's prevarications. His chief adviser on Cuba is none other than the loathesome Greg Craig, Castro's lawyer and Elián's warden, who deserted the Clintons because he did not regard them as sufficiently amicable to Castro, in order to lead Obama down the road of capitulation to the Castro regime.

Even as Henry avers that Obama will be the Democratic nominee in November, he continues to attack McCain, who has been an enemy of the Castro regime longer than Obama has lived. Henry has made no secret that he wants McCain to lose and the Democrats to win as a "lesson" to Republicans who are not as conservative as he wants them to be. So much for democracy: the Republicans are not free to nominate the candidate that they choose; it must be Henry's choice or it must be preëmpted. To say that this is poor sportsmanship is the least that can be said of it. Even the label of political spoiler doesn't do him justice. To us it betrays infinite contempt for civil society bordering on anarchism. Henry is free to destroy his country, as the good "American-Cuban" that he is, though we shall be sorry for it; but when implicit in that destruction is also the coup de grace for Cuba, we must object and will continue to object up until election day if Henry's fixation runs its full course, as we expect it will.


Vana said...

Shocking picture, even more shocking that Henry himself should post it, now we all know who to use Charlie's words chebama is, if Henry still wishes him to win the election, there is something wrong with that American-Cuban brain, a stay in Patton (a mental hospital in California)or Mazorra is what he needs.

Agustin Farinas said...

we may want to put Comdom Head inside that hospital along with him. They would be the perfect cell companions.
Oh but wait, they don't like him either 'cause George just deleted his latest comment at Babalu's because he said it was racist. Poor guy, he needs to stay in a cell all by himself. Sniff, sniff.