Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney: Gone Like His Father and Hopefully Never to Return

Babalú has just posted a You Tube video of Mitt Romney with the caption: "Take a Last Look."

That was the trouble. Nobody took a first look. They were that smart.

The Babalunian triad, however, was not. They were conned by this particular poseur and xenophobe endorsed by Tom Tancredo and afterwards by Henry and George.

The GOP had a miraculous deliverance from him and his money.

Let us also have a last look at Mitt Romney:

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Charlie Bravo said...

I've haven't seen the video because of the infinite repugnance inspired in me by somebody that can even be admired -let alone endorsed- by Tom "Miami is the Third World" Tancredo.
On the other hand, Romney's was as vapid as John Edwards, coiffure included.
Xenophobia has a particular way of choosing sons of foreigners to express itself. Tancredo and Romney are perfect examples.

Rene M. Grave de Peralta said...

Although after thinking about it a while, the idea that we all get deported back to Cuba has a certain appeal...