Monday, May 21, 2007

Babaloo's Waterloos: Spain "Forced Religion" on Cubans

On another thread I noted yesterday:

To the reader who asks in an e-mail:

"Why don't you pick on Val anymore?"

Because he has done nothing wrong lately while Henry doesn't seem to be able to do anything right.

20/5/07 11:35 AM

Well, it didn't take long for Val Prieto to return to form even in the midst of the Cuba Nostalgia convention. In fact, I should have checked Babalú before congratulating Val because less than an hour earlier he had delivered himself of one of his biggest whoppers since he voluntarily enslaved himself to the Estefans:

Independence Day

I dont know if they're celebrating Cuban Independence Day in Cuba today
[doesn't everybody know that Fidel Castro abolished the celebration of May 20th as Independence Day in Cuba? Apparently not Val, and he couldn't care less] because in many aspects, the people of Cuba have yet to rid themselves of the Conquistadors [so it's the conquistadores who are our enemies, not Castro?] Whereas once the Spanish anihilated the Mambises [the Spaniards tried to annihilate the mambises, but didn't succeed because in the end the Cuban rebels beat them] and forced religion onto the natives [so the Spaniards "forced religion" on Val's siboney ancestors? So he condemns them with the same "Black Legend" as does that other siboney Fidel Castro?], today, the Spanish exploitation of the Cuban people is an economic one [it was an economic one in colonial times, too]. Sol Melia hotels, Iberia Airlines and other Spanish entities [actually, companies] enrich themselves at the expense and through the sweat of the Cuban people who are, for all intents and purposes [no, not for "all intents and purposes" but in fact], slaves in their own country, mastered by a government that desperately clings to power by selling its own people to the highest bidder, all the while professing a social purity that is non-existent [since the "government" (Val means regime) is responsible for enslaving Cubans, shouldn't it be targetted directly rather than through its accomplices?].

So today, May 20th, Cuba's Independence Day, wield your cyber machetes and help fee [I think he means "free," unless he's thinking of the BUCL dues] the Cuban people of their Spanish slave masters [so if Henry the pacifist is the new cyber José Martí, Val must be the new cyber Trespatines]. Email your local Spanish consulate and embassies. Email Iberia Airlines and Sol Melia Hotels. Email your friends and spread the word ["Al combate, corred, e-mailers." Is Val going to hold a Hialeah Olive Oil Party on Miami Bay complete with "Indians" and redpaint?]. If money is what the Spanish are seeking in Cuba, then let them know that those of you who live in freedom have a choice, and you choose not to be complicit in bondage and the exploitation of a nation [the Spaniards have made their choice already, Val, and the time to punish them is when Cuba is free by taking from them all their ill-gotten spoils].

Viva Cuba libre [of not just Castro and the Spaniards, but U.S. meddling and duplicity, because it is the U.S. which is directly responsible for installing and maintaining Castro in power for 48 years, not Spain, which is just one of many carrion crows native to western Europe that have sucked on our marrow].
Posted by Val Prieto at 10:50 AM


Lucy said...


You and my Cuban husband seem to be one of the few exiles (including Humberto Fontova) that understands the involvement and duplicity of the U.S. in placing a Communist dictatorship in Cuba. (as well as protecting it)

Why are the other exiles unable and unwilling to talk about it?

Thanks for this blog and your opinion.

Vana said...

The USA has hindered our very freedom through centuries of meddling in our affairs, they don't want a free Cuba, it would take too much money out of American coffers, and Lucy I as a Cuban understand that, and though i'm grateful that they gave me refuge, I can't forgive what they have done to us

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Conceiving of Cuba's destruction without the agency of the U.S. is like supposing that plants will grow without water or liberty without the blood of tyrants. U.S. perfidy is the manure of Cuban tyranny.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Other exiles are more concerned about their place in this ("their") country than they are in assuring a place for all Cubans at the common table. For them Cuba is a hobby, not a vocation.

Anonymous said...

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