Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Will Cuba Lose Its Canadian Sex Tourists to Kenya?

According to a Reuters story linked below, sexagenarian British ladies are flocking to Kenya to indulge their intergenerational sexual fantasies with young Masai warriors just as their husbands have done in time immemorial, and what happens in the Commonwealth stays in the Commonwealth. Canadian and Australian sex tourists would doubtless be more at home in Kenya than Cuba and should consider following their English cousins there. I suppose that at some time the ex-colonials will rebel and hang them all by your nether parts, but until that happens they can at least have the assurance that the G-2 isn't following them around and filming them for future blackmail.


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Vana said...

That's some story Manuel, I know a white anglo lady long on the tooth, I mean she's in her late 60's, that would fly to Jamaica to have sex with young black men, all of that ended when they would call her asking for money, she was shocked it was not her they wanted, but her money, I mean what else would she expect? I could have told her that! lol