Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to Stop the Wanton Killing of Cubans on the High Seas

"[I] can't bring myself to condemning the [U.S.] Coast Guard for doing what they are told to do [hunt down, capsize and murder Cuban refugees]. It must be extremely frustrating to have to chase down these boats under dangerous conditions [for the refugees, not the Coast Guard]. The problem is, how do we solve the smuggling problem? — Robert Moneda, "Cuban Exiles Once Again to Blame," Babalú, December 29, 2007

The answer to Robert's query is very simple: Stop throwing Cuban refugees over an aquatic Berlin Wall. Stop vilifying the smugglers (latter-day abolitionists) who bring Cubans to freedom. Stop making excuses for the U.S. Coast Guard whose orders are to use all available means (including lethal force) to stop the refugees from reaching freedom and the rights accorded them by U.S. law under the Cuban Adjustment Act (1966): following orders is no justification for a crime against humanity. Stop lionizing George W. Bush, who has upheld Clinton's "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy longer than Clinton did. And, finally, stop supporting candidates who value Cuban lives as cheaply as Bush does, whether Republicans or Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

"And, finally, stop supporting candidates who value Cuban lives as cheaply as Bush does, whether Republicans or Democrats." -

seems to me that's the problem. Who might that be? I don't see anyone in the near horizon. Do you?


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Neither party has done anything to advance the cause of Cuban freedom. The Democrats don't owe us anything, and the Republicans think we owe them something.

Anonymous said...


In that case let stop supporting ALL of them until they understand that our support have a price, I don’t believe that politician take us seriously, once they start putting our numbers together some one will come along the way real solutions for our many problems… In fact we have only one problem, and it had being the same for almost half a century.

We also carry part of the responsibility by not standing firmly by the side of our countrymen that are risking their live at sea. And all those politician see it.


Charlie Bravo said...

We at KILLCASTRO, plainly condemn whoever enforces the DRY FOOT WET FOOT, the enforcers, the keepers, and the inventors alike. No understanding from us, just plain condemnation....

Vana said...

Seems Moneo is getting a good dose of Val or Henry, learning at the foot of his masters, the Wet Foot-Dry Foot law is descrimination and murder in the high seas, it's that plain and that simple, and I'm 100% against it.