Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wickets and Guayaba

We are pleased to welcome Wickets and Guayaba to our Fraternal Blogroll. Its editor, Daniel de Garanhuns, is well-known in the Cuban blogosphere as an acute commenter with a unique perspective on Cuban affairs from Brazil. We have always said that a good commenter is worth ten bloggers. It would appear, however, that a good many commenters are becoming bloggers themselves. Perhaps that is the reason that the "Comments" sections of most Cuban blogs look like a hurricane passed through and left nothing hitched to the posts. Still, we would not deny Daniel the chance to shine by his own light and we are sure that he will shine brightly.


Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

Thanks for the post. I really wanted to post a bit a get back in to "the blogging habit" before I "went full force", but hey, any help is appreciated. I kept one when I first got to Brazil but then work and other commitments caught up to me and I let it go by the wayside. I plan to just keep a blog about varied subjects and keep in touch with my family and friends back in Miami and the U.S. and not concentrate on few topics. I like a lot of "odd ball" sports so I like to write about those as well. All the best for the New Year and thanks again. I will send you an email later with some blogging questions.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

By the way, its Wickets and Guayaba, like in Cricket, but no harm. I didn't even notice it till now.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I've made the correction. I probably became confused because in your first post you mention the hassle of adding widgets to your new blog site.

Best of luck.

Vana said...

Good luck to you Daniel on your new blog, I shall have to check it out, thanks Manuel for bringing it to our attention.

BTW Manuel my move has been postponed a couple more weeks, I'm exausted, will let you know when the computer is about to be moved, Happy New Year my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Although I don’t comment that much any more because my obligations at work and at home had kept me extremely busy for the last six o seven month, I am still reading most of the posts and comments. I just wanted to say: HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!! and… VIVA CUBA LIBRE CARAJO!!!!