Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Notable & Optimistic: BUCL's "Fine Work" Foments Protests in Cuba

"By the way, is the regime acknowledging BUCL's fine work when it says 'websites especially designed to undermine the foundations of our society' [fueled the protests]?" Gusano, Babalú, December 12, 2007.

No. BUCL's "fine work" has nothing to do with it. The regime may be acknowledging, however, Babalú and the other anti-Castro blogs.


Vana said...

Optimistic to say the least

Fantomas said...

tu mismo lo has dicho ya somos como 300 blogs

tu no crees que Randy Alonso , roque y -alarcon con tremendas laptops no se pasan todas las noches leyendonos..

Fidel casto es lector acerrimo del periodico El Nuevo Herald, lo sabias?