Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cuban Memorial Day: Remembering the Heroic Defenders of the Republic

A photograph sometimes tells more than a thousand words. This one from July 26, 1953 depicts the heroic defense of the Moncada Army Barracks (actually, the nearby Saturnino Lora Hospital, which was the real target of the attack). A patient crouches on his hospital bed as a soldier of Cuba's Constitutional Army stands guard over him and the liberties of the Cuban people. This was the beginning of Fidel Castro's reign of terror. If the determination of this brave soldier had been shown by his military superiors and his Commander-in-Chief, this defeat would have been the first and last of the Castroite Revolution.

On this Cuban Memorial Day we pay homage to all our countrymen who at any time defended the Republic with valor and honor against enemies foreign or domestic.


Vana said...

What a coward castro is, he picked a hospital to attack, probably feeling it would bring him a victory, which it did not, too bad Batista showed compassion and did not have him killed, sent him to prison to live in the lap of luxury, unlike our prisoner of consience today.

Anonymous said...

God bless those men and all of the Cuban People. I heard Castro hid in a church during that attack. Is that true? A-hole. It's time.

Anonymous said...

Castro is a hero of the Cuban people. He led the attack on Moncada, he was with his men in the front line, as he was through the glorious Revolutionary War in the Sierra Maestra. The attack on the hospital was tactical if it was the intentional attack, and no civilians were harmed; another hospital was attacked because of some confusion in the ranks of the attackers, but again no civilians were hurt. Batista was a mass murderer and Castro saved his people from that Cuban Hitler. 90% of the population were in support of Castro and his forces and Cuba after Batista's overthrow is a far better place. Castro has his faults, but he is without doubt one of the greatest men in modern history. If you want to find a brute, look at any American President of the Cold War era, and Bush Jr.