Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Bellman Tolls the Death of Democracy in the Americas

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow's elections in Venezuela, Hugo Chávez will emerge victorious. If his constitutional reforms are rejected by the electorate (that is, if he lets the Venezuelan people reject them), Chávez will be hailed as a "democrat" though his "reforms" were intended to establish a Communist dictatorship. If he prevails through fraud or chicanery, he will claim a mandate to take his country down the road of ultimate perdition, where it is already far advanced.

While George W. Bush committed the U.S. to wars of aggression on Araby's coast (ongoing or contemplated), he ignored the brush fire in America's backyard that has now grown into an uncontrollable conflagration. What Castro could never accomplish by himself, he has achieved with an assist from George Bush. I thought it impossible once but it is now entirely conceivable that this president will prove even more calamitous to this country's interests than did Jimmy Carter. And what lies in the wings gives us absolutely no hope: both parties have fielded their worst and most stupid, and, whatever the outcome of the U.S. presidential primaries or the 2008 elections, the bellman will toll the death of democracy in the Americas.

God save the people of Venezuela! God save Latin America! God save Cuba! And God save the United States!


Charlie Bravo said...

Ah, and His Simian Lowliness is threatening to severe all ties with the USA and Spain due to the demonstrations all over Caracas (and other locales in Venezuela)
That's my very dear wish, because, if he takes that step the bells will be also tolling for his demise.
Then, yes, Latin America has never awakened from the dreams of the Caudillos and military tyrannies. There you have the love they profess for the archetype of all military tyrannies: the NaziFidelista regime.
Most of the ministers are generals, most of the "middle level" bureaucrats are military men. And that's the model that at least Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia are set into following blindly, not to talk about the flirting with the same system by Brazil and Argentina, countries which have not learnt a thing from their times under their very own military tyrannies.
Still, the US of A is dead set into a Moorish adventure of which we see no end. My proposal of bringing Satan Hussein to the US and leave that country to their own resources was not very well received by many. Now we are living with the results of that huge political blunder.
We also installed a guy in Afghanistan who has show not a lot of resolve and who has limited the actions of the American and European armies in that country. The tribal structure of Afghanistan has guaranteed a safe heaven for Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan doesn't fare much better, and the meetings of W with Abu Mazen and Abu Olmert in Annapolis and Washington DC will not yield any results.
Until when are we going to believe that training in the job on the job proper is the way to go for politicians?
We are not poised now for anything that sounds better than that, so let's ask God to save the US of A and bless us with His Divine Protection, otherwise we better recognize that we are unprotected and in the open. Or we better recognize that when we decide to do something and count with God's blessings!

Vana said...

He will win, just as Castro wins all elections, the people are numb and duped, as you say God bless us one and all, Venezuela is doomed it's going the way of Cuba, I pity them all

Agustin Farinas said...

As I said before in a previous comment, Chavez will use any excuse (in this case the Spanish King not apologizing to him) to confiscate and expropiate Spanish investments in Venezuela. The writings are on the wall and were not heeded. His Master in Cuba had given him the instructions on how to proceed. In the meantime, Mr Bean, (Zapatero) will continue to hide his head in the sand and not confront this clown who has absolutely no respect for diplomacy or good manners. Well, when you get in bed with whores, you can expect your virtues to go the way of the 5 cent cigar. Zapatero has played with fire and now he will get burn. My take: It could not happen to a nicer guy,I hope Chavez continues to insult and offend Spain as he has done until now. Maybe then, these PSOE idiots will wake up and smell the coffee for once, but I seriously doubt it. I am sure their socialist blinders will get in the way of reasoning.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


This is the crux: you can't appease someone who won't be appeased. The Spanish Socialists are only now beginning to learn that lesson and it may already be too late for them. It Castro and Chávez move against Spanish assets in Venezuela and Cuba, the Socialists are sunk. The PSOP is literally living at their mercy, which will make them more obsequious not less. Their failure to defend aggressively Spanish interests abroad will rebound against them and assure their defeat at the next election.

Of course, the Socialists could surprise everybody and continue to stand up to Chávez as the King and Zapatero did at the Ibero-American Summit in the hope that even if Spanish assets were confiscated Spaniards would credit them with defending Spanish honor.

The choice, then, for the Socialists is ideological purity or survival.

Whether it kicks them out or moves them to the right, the confrontation with Chávez may yield for us satisfactory results.

Anonymous said...

Mr. T,
I have to agree with you on all fronts. The two parties have the most worthless candidates that I've ever seen (keep in mind I'm under twenty-five, still though, they are truly pathetic). I don't think Chávez will go quietly if his "reforms" are rejected. I agree that the Administration has completely neglected our backyard, fine move on their part. Well spoken, God save us all!

Fantomas said...

Coño Manny,cada dia que pasa I agree with you on certain things more

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You always did. It is you who are becoming a freer and more independent fantomas.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I go buy some razor blades.

Agustin Farinas said...

Fantomas is beginning to see the light! This has got to be good news.
On another subject, I applaud the Venezuelan people for the lesson in civics and democracy the have just shown the world.
If the Cuban people would have shown that mettle and behaviour 48 years ago, we would be in a diferent situation today. When the tyrant screamed "Elections for what!" in 1959, our response should have been a resounding yes,we need elections free and honest, but we did not. The tyrant in a very devilish way, confiscated all newspapers, Radio and TV stations in order to guarantee that only his voice and his opinion would be heard. Cubans fell for his words promising elections and democracy only to wake up later on to a communist tyranny.
Thank God the people of Venezuela seem to have woken up and have rejected the changes to the Constitution to allow Chavez to perpetuate himself in power for ever. God Bless the people of Venezuela who seem to have changed the game by persevering and showing great valor.

Anonymous said...


In fairness, the Venezuelans were able to "learn" from Cuba's experience. Even so, they voted for this monkey. Cuba was taken by surprise and with the support of the U.S. to boot.