Sunday, December 16, 2007

FLASH!!! Stuck on the Palmetto Is Dead

November 19, 2005 — December 16, 2007

In an unsigned final post, Rick has closed Stuck on the Palmetto in order to protect his career and future. Certainly he cannot be faulted for it. As we have pointed out repeatedly, he was in an untenable position. His blog had become a liability to him. He could save it or himself. So he killed the thing he loved. What else could he do? SotP was a log of his work, or, rather, of his dereliction of duty. Carefully noted, on every post, was the day and time it was written. This constituted an irrefutable self-indictment, prima facie evidence of his betrayal of a public trust. He has silenced and erased his blog before his malfeasance became public knowledge and he had to face the consequences. It may be too late already. Contrary to Rick's expectations, however, his drastic action in closing his blog will call further attention to it and to him and may actually hasten his exposure.

We are sorry for the readers of SotP, and, especially, Rick's stoic defenders who now have nothing to defend and nowhere to defend it. Alex is also a casualty of Rick's implosion of his blog. Of course it was always Rick's blog, not Alex's. Perhaps Alex will create his own blog now where he can decide when and under what conditions it will shut down. It appears from his silence that Alex had no real imput in this decision.


Anonymous said...

I guess the fat lady sung, and ate the whole blog.

Vana said...

Rest in Peace SOTP, good bye and good riddance, as you say Manuel, perhaps Alex will open his own blog, and go back to his Cuban roots, he sure needs to.

Charlie Bravo said...

Frankly, I think Alex should open his own blog, he's ot enough talent and experiences to make it a great everyday stop.
Vana, Alex has deep roots, and he's faithful to them in his own ways, and I believe that he's honest about it. He's got a lot of good human qualities, as is his loyalty. I would encourage him to open a new blog.
Best wishes to him.

Anonymous said...

Alex can't take criticism of any kind and gets snippy and mean with critics. He seems to be torn by the good life he had in Havana as a child of the revolution and his love for the fine things in life. When you have family members in both sides of the Cuba issue, it is tough.

BULLSEYE said...

All is not lost. Just go and visit the Wayback Machine for past archives of LotP and don't forget to visit American Drumslinger, another fine, although nsfw south Florida blog.