Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well, This Is Nice

Yes, it is. Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty (BUCL) has turned the corner. It is no longer preaching ethnic hatred or pursuing self-delusions, as it did with its "Campaign Against Spain" and its "Campaign for Sting's Soul." It's third and latest campaign is neither evil nor whimsical, but grounded in the reality of the present day, following rather than attempting to lead a movement which must originate on the island and which we may hope to assist but should not try to preempt or co-opt.

BUCL will launch on December 7th its "Campaign for CAMBIO" with the unveiling of a painting by Carlos A. Navarro celebrating the heroism of the young people in Cuba who have defied the status quo by donning wristbands calling for CHANGE. Posters of the painting will be sold (but why only a "limited number?") with the proceeds going to dissidents in Cuba. This activity is described by Babalú as intended to commemorate International Human Rights Day on December 10th. Surely they are also aware that December 7th is the anniversary of Antonio Maceo's death, commemorated by Cubans as our Memorial Day.

There is nothing spectacular about BUCL's Third Campaign: no airplanes with streaming banners, no grandiose calls for a crusade against a kindred people; just genuine caring and the disposition to be useful. Greatness is always simple and never calls attention to itself; artifice always seeks effects rather than results and attention instead of anonymity.


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Seems they got it right this time, maybe, if they don't ruin it in the middle or end.