Monday, December 10, 2007

Notable & Late in Coming: Henry Gómez Learns the History of Man

"It's as if we live in some bizarro world where the evil are praised and rewarded for their evil."Henry Gómez, commenting on the crackdown on human rights activists by the Cuban regime, Babalú blog, December 10, 2007

No, Henry, it would be a much better world if everybody were a little bit more "bizarro." Bizarro in Spanish is a compliment, which means dashing and fearless. It would be correct, for example, to refer to the bizarro general Antonio Maceo; but wholly inaccurate to say that Fidel Castro was bizarro even one day of his life. If it is bizarre that you mean — and we could not imagine that you could mean anything else — the word is extraño. And, yes, it is a strange, strange world that we live in, and Cubans are at the epicenter of that strangeness.


Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

Believe it or not, he was probably referring to the Superman comic character.
Which has implications of it own.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You may be right. He has certainly soaked in the alien culture at its most banal. Last week it was South Park. Well, he does call himself an "American-Cuban."

Alex said...

Steve is right. There's also a "Bizarro World" comic strip:

"Bizarría" is not a common word in Spanish and definitely does not mean the same as "bizarre" in English.

Vana said...

Or he got it from, they use it on that show.

Anonymous said...


Can you enlighten your audience on the background behind your personal animosity against Gomez, Moneo and Prieto and most anything coming out of the Babalublog? Lately it seems you write more against them than anything else.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Although you asked Manuel, I take the liberty to answer since time is of the essence.

It's an allergic reaction developed by anyone with "5 dedos de frente" after reading Bobolu more than twice.

Por na',
El Caimán

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You might try starting at the beginning. The March and April posts, which can be accessed on the left sidebar, will tell you all that you want to know. If the spirit moves you, read May through December too, and you will know what Caimán knows by instinct.