Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prospects Not Good for the "Happy Blogger"

And what shall happen next to Rick?

Well, nothing good — that much is sure.

The story of SotP is actually bigger now than it was when it first broke. And what is worse, it is still an incomplete story. Only when Rick's identity is revealed can it finally be put to bed. The conclusion which Rick tried so desperately to avoid will come nonetheless and sooner than if he had merely ignored Bob Norman's harmless insinuation. We suppose that Bob and his editors are in conference right now, spurred by The Herald story. Will New Times let the scoop slip between their fingers or name names? Rick has placed the onus on them. So have many others. Since Bob has already been accused and convicted in some venues of outing Rick, he might as well go for the glory if he's going to get the obloquy anyway.

Given the publicity that The Herald story has generated thus far, Rick's boss would have to be the world's dumbest if he hasn't put two and two together yet. The fact that Rick has gotten away with doocing for years, at SotP and on his old blog, which reached 3500 posts before Rick killed it too, would seem to indicate that his boss must himself have been engaged in some extracurricular activity of his own to have missed Rick's protracted dereliction of duty encompassing thousands of individual acts. Unless Rick has no responsibilities at all at his workpace, it is likely that the job which he didn't do during the day he performed after regular hours for overtime pay. What would that make him? A double-doocer? No, it doesn't look good for Rick, and the story that the newspapers may actually report is the news of his firing. If that is all that befalls him, Rick might have cause to be grateful.

But there is, of course, the question of restitution, not to mention fines, which may just be waived, however, because of the magnitude of the restitution.

One would have thought that given his present circumstances Rick would be through with blogging for the forseeable future. But we doubt it. We see him writing desperate replies to his enemies which he will post one day when this is all over. But it's not going to be over for a long time. And the next thing that Rick may have to post is bail.

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