Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Miami Herald Gives Rick What He Didn't Want

We said it here several days ago. A major media outlet was working on a story about Rick's travails which would take this affaire a notch up. Thanks to The Miami Herald Rick's identity is now no longer the subject of speculation among a dozen or so bloggers and interested parties, but has become a national story. At this juncture, a national story is the last thing Rick needed. In an e-mail to The Herald, Rick wrote ''The blog is done and I'm moving on.'' Or so he hopes. That hope, however, seems more elusive now and his anonymity more threatened than ever. His fellow bloggers were not kind to him. ''For the record, I HATE anonymous bloggers. They, in my view, are chickensh-- people who don't stand behind their words,'' Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse was quoted as saying. Nevertheless, Stuck on the Palmetto was twice awarded the New Times "Best Local Blog" Award. SotP nemesis Val Prieto was also interviewed for the story and delivered himself of his usual profundities.

The Herald showcased four local blogs in its story:;;; and It snubbed many more, including Alesh Houdek's Critical Miami. I think that was the reason for Alesh's temper tantrum this morning. Or perhaps Alesh really is Rick's heir; he certainly is in the thrall of the green monster anyway. But more about him later.

Alex was not mentioned in the story though SotP was also (supposedly) his blog. I guess that Alex, as jealous of his anonymity as Rick, was probably glad of that.


Fantomas said...

"Don't Tase Me, Bro!"

Posted by: Tazed and Confused

12/19/2007 2:11 PM
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I never heard of Rick or his Blog.

Posted by: Carlos R.

12/19/2007 2:20 PM
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The Miami Herald is a liberal rag. On the other hand, my dog loves to relieve himself on the pictures of Leonard Pitts and Ana Menendez, so it does have a good use.

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12/19/2007 2:26 PM
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Two queens arguing over who is gayer.

Posted by: MikeD.

12/19/2007 2:51 PM
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I liked the last comment best

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I will let this cut and paste job stand since there is one very great truth in it.

Fantomas said...

Aunque me gusto el ultimo comment te confieso que me identifico mas por lo que dice Carlos R en el copy paste

No te olvides se te acerca tu tiempo de review my blog once again

alguna noticia de Cuba? veo que sigues desviandote del tema cubano

Hasta cuando maestro , hasta cuando?

mira que te estas quedando solito no tienes ni a Vana , ni a kill para defenderte ahora