Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blogs Sobre Cuba (300 Links to Cuban Blogs)

We are pleased to add a new link to our "Fraternal Blogroll." It is Blogs Sobre Cuba, which has so far assembled links to 300 Cuban-themed blogs. It grows by a few more blogs every day and we should not be surprised if it eventually reached into the thousands. Right now it is the most comprehensive list yet compiled and you are encouraged to add to it by making suggestions in the Comments Section. The compiler does not categorize or make distinctions about the blogs. You will find there the whole political spectrum in more shades than you could ever imagine. You are free, of course, to visit or not visit any of the blogs. As a reader of this blog, you already are in the habit of thinking for yourself.

The link to Blogs Sobre Cuba will be found at the bottom of this page. But because we know that you are especially anxious to visit it, here's a shortcut:


Al Godar said...

Thank you for including my "Blogs sobre Cuba" in your Blogroll.
I initially thought of doing some kind of review in my blog, but it is proving more and more difficult everyday. Probably it will stay just as a list.
I see that you have plans to keep three other blogs and I look forward to see them rolling.
Al Godar.

Vana said...

Thanks Manuel for the link, I will have to check it out

victor said...

Manuel,please let me know how many more blogs we need in order to get the "word" out..And dont tell me as much as needed..Dont you see confusion on the readers of all these blogs? Non cuban readers I mean..We cubans can understand whether right or wrong,but others,I dont know..300 blogs all on the same page,but reading it differently..Are we Spartans??

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I think we do need comprehensive list of Cuban blogs. No one has bothered to compile one before because of political correctness whether emanating from the left or right. I think Blogs Sobre Cuba has the best approach: gather the wheat but do not separate the chaff. It would certainly be no great imposition on anybody's time to sample a new blog everyday. Doubtless you will find many that are worth your attention.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I hope to have "The Best of Manuel A. Tellechea" up by year's end. I am no judge of my own work so the best of me will be all of me.

"Babalú Review" is on hold indefinitely. I reserved the blog name just in case it was necessary to focus greater scrutiny on it. However, RCAB has proved sufficient for my purposes. It is not inconceivable, however, that at some future date I may have to launch it.

I had once considered starting a sister blog to this one which would review non-Cuban blogs engaging in Cuban-American bashing. But I realize now that no one man could take on such a task and that it is best to concentrate on the foibles of Cuban-American bloggers as these could prove more prejudicial to our country in the long run.

Fantomas said...

I am still waiting for my next review

thanks anticipated

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am pleased with the progress you have made lately, and my next review will reflect that fact. I cannot take credit for this, however. It is the Babalunians who have worked you over, bringing about, incidentally, the "new and kinder fantomas" which had so long been forsaged.

Fantomas said...

It is the Babalunians who have worked you over, bringing about, incidentally, the "new and kinder fantomas" which had so long been forsaged.

Nobody had worked me over , silly you

the kinder ,gentler F was born precisely on this blog after spending and reflecting a brief time inside the madhouse...

Bizarro, comport ..I tell you this blog is a learning experience for all

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I know you will carry the lessons you learned here for the rest of your life.

I am glad that you credit RCAB for the "kinder gentler fantomas." Still, I believe that it was in Babalú's school of hardknocks that you learned humility. They do not value what you do for them. They never did. They have punctured your afflatus and you don't even know it!

I few weeks in The Madhouse would heal your afflatus and restore you to normality.

Fantomas said...

Review this

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

I like this quote, La via esta duro, amigo.

Anonymous said...

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