Saturday, December 22, 2007

Notable & Hilarious: Val Accuses Us of "Condescension and Hubris"

"Are you picking up where Rick left off, Carlos [Miller]? Cause we’re kinda busy singlehandedly ending the Cold War and unearthing fidel castro’s remains to deal with yet another little local blog-clique schoolyard shoving match. If you want to discuss serious issues seriously, let us know, we’d be more than happy to abide. But if your preference is to deride in condescension and hubris, stick with Tellechea. It’s his, and by the looks of this post, your specialty."Val Prieto, Photography Is Not a Crime blog, December 21, 2007

Where do I begin? Bad as he is on his own blog, Val really becomes incomprehensible when he takes his show on the road.

Here he accuses Carlos Miller and me of "condescencion and hubris" while at the same time claiming that he and his fellow Babalunians are "busy singlehandedly ending the Cold War." We thought that Ronald Reagan was responsible for that with an assist from Margaret Thatcher. If he means the localized Cold War between the U.S. and Cuba, how does he propose to "end it?" By defeating Castro? He will need an American president who is willing to engage him aggressively, which his idol GW did not. Or does Val mean that he wants to end the tropical Cold War by capitulating to Castro, because that's the other way to end it. As usual, Val is long on braggadocio and short on answers. Val also credits himself (also singlehandedly) with "unearthing fidel castro’s remains." That, at least, is less enigmatic, for Val has buried Castro who knows how many times and been obliged to unbury him just as many. But does he actually take pride in lying and then having to eat his words?

Val writes that my "preference is to deride in condescension." Is there any other way? He says this just after referring to Carlos Miller's blog as "yet another little local blog." As for "hubris," that's a word that he learned recently from me (the word, not the thing). I am glad that I can at least expand Val's vocabulary for I cannot expand his understanding.

Carlos Miller has an excellent reply to Val's invitation to "discuss serious issues seriously." Read it at:


nonee moose said...

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singlehandedly ending the cold war

Wow. I had no idea.


Anonymous said...

"Cause we’re kinda busy singlehandedly ending the Cold War and unearthing fidel castro’s remains to deal with yet another little local blog-clique schoolyard shoving match." Mr. T, I just had to comment on this one. First off, let's assume the localized Cold War. For that, a group of Cubans must be credited (I'm not sure if Val falls into this category or not, remember seeing a post at Babalú a long time ago about him (if I'm not mistaken) travellin' to DC to advise the Executive Branch on the next steps to take) not just only Babalú (least of all Babalú, considering how their stance is no business must do business with Cuba (well, how then, pray tell are the Cubans supposed to transmit their necessities to keep on fighiting against Castro (telepathy?))). Second, the hubris bit. Well, that speaks for itself.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I missed Val Goes to Washington. But I do remember that he was once included in a conference call originating from the White House conducted by a Cuban affairs specialist. I suppose it was Val's reward for his unconditional support for every misguided policy that Bush II inflicted on Cubans, from re-defining what constitutes a family in our socio-cultural tradition to upholding the "Wet Food/Dry Foot" policy longer than did Clinton.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I expect that next Val will claim that he freed the slaves.