Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Babaloo's Waterloos: Shilling for the Republican Party

Proving, yet again, as if it were necessary to belabor the point, that Babalú is a shill for the Republican Party, the shilliest of all its editors, Henry Gómez, self-described political animal since the age of 5, has delivered himself of his latest mock campaign poster for the Democratic Party. In this one he reproduces the photograph of Bay of Pigs commander Erneido "Tony" Oliva handing the flag of the Brigade 2506 to President Kennedy at the Orange Bowl as Manuel Artime looks on. Note the profound expression on Artime's face conveying the disdain of all freedom-loving Cubans for the dilettante president who had betrayed them.

Henry Gómez has added this caption to a picture that needs no caption: "In 48 weeks we'd like you to vote Democrat and let bygones be bygones." Quite apart from the sheer offensiveness of exploiting the selfless patriotism of those men, there is the implication that the Republicans have been historically more sympathetic to Cuba's freedom than have the Democrats, which is simply not true. For those who are historically-challenged, like Henry Gómez, it was the Republican administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower which installed Fidel Castro in power. Ironically, in the previous post, Alberto de la Cruz had linked with high praise an interview where Humberto Fontova states exactly that.

I must confess that I find it difficult to conclude which are the most to blame: the Republicans who put Castro in power or the Democrats who have maintained him there. All Democratic presidents since Johnson, and all Republicans presidents since Nixon, have sent emissaries to negotiate with Castro. They have all lied to us and betrayed us. Cubans owe no special fealty to either party and have every reason to despise both.


Charlie Bravo said...

The expression of Manuel Artime in that photograph says it all. As if the man didn't believe that it was a good thing to hand the Cuban flag to an American president.
If those were his thoughts, which is something impossible to know, he was right.
By the way, that Cuban flag is said to be lost in a freight of boxes in the Kennedy Presidential Library. It should be given to a young kid that arrives to this country as a balsero and it will be in better deserving hands, because I am sure that such a lucky youngster would one day fly that flag high up in a staff in Cuba, with love and honor.
I frankly never understood the gesture of giving the flag to the very same man who denied the air cover and the maritime borne support.
About shilling for both parties......
well.... One institutes the dry-foot wet-foot. The other keeps it.
And there's always Tom Tancredo and Fred Thompson, and Hillary and Obama. Will any of those shed a tear for a dead Cuban rafter?
I just simply doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I guess you can call that a politically correct thing to do..I have often wondered why all the salutes to,yes someone who let you down..I've also wondered if at that time cubans themselves had a hand in making sure they didnt get the help they needed..Would that help turn the tide around.Also,Manuel,did Kennedy collect as many cigars as he could before or after the invasion? On another point I see that over at ValKamp they are selling bracelets and now a poster in regards to "Cambio". Now they also say that the money collected will be sent to Cuban Dissedents..My question is that Cuban Dissedents have always been accused of beign financed by Miami.If so,why are they claiming the money will be sent to them..I know Im on the "left",but at times even I know you have to do things on the "right"..If that makes any sence..Im sure Ill get better as I go along..You have to understand that this is the only Cuban blog so far that has not taken away my "freedom of speech". Paz.

victor said...

Manuel,this goggle thing is a pain sometimes...dont know why it came up anonymous...??? Victor

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Cuban exiles can do a lot worse with their money than help dissidents in Cuba. I don't think that money from fellow Cubans should compromise anyone.

Vana said...

As I've said before I'm through with voting, both have let us down, none really care about our plight, is all dirty stinking politics.

Anonymous said...

vana, in the end the cuban people have let you down. that's something many in miami can't come to grips with.

even if cuba opened up, it would stay divided for many decades. Look at Russia , etc. Undoubtedly , a "free cuba" will lean more left than most of the right wingers in miami could swallow.