Friday, December 28, 2007

Herald Watch Is Watching You

We are pleased to note that Herald Watch is again providing a vital community service by identifying the most offensive anti-Cuban comments published in The Miami Herald's online forum. We are not so pleased that it is castigating The Herald's inhouse censor for not deleting those comments as quickly as Herald Watch expects after having led the initial campaign to demand their deletion.

Henry Gómez has proved time and again that he is more competent to censor the The Herald than is The Herald. What's more, The Herald knows it and acts immediately on his recommendations, as if it were watching Herald Watch rather than policing its forums. So, in effect, Henry has become The Herald's "uber-censor" when it comes to determining what constitutes political correctness re Cuban-Americans.

But is it wise — forget about honest — to whitewash all negative comments? Aren't these an accurate reflection of how a very large segment of Miami's Anglo and black population feels about their Cuban neighbors? Every poll ever taken of their attitudes seems to confirm it, so why shouldn't The Herald's forums also reflect it? To ignore these attitudes will not make them disappear, and it is doubtful that one or more bigotted comments will spoil the olla podrida. For my part, nothing pleases me more than to see my enemies being themselves. I should never wish to silence them because who they are explains who I am.


Anonymous said...

Henry Gomez receiving a complement from you Manuel? I'm shocked and awed. This will give Henry a BIG head you know.

Where or where is Rick. He would quickly put Henry in his place. I miss my SotP. BWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Henry we can see you said...

We all miss how Rick put Henry and Val in their places. Rick's silent voice has left a void that may never be filled.

Nevertheless MAT, the next time you see Henry ask him if he is responsible for some of the nasty and racist remarks that have been appearing in the comment section. Include in your oral deposition, any of the anti-cuban remarks.

After you finished asking that of Henry. Then ask him how come out of the million names that can be written in the comment section.
Why is "Henry Gomez" the one and only name out of millions that is "banned" from being written and seen on the Herald board. If you dont believe me, try posting "Henry Gomez" and then post yours and see which one doesnt post.

Oh MAT, it gets even better. However, i must measure my words carefully, lest i feed the beast too much tonight. Slowly, my young son, oh so slowly.

Your blog is starting to earn some respect around the Plaza. We shall be in touch with you, in regards to your excellent oversight of the Mr. Gomez antics.


The Intern Desk

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" and H.W.C.S.Y.S., I see two brave souls, "anonymous" SotP boot-lickers, have found the time to throw shit at the glass like the primates they are, courageously defending their positions honestly and openly...

henry we can see you said...

Example #1

As extract from the article "ex-yankee post bail after deadly crash."

Posted by: tired of racist crap on these boards

Um WTF does this story have to do with Cubans?
And to the readers that say Cubans are behind all of the anti-Cuban posts on these boards: That is just too ridiculous for words.

The most hardline of Cubans are in their 70's and 80s and likely don't read the Herald online - much less know how to post comments.

The more reasonable explanation is that there are too many racists with too much free time.

Don't underestimate the amount of hatred in this community. It's real, and unfortunately Cubans, blacks and Jews are the easy targets.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moneo, er I mean Manuel Chechechea, get off your white horse you little knight and go boot-lick Val.

Pepito S. said...

Henry, Val, and Moneo don't just lick each other's boots. They are above that.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are right that my criticism of Val & Henry is not quite as visceral or sustained as it once was. That doesn't indicate, however, that I am better disposed towards them, but that I am less unfavorably disposed towards Babalú. It would be dishonest not to recognize that the new crop of editors at Babalú have succeeded in turning the discussion away from Val and Henry's antics and the "me-alotry" of the old Babalú to what should always have been its principal focus — the suffering and resistance of the Cuban people. That these new editors substantially think as I do has also predisposed me towards the new Babalú. If Val and Henry would only assume emeritus status (and Val, in particular, is already written out and can hardly squeeze a post anymore) and let these younger but better informed editors take the helm (as they have already in effect done by virtue of their superior talents), I would declare "Mission Accomplished" and take the RCAB to other venues.

P.S.: Henry already has a big head. My praise won't add to it and my censure won't detract from it: it is what it is.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"Henry we can see you said:"

Henry claims that others have been posting comments on The Herald forum under his name. This may be true because I have on more than one occasion spotted a real comment from Henry and it was invariably unsigned. The Herald forum was — and may possibly still be — the place where Henry divests himself of his most radical opinions. It is, therefore, highly hypocritical on his part (though not uncharacteristic) to demand that The Herald delete the comments of those who are just as offensive but from another lunatic fringe.

Henry, of course, has always been a advocate so-called "moderation," which I defined once as preemptive censorship. The reason that most Babalú posts have "0" comments is that all the critical ones are deleted pro forma. This is the only plausible explanation for such a paucity of comments in a blog that claims millions of readers.

While rightly chastising Fidel Castro for allowing the opposition no space for expression in Cuba, Val & Henry give dissenters from Babalú's official line no quarter and even turn on their own (e.g. Estrada Palma) when one dares to voice an opinion that goes against it. Rather than be an example to the totalitarians, Val & Henry copy their methods; and if they wielded their power, might well go beyond merely silencing opinions to silencing individuals.

Of course, Val and Henry have never killed anyone (except almost Oscar Biscet) and so it would be unfair to suggest that they are as bad as Castro. If anyone did make that comparison it would be the only time I would come to their defense.

It was not always so with Val. In the beginning of Babalú, a more receptive Val actually cultivated iconoclasts and engaged in many long debates with them while abstaining from name-calling or threats. Of course, Babalú was a small blog then fighting for survival. Success has made Val arrogrant and self-important. Henry was born that way.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"Henry, Val, and Moneo don't just lick each other's boots. They are above that."pepito s.

That was good. Very good. And compliments from me don't come at a dime a dozen.

henry we can see you said...

My young son, here is an simple offering that may assist you in discovering the wicked ways of the extremist bloggers in Miami, Florida: Annotation of Sun Tzu's Strategies.

The art of deception is truly a work of art, often wielded as a sharp sword. Even learned men such as yourself are easily decieved and manipulated.

History is replete of instances of one attacking their own kind in hopes that a superior fighting force would intervene in defense of the inferior force.

Now go and reread the relevant website, start from the inception of the hate speech that was cited, and ponder. Ponder the ugly truth which lurks from beneath the words posted.

Slowly my young son, oh so slowly.


The Intern Desk

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Henry we can see you:

You don't happen to have a tattoo of Chinese characters on your arm, do you?

Anonymous said...


agreed. I remember when Val would engage in civil debate. It was Moneo (first) and later Henry, who started the name-calling and erasing of comments. It's a shame because I enjoyed the discourse. Although I agree that their new string of writers is superior, the blog itself has become boring. If you don't comment positively you are attacked or deleted. Isn't that what Cubans dislike about the Castro regime? Ironic, huh.

Intern desk,
I have no clue what you're referring to, but you sure are entertaining.


henry we can see you said...


I have sadly noticed that you did not conduct the necessary research which was requested of you.

Perhaps your shocking laziness is due in large part to the holiday season. The holiday season that you may attempt to explain this ugly laziness is no excuse.

I will tell you once more MAT. Read the pertinent section in the "Art of War," paying close attention to the art of deception.

Then go back into Henry's writings which describes the "beginnings" of the racist language which was "personally" cited by Henry. As you conduct this simple undertaking. Keep in mind that Mr. Gomez has a historical and deep hatered for any type of free speech. Mr. Gomez worships carefully controlled private and public speech. MAT, as you conduct this "vision quest" of "The Herald Watch is Watching You." Keep in mind that there are many options that an enemy of free speech such as Mr. Gomez can utilize in attempting to quash the American citizens hard-earned right to open and free debate.

MAT, you should know more than most others. As you have earned many enemies throughout the Miami blogisphere, and beyond. These enemies which you mentally torment on a weekly basis would sieze any chance to discredit you or your writing, out of anger or fear, or both.

I can recall not too long ago, that someone impersonated you in "Critical Miami" during heated exchanges. Perhaps a bitter enemy? Did you bother to think who or why? Or were you just getting into that "Holiday Mode?" The "art of deception" lives and is practiced, as you have only recently fallen victim to this deceptive and wicked tactic.

So slowly my young son, oh so slowly.