Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Notable & Venting: Henry Among the Freaks

"There's a jealous freak out there that says I wanted Elián to be sent back to Cuba. Forget for the moment that this jealous freak doesn't even know me, has never spoken with me and certainly didn't even know who I was back during the Elián saga, my words regarding Elián speak for themselves. Jealous lying freak." Henry Gómez, Cuban-American Pundits, "Jealous Freak," November 27, 2007

I will first have you note that he is afraid even to address me by name. Nor does he dare to do so on Babalú, where he knows that I (and others) would notice. Instead, he hides on his own hugely unread blog and hopes that his fulminations will not reach me. Fond conceit. Everything that Henry says about me always reaches me. His friends see to that.

So I am a "jealous lying freak?"

It is rather pathetic, isn't it? The enormity of his ego matches his girth. I do not know of even one attribute of Henry's that I could covet. If I did it would be only because I wanted to demean my own talents. And why would I do that?

He has a right to be ashamed of his past and I cannot blame him for walking away from it. Still, he cannot rewrite his personal history or call me a liar because I am acquainted with it. I am not the only one. I will not betray what was told to me in confidence. But there is no doubt in my mind that Henry was fanatical about Elián being returned to Cuba. His disdain for Elenita is but a faint reflection of his conduct at the time of the Elián affaire. It was the good opinion of his Anglo neighbors and judges that mattered to Henry, not the life of this hapless boy. So it was then and so it is now. At least among Cuban exiles, it was Henry's stance which qualified him as a "freak." Of course, among "American-Cubans" — the label which he invented for himself — his conduct may have been quite "normal."

I must confess that I find Henry's puerile petulance rather amusing. I'm just glad that I can be amused at a distance. I should not be pleased if I actually had to witness his temper tantrums, which is the price that his intimates must pay for associating with him.


Since 2005, Henry has been against returning Elián to Cuba. He has cited numerous posts to prove it. In a related story, Gretta Himmelgeister claims to have hidden Jews from the Nazis in 1950.


Fantomas said...

no te desvies ..Ibas bien

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I note that you have been blackballed from BUCL while non-blogs and near-blogs have been accorded membership. Once again you have an opportunity to sample Val & Henry's monumental ingratitude. React to it manfully; do not grovel.

Mamey said...

Ay Manuel...if only Enriquito would just focus on exposing abuses in the island I could stomach him. But he wants to be more Americano than Americanos themselves, so he betrays his Cuban part. One can appreciate the good things about the USA without giving up one's essence.

Fantomas said...
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Vana said...

So Henry does not dare address you by name, what else would we expect from a chicken, and one who is washy washy at best, if he were to use your name his readers would flock here in droves, he certainly does not want that to happen.

She claimed to hide jews in 1950...LMAO

Mamey said...

Fantomas: Sientese en el banquito y estese tranquilo. Sali de La Habana precisamente porque no me gustan los individuos dictatoriales.

Fantomas said...

tranquilo mamey me di cuenta de algo, tranquilito

Fantomas said...

note that you have been blackballed from BUCL while non-blogs and near-blogs have been accorded membership,

Manuel no hables sin saber. I opted for option #3.

victor said...

Oh,sweet Jesus who died for us...Henry has gone speechless!! As posted at blablalu..But for how long,for how long?