Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stopped on the Palmetto: Ruminations on Rick

The curious are coming here in the droves from Critical Miami and the Daily Pulp to learn more about Rick's downfall. Their curiosity is understandable. This is an unfinished story and not until the innuendos metamorphose into facts will the curiosity abate and this matter be put to rest. I will not be the grandmaster of Rick's inquisition, although I understand that others are at work on an exposé that will explain Rick's panic at the thought that his cover might be blown. And, truly, he has every reason to panic. Those who believe that this was an overreaction on his part are wrong.

I have taken little notice of Rick in these precincts except as a perpetual irritant. Yet these post are not without interest since they reveal facets of his personality which are now more easily understood in the light of recent revelations about his employment and extra-curricular activities.

I believe that our enemies are as important in defining us as our friends, and I am proud to call Rick an enemy. I sincerely hope that he weathers this storm if only so I may continue to use him as the paradigm of the "Ugly American," a role he was born to play.

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Vana said...

Ubelievable, he's a civil servant, and he's been blogging from work, no wonder he wanted to keep himself underground.