Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vana Banned from Babalú

You don't get to comment here. Go back to Tellechea and cry to him about it." Henry "Economist" Gómez, "Squashing the Losers" (comment), Babalú, March 30, 2008

Vana is one of the strongest pillars of RCAB and we are delighted that today she joins that select group of commenters who have been banned from Babalú because of their political opinions. This honor is well-deserved. She is an independent thinker who is not afraid to speak her mind and will not be intimidated by anyone. Her ability to comment eloquently and succinctly even on the most complex topics, her unerring judgment and fierce cubanidad, above all, make her worthy of this distinction, which, although awarded with malice, is received with gratitude and praise.

Congratulations and best wishes to Vana from the RCAB family.


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Ok, now it is my turn to sneak into Babulu in disguise. Wish me good luck!!!


Now they will be extra viligent.

Alex Hernandez said...

Hahahahaha welcome to the club Vana.

Charlie Bravo said...

Congratulations, Vana.
Interestingly enough.... Nor KillCastro nor Charlie Bravo went to that blog to insult or uncover anyone... And also.... they give two flying fucks about who goes or doesn't go to jail IN CUBA, of all places. Well, they support the dry foot wet foot. And make fun of the accents of the newcomers. Ever so nice.
Then they say that we have been caught in lies. Yeah, we have announced time and time ago the death of Castro.
Aw, well, how so pathetic.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Come to think of it, now may be the time for Babalú to launch another "Castro Is Dead " rumor, with the added advantage of variety, for they can now chose whether to kill off Fidel or Raúl for the day.

The pain of the Cuban people is meaningless to them. All they care about is beating out the competition as if this were a game and not a life and death struggle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vana, remember when I was also booted from Babalose and you welcomed me to MAT's blog? Well, you've earned the medal...wear it proudly. Congrats!


Vana said...

Oh wow Manuel, you dedicated a post to little old me, I'm overwhelmed, now I share with you the experience of being banned from Babalunia, thank you for your words of praise, having your approval pleases me no end, for you are a man I deeply respect, again thank you.

Vana said...

Thank you Mamey, Charlie and Alex trully I'm overwhelmed by this praise.

John good luck!

joep said...

Wear that scarlet letter with pride, Vana!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Good to see you here again, Joe. It was your well-crafted first comment on Babalú's "Squashing the Losers" thread that opened the door to criticism for the first time in Babalú's history. And though we are sure that they deleted dozens of comments and allowed only the least abrasive to appear, the discussion that began there alerted many that would never have otherwise known the truth, and will, hopefully, open the eyes of many more who might never make it to this blog or Killcastro's.

KillCastro said...

I guess that if we were keeping score , just on the basis of day to day actions (forget even the actions of a CHIVATO who has hijacked a cause to his own benefit) If we go by their actions..
Ziva came to our blog and posted something she KNEW would be in direct antagonism with our point of view. She has two blogs but there was a need to come to ours????? , hmmmm ,just weird.
After I answered her and I admit in NO uncertain terms She sends me an private email telling me I had no reason from blocking her post and regaled me with a nice repertoire of insults culminating in a rotund FUCK YOU.

My answer to her was done in private and I ASKED to please stay the fuck her side of the fence , but,She realized that she has made a mistake since she had not been blocked (or someone in the charade had given her the wrong reason), came back with a lame “oh okey you didn’t block me, but still fuck you. I “THINK” at that point I took the best shot I had for her and called her a CUNT! – but she still was not banned nor her posts blocked. No need with people like those , Banning and blocking reflects a fear of being harmed by their facility of oratory. These three can not put a damaging sentence together if they poured rat poising all over it . UNLESS , they sink to the lowest levels and CHIVATEAN a family with the explicit purpose of inflicting physicals harm.

So regardless of how brutal we can be and how douche-baggies" we may be we do allow posting that disagree with us, it kills me but my partner has a much bigger heart than I do.

Now, Vana is flatly told to take a hike, I wonder if they left the post as we left Zivas. For all of those asking conciliation, you are all intelligent men use these acts as your balance of truth and decorum. In one argument with such opposite points of view conciliation will turn to famous movie of the triumphant UK Minster Chamberlain waving a piece of paper and declaring PEACE with Germany.
Here the MO is CLEAR .

CHIVATO thinks his BLOG was the first CA in the world. (The fact this has been done for 20 years , is inconsequential)
CHIVATO feels that anything he feels anything that follows him has by force be also UNDER him. If someone he feels of worth comes along he will beg them insatiably to join his gang of illiteracy.
CHIVATO feels that being under him means absolute devotion and dedication. You can get a full profile of this psychological dynamic if you read any book analyzing Fidel Castro’s life. zIn fact look at the pictures .. Uncanny the similarities aint it ?

Measure the facts as they are, if you feel that both of us have the same veracity hence are due the same respect as long as Cuba is Free.. what will your response be to a Raul Castro who steps down and says "I have had enough. CUBA IS FREE" will you applaud him and give him a safe-conduct out of the country ?
A free Cuba an any cost is the least we can demand, a free Cuba, capitulating to people whose agendas seem to point daily to darker and darker provenance, that is freedom we do not need. It will soon turn out into 100 years of KaSStro like rule under the name of one of the Miami Guyaberas.
(Yeah I know FUCK ... NOT all Miamians are the same, but the ones with POWER are uncannily alike

Vana said...


Hell no they did not leave my comments there, Henry deleted it, if you have the balls to put a caricature like that on your blog, you should have the balls to explain it.

BTW I'm thinking the John is right, they are all complicit in your outing, Ziva for crying like a baby and coming to your blog to instigate, Henry because he's evil incarnate, and Val because he's a CHIVATO, you put a couple of beers in him and he vomits.

Charlie Bravo said...

I wonder why those asking us for conciliatory action don't go to Babalu and ask for the same. I never see that, for some reason. Maybe because they know that it's a waste of time.
just an observation.

Vana said...


They are scared to death to voice their opinion at Babalunia, they will get censored and kicked off the blog, that's why they come to you guys, they know you're more level headed than CHIVATO.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why those asking us for conciliatory action don't go to Babalu and ask for the same."

Don't be silly, they probably are and their comments are being deleted.

joep said...


Good to see you here again, Joe. It was your well-crafted first comment on Babalú's "Squashing the Losers" thread that opened the door to criticism for the first time in Babalú's history. ..."

Good to be back. Thanks. I'm here for the duration.

Agustin Farinas said...

congratulations on making the list of those banned from Babalu's Blog. You should wera it like a badge of honor. Remember that you are in good company, since Tellechea was also banned from that blog.
I don't bother to comment there since I don't visit the blog. I find it boring and self promoting for Val and Henry. I do the same with Fantomas' blog but for different reasons. I find him mentally disturbed,foulmouthed, uncouth, derranged and stupid, therefore I just don't bother to read anything he writes.