Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Addition to Our Blogroll: "Obalesque"

We are very pleased to add Obalesque to our "Fraternal Blogroll." Our readers will surely recognize an old friend in a new guise. We are delighted that Steve took our advice and did not deny his brainy matter to the blogosphere. His most recent post is about a Bavarian woman who went to the hospital for a knee operation and ended-up with a new anus. Our readers will recall that Fidel Castro shattered his knee not long ago and was outfitted with a new anus also. A coincidence? I speculate on the matter there. Fidel Castro, who is obviously hooked up to the internet and God knows what else, also makes a cameo appearance at Obalesque:

"I am very pleased with my new anus. Its aesthetic appeal and functionality has impressed everyone, including my brother Raúl who wants one for himself. He says you can’t teach an old anus new tricks, or did he say that he can’t get new tricks for an old anus? Excuse me, I am a bit addled nowadays."

Raúl has replied to Fidel's comment:
Coño, Fidel. What happens in boarding school, stays in boarding school. I curse the day I let Al Gore visit you (oops! did I let something out of the bag besides your shit?). First your insipid reflections in Granma and now you are crawling the nets when you should be pushing the daisies (And who the hell is this "squathole?" His name sounds interesting). Remember who is presidente now. BTW, Rev. Wright and Obama just RSVP’ed for your state funeral.

And what's this? Al Gore has chimed in, too:
I want to thank Presidente Raúl for his suggestion that I taught Fidel about the internet. As Father of the Internet, I suppose I did in some tangential way. In truth, however, I have not had the privilege of visiting your beautiful and ecologically-green island. I hope that your decision to legalize toasters and other electrical appliances will not impact negatively on the delicate balance between Fidel’s pristine Dark Ages and your own new Era of Feudalism.

Senator Larry Craig sends greetings to Raúl:
I want to say that I admire a country where two men can play an innocent game of footsie in a public bathroom without state interference. Fidel, you define manliness for an entire generation of heterosexuals like myself. Raúl, I’ll see you later this month.

Senator Obama denies Raúl's assertion:
I will not be attending Fidel’s funeral because Rev. Jeremiah Wright assures me he will live forever.

Pope Benedict XVI agrees with Sen. Obama:
From your lips Obama to Fidel's fundament.

Cardinal Bertone agrees with the pope:
I can assure His Holiness that kissing Fidel's fundament was the finest thing I ever did in my life.


Squathole said...

Honored to be added. Thanks!

Vana said...

Lol I shall go check it out