Thursday, March 27, 2008

Killcastro Responds to Val's Aggression on His Family

Yesterday in an unprecedented breach of blog etiquette Val Prieto visited Killcastro's blog for the expressed purpose of outing him. Under any circumstances it is an unconscionable act deserving of repudiation. In this particular case, however, it is something more -- it is an act of aggression. Val knows that Killcastro and his wife have close family on the island that could be made to answer for his efforts on behalf of all Cubans. Nevertheless, Val chose to expose them to danger and inflict on Killcastro the heartache of knowing that his nearest and dearest could be in jeopardy. What deep animus could compel a man to act thusly, what mixture of envy and guile could drive him to betray someone who had been a friend to him and never said a word against him?

If ever I was persuaded that I had been too harsh on Val, this act of perfidy on his part assured me at once that, if anything, I have been too lenient. No doubt I have underestimated him: not his abilities but his capabilities. He is apparently capable of anything underhanded and devious. He is not merely something to laugh at, ridicule and mock. He is one of history's evil clowns. Behind the mask lurks another mask more hideous and frightful than the one he wears before the world.

In the comment Val left at Killcastro, which Charlie Bravo caught quickly enough to remove the incriminating information from, Val also makes reference to Vana and me. He apparently believes that we are the same person and I could care less. What matters is the safety of Killcastro's family, his friends and acquaintances whose lives Val has endangered by compromising Killcastro's identity.

Killcastro has just posted his reply to Val Prieto and it should be read by all, first, as an object lesson in dignity, and no one is more needful of such an object lesson than Val himself; and second, because of its historic character. I truly believe that this is the "Magna Charta" that will free Babalú's satellites from the potentially dangerous course which they are pursuing by following that errant dead star.


Fearful, as he has every reason to be, that Castro's goons had already moved against his family on the basis of the information furnished by Val Prieto, Killcastro tried to call them and learned that their phoneline had already been tapped. He was unable to contact his wife's family because it does not have a phone; but attempts to reach his contacts on the island who do proved unavailing. As Killcastro concludes, "this ain't looking good."


florida bar association said...

Actually, this is (very) illegal what Val did. And if the facts that Val posted does lead to some type of injury. Then it becomes a federal crime, because of the interstate nature of the internet. We sue and win cases like this all the time, often with no actual injury, due to the attorney fees that are generated from the defendant. Let me know if you are interested. I know an excellent law firm that would love to pinch Mr. Prieto's wallet. And you wouldn't be charged a retainer fee, or any other fee. Pro bono!!


Public disclosure of embarrassing private facts is an invasion of privacy tort when the disclosure is so outrageous that it is of no public concern and it outrages the public sense of decency. In this invasion of privacy tort, the information may be truthful and yet still be considered an invasion if it is not newsworthy, the event took place in private and there was no consent to reveal the information. Divorce situations and relationship breakups may involve this kind of invasion of privacy tort.

Invasion of privacy became part of public consciousness when Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis wrote an article titled "Right to Privacy" in the 1890 Harvard Law Review, which is the basis for today's privacy laws. Also, see the Privacy Act of 1974 for more information.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

florida bar association:

Thank-you for the information, which I will forward to Killcastro. Legal remedies may be available but church mice are usually impervious to them.

florida bar associaton said...

You are welcomed. Unfortunately for Val, the tort of "invasion of privacy" is the easiest to prove of the "tort family." As the only two elements that must be proved is publication, and lack of consent by the victim. Regardless of the fact that the tort orginated from Val's computer. The truth of the matter is that it is prefered that this particular tort orginates from an isp location. Finally, it is the attorney fees that one has to pay that tends to be devastating to the defendant, whether or not one prevails. Therefore, even a church mouse is vulnerable to a lawsuit based in good faith.

Cari said...

I always thought he was a brat, but this is just evil.

Ms Calabaza said...

CHIVATO - has to be the lowest form of life. . .

Rick said...


For a guy who sat up on Christmas Night last year, digging through the archives of Stuck on the Palmetto and an old blog of mine in an attempt to find out more information about me and who, to this day, continues to gloat about how he knows who I work for, it seems rather hypocritical for you to get too worked up about this. Or to start citing privacy laws with sock puppets (c'mon, Manny, it's soooo obvious).

No doubt, Val needs this exposure and, in fact, I will probably address this over at SFDB in the near future because it is important for SoFla bloggers to understand the type of individual he is.

But, Manuel, when you're throwing all these conniptions and getting all righteous, remember what you were doing Christmas Night and think about how much like the "village whore decrying syphilis (corrected spelling)" you are.


Fantomas said...

Manuel te han sonado durisimo . quiero ver como respondes ahora ..a ver explicanos que hacias el dia de navidad buscando informacion de otros

Ms Calabaza said...


hope you don't mind my butting in. I enjoy a good blogfight like anyone else ...Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! After all, it's fascinating to watch you defend Val . . .

Seriously though, if I remember correctly MaT knew your identity as well as Alex's and chose NOT to out you. As angry as he might have been with you he NEVER did OUT you.

Rick, what makes this much worse an offense is that KillCastro's blog is a political site and one with sworn enemies. Someone could avenge KC's family in Cuba or his contacts in the island. You see KC and CB really do try to bring news from the island to us unlike other hardliner, Bush-loving, Republican sycophant blogs do. I would think you would admire them for this.

That, is what is shameful about this incident . . . We should all be able to disagree without putting our lives, families or jobs in danger. I don't mean to throw more fuel to this fire only to do the opposite, as much as a blogfight could be entertaining as hell and there's nothing on TV tonight . . .

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you for acknowledging that I always knew your real identity and Alex's and that despite great provocation I never gave you away. That's what defines a gentleman, Rick: we deal honorably with all men whether friend or foe.

You closed your blog around Christmas time and I naturally commented on it though I had no part in bringing it about and believed it to be a great mistake on your part.

I am glad that you know how to spell "syphilis."

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

P.S.: The archives of SotP had already been closed by Dec. 25. When I discovered your other blog, you closed that too. If you have nothing to hide, then reopen them.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ms. calabaza:

Thank-you for your spirited defense and your splendid memory.

I'm afraid, however, that soon Rick will be saying that you are me just as Val claims that Vana and I are the same person.

Rick said...


I have no desire to debate with you what you know is the truth and what is documented. Yes, the blog was deleted by me on December 16th, but it didn't prevent you from entering the site via Infomaniac at 6:59 PM on Christmas Night, and then conducting searches on the words "police," "intel" and "Fidel Castro" before you left after a couple minutes when you found that nothing was left.I mean, it's all right here in black and white.

No matter.

Ms. Calabaza, I am not defending Prieto. I abhor what he did. But for Manuel to be so sanctimonious is ridiculous. He attempted the same thing.


Fantomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlie Bravo said...

Fantomas, no hay comparacion. Manuel investigo y sabia quienes eran Rick and Alex y mantuvo su palabra y nunca expuso sus identidades. No es el mismo caso, ni se escribe igual.
A ver si me entiendes, Manuel no expuso a nadie a ningun daño, y en nuestro caso, son nuestras familias, nuestras amistades, y la gente que lo arriesga todo para transmitir una noticia las que han sido puestos en peligro sin ningun tipo de consideracion. Espero haber sido muy claro.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If "the blog was delected by [you] on Dec. 16," then I could not have entered it on Dec. 25 to search for those terms.

But no matter, as you say.

The fact remains that I never revealed your identity or your occupation on this blog or any blog.

I know that Killcastro wishes that Val had been as discreet.

If you have nothing to hide open up the archives of SotP.

Of course, you won't.

Because you have something to hide.

Rick said...

Manuel: Read it slower this time. The blog is deleted. There are no archives.

I created the post that's currently displayed on December 16th. It was up when you visited Christmas Night. You tried and failed to search the archive because there was nothing there.

Got it? Fer chissakes. But why argue because you know what you did, guy. Jeebus.

CB: You're right. It isn't the same. But the fact is that Manuel was trying to find out who I was. On Christmas friggin Night, no less. If you remember the conversations that were raging back then not only at SotP but elsewhere, why do you think he was looking for that? Why would he want that information? To expose me and my occupation. And he still is talking about it like it's something he has over my head.

Just listen to him.

The only thing that shut him up was when another blogger hinted that he might be stalking me and, by definition, he was almost there.

Funny thing, Manny knows all this and he's farting around here like this is all new to him.

Let's just turn the conversation back to where it should be...and that's Prieto.


Fantomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The conversation was about Val Prieto until you changed the subject.

You never deleted SotP; you simply closed its archives to public view. They are still available to you and could be available to everybody else if you so choose.

But, of course, you will keep your archives closed.

Because you have something to hide.

As for "stalking you," I think it is rather the other way around. I stopped commenting on SotP long before it closed and have ignored completely your new blog, which I hope to continue doing.

Rick said...

I know it's hard to face reality, Manuel, but they are gone, really. If I had them, I would open them up just long enough so that you could do want you wanted if it would just shut you up. You could do searches on intel and police and Fidel and Castro to your hearts content during New Years Eve this time around, and then you could sit down and put together a masterful post on who I am and what I do so that everyone would know and you could be the Genius of the Internets.

You just can't help yourself, can you? To your dying day, which can't come soon enough, you will be drifting over me, "I know what you do. I know what you do."

1st grade stuff, Manuel.



Vana said...

Oh my God rick stop crying, Manuel never outed you, I don't see what your problem is, lighten up!!

God I hate whinny men!

Vana said...


I'm quite worried for KC and his family and friends, Val Prieto is nothing but a snake a Chivato, men like him with loose tongues put Castro in power, He's losing it and his blog is quickly dying.

No I'm not Manuel, I'm a woman for Christ's sake, wish I could write like him though!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


A narcissist such as yourself would never erase what he considers his life's greatest (only?) achievement.

I would not be surprised if SotP were resurrected (archives and all) the day after your retirement.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I would sign my name to anything that you write. Your love of Cuba and your ability to get to the marrow of any issue do great credit to you and are a great asset to this blog.

Vana said...


You've managed to make me cry when usually you make me laugh, I have no words to thank you for the praise you've just given me, coming from you is precious to me, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Val Prieto got (no) class.I can read him like an open book.

Valentin J. Prieto

"J" for Jackass

Anonymous said...

Come on Rick, being outed in the USA is not the same as being outed in the USA with relatives back in Cuba. WTF man?


florida bar association said...

First KC, i would turn over Val's act over to the federal authorities. Really, it sounds like Val could in fact be a communist spy. As Val surely knew what his outing could lead to in Cuba.

Second, Rick, my nick is MINE, and not MAT. I could very easily prove it to you, by posting visiting your website, thereby giving you my ip address. However, i do not wish to do that, as you have betrayed the trust of your readers who used to visit your former blog.

florida bar association said...


Communist spies often hide behind over-heated rhetoric. Dont they Val Prieto?

KillCastro said...

A supported just noticed this on Prieto's post and thought we had ignored it but it carries a tremendous impact:

"On that day you wont have anonymity"

So here he threatens to out me. I guess he couldnt wait and did it on the post.

As I anguish for my family , my feelings towards Prieto are becoming VERY dark indeed.
Let's leave it at that

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It is not unusual for terrorists to phone-in a warning seconds before they detonate a bomb.

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