Thursday, March 27, 2008

Babaloo's Waterloos: Val Prieto Condemns Himself

More crocodile tears for Yoani Sánchez from Val Prieto this morning. Of course, his real sympathies are with the censors. He dreams of being able to alter a few numbers in code and knocking out his competition (or "enemies," as he calls us). Generation Y, with 1.2 million hits a month, would be near the top of Val's "Hit List."

Val, the Cuban blogosphere's most aggressive censor, is now condemning the Castro regime for censorship. It's not exactly the pot calling the kettle black, because Castro's kettle is so black that it's calcified. Still, Val's pot is a smudgy embarassment.

A better simile is called for:

Val Prieto condemning censorship is like the village whore decrying syphilis.


Ana said...

A question:

Is the Babalu blog blocked in Cuba?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I should be surprised if it was. Why would they block it? It plays into their hands most of the time.

Vana said...

Crocodile tears is right, am sure he is pea green with envy at the hits Generacion Y is getting, at least she blogs about Cuba's reality and hardships, where Val would love nothing more than for those harships to become worse so the whole thing explodes like a pressure cooker, come on Val who you trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

Val and Henry are like certain Archbishops, Bishops, and televangelists who give Christianity a bad name.


KillCastro said...

Interesting distinction here :
what Blogs are blocked in Kuba and which are not.
Killcastro is blocked , several pople wearing T-shirts with our logo , have gotten their heads cracked.
I will find out who is blocked.

Ana said...

If it's not blocked, then perhaps there's an argument for its ineffectiveness.

Those that are blocked are the real "nemeses" to the regime.