Monday, March 31, 2008

Babalú's Disappearing Lies

It just doesn't work. I've tried but I just can't make it happen. What I am trying to do is create a knight's name for Val. Since Henry Gómez now claims that Val Prieto went to Killcastro's blog to defend a damsel's honor, I thought that it would be appropriate to knight him for it. Sadly, his name is the most inappropriate for such an investiture. The only possible translation of it is "Val the Black Knight," for that is what prieto means -- black as in evil (let me clarify that lest the Rev. Jeremiah Wright call me a racist). And there's the rub, my friends: I can't make Val the hero of his own fairy tell because black knights are always the villains and I am nobody to challenge that centuries-old tradition. So, for once in my life, I cannot translate my ideas into words. Pity, for I had outlined quite an allegory, which might have brought back the Age of Chivalry. Instead, I must content myself with the unbarnished facts.

Killcastro and Ziva have a long history which has been characterized more by mutual respect and affinities than by antagonism. They are very blunt with each other, no doubt. Theirs is the kind of familiar bluntness which only follows a long friendship and which can never exist unless buttressed by such a friendship. An exchange of obscenities between them must be seen in that light. No one has the right, least of all the cause of their present strife, to interject himself in something which is none of his business. Ziva doesn't need to be "saved from Killcastro." No one has influenced more her thinking on Cuba than Killcastro. Ideologically, she is closer to Killcastro than Val and she is also closer to the real interests of the Cuban people even though she does not even have Val's 3 years of residence on the island. Ziva is always ready to support those in the most compromised positions, whether Posada Carriles or Elenita. The very people from whom the other Babalunians flee as from the plague, Ziva, indifferent to the fallout, will champion. That is why I once said that she was the conscience of Babalú. That, too, distinguishes her from Val Prieto and Henry Gómez. She knows this herself but is too invested in Babalú to let go. Perhaps she fears how much worse Babalú would become without her. In fact, I have no doubt it would be much worse. However, Ziva would be a much better Ziva without them.

Val did not go to Killcastro to defend Ziva. He doesn't even mention her name in his comment and it is very difficult to "defend" someone without even naming him:

"I hadnt come here in months until today and I see that nothing has changed. [KillCastro] the pathetic little whiny bitch shitting on his own and libeling me, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Let me tell you something [KillCastro], one of these days, youre gonna have to own up to all those disparaging remarks youve made about me in person. On that day you wont have anonymity nor the use of the CAPS key. And on that day we'll see how well you carry those two little raisins you call balls. Up the prozac, man. If youre out, call tellechea, or vana, or whatever sock puppet he's using that day, Im sure he's got plenty." -- Val Prieto, Killcastro blog, March 26, 2008 12:20:00 PM

It is also incredibly condescending and entirely unnecessary to "defend" Ziva from Killcastro or anybody else. She is in a better position intellectually and in every other way to defend Val than Val is to defend her. And if she does defend him, it is more from loyalty than conviction.

No, Val's visit to Babalú had nothing to do with Ziva. Henry's historical revisionism cannot obscure that fact for a moment. What, then, brought Val to Killcastro's blog after what he claimed was the longest time? Val makes no secret of it. He tells Killcastro that he has come to his blog to blow his cover and then proceeds to do so. That's the beauty of Val's thinking: it is so shallow and hence so transparent. He is innept even at being a villain because he takes absolutely no care to hide his hand. It is there for all to see. Concealment is the shame of traitors. But Val doesn't even have that. His dagger is out in broad daylight and before the eyes of everybody. Then, having done what he did -- the most dastardly act that one can commit against a fellow Cuban -- he retreats in silence to his covert (because, really, what could he say in his defense?) and lets Henry spread disinformation about the proceedings at Killcastro as if these were not available for all to see. In marked contrast, I may say, to Henry's "Squashing the Losers" post which has already been deleted from Babalú (but can still be read here and elsewhere). We should consider this to be a retraction of Henry's mendacious allegations about Val "defending Ziva." It is also, of course, more proof that Babalú cannot be trusted about anything; that it does know the meaning of fair play; and that it mimics the totalitarians that it condemns.

No more lies or evasions from them. What matters, the only thing that matters, is the safety of Killcastro's family which has already been compromised by Val's inexcusable and unprecedented outing of him on Killcastro's own blog. The focus should be on that betrayal of trust and nothing else. Then his own culpable silence and Henry's bootless excuses will become perfectly understandable. What I will never understand, however, is how otherwise decent men and women can consent with their silence to what amounts to a public lynching. But "decent" people used to attend those in droves once upon a time. Many came right after Sunday services with their kids and even had picnics around the bonfire.


joep said...

I'm about to hijack this post, kind of...

Is it true that there was an edict in Cuba this weekend that finally rescinded the prohibition against native Cubans staying at Cuban hotels on the island that are also open to foreigners???

Ms Calabaza said...

Good morning MaT,
I go to the blogosphere this morning to find that babalu again has deleted a full post with the comments they had decided to "allow" to appear... Too late. SFDB already covered it and well this morning.

Your morning post is on spot as usual MaT. My opinion is that Babalu is full of good folks and I'm not ready to through Ziva out with the bath water.

Unfortunately, Henry is now running Babalu and that is to its detriment. He is shamelessly defending Val and reconstructing history and that is pathetic. One thing is to try to defend him as Robert has on SFDB (which I find honorable)and the other is to be a reconstructionist, boot-licker.

Again, Henry could not stop himself and this morning has posted another "criptic" message in his music video. Oh, he is SO sharp!

The Mad Hatter said...

It is clear that the lady didn't need any defense.
For what I have read in her blog she's quite sharp and intense, and will seek no defense from the quarter's of such dull blade.
So, after forty eight-hours of the first salvo, they show the chivalrous defense dance move, which falls flat on the ground when it is read in Mr. Prieto own immortal words.
Henry then erases his own comment, when he had to take cover under his master oversized calzoncillos when one of their readers, Gigi, compared the cartoon to "the way mosque goers treat their children, women, infidels, and all who don't agree with them"
Then another reader outlined why the "not outing" was in fact an "outing" and suggested that by Henry giving even more clues about the name of the man in question he was outing him again.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas ya empezo a kiss-up a henry! Mira el comentario en el video. Fantomas, no tienes verguenza bro.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Mat said: He's going to be a busy camper deleting the comments that his caricature is likely to elicit.

In Mat's post yesterdday about Henry's caricature, he accurately and smartly predicted the above. If there is any doubt that MAT does not possess an incredible amount of knowleddge and vision in regards to Henry and Val. The above quote should dispel any remaining doubts.

Again, another good call MAT!!

In addition, you smartly point out that Val didnt even mention Ziva's name when he maliciously "outed" KC. Which defeats Henry's argument that the "outing" was an attempt to preserve Ziva's honor. Val eventually saw the folly of Henry's defense, and immediately ordered the entire dialogue be stricken, along with the caricature. An communist act that Fidel, and Pol-pot of Cambodia would of been proud of. However, to this very minute, Henry continues to scratch his thick empty skull, unable to understand the defect of his silly defense of Val.

Val's Marxist-type removal of the open dialogue of Val's "outing" may have suppress free speech. But it did not suppress thought, as that is one thing that Val cannot control, except Henry. In these thoughts will breed discontent, and doubt about what truly lurks in Val's dark and secret soul.

Ms Calabaza said...

When all else fails, act like you just found out and make a joke out of it. After all, you've had you're henchman Baby Huey Henry slamming dissidents all weekend long and reconstructing history.

See Val's post "nangara 007 1/2". Still no apology or explanation for his stupidity. How unfortunate for Babalu.

Anonymous said...

It was no joke Ms. C. It is called soul baring.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Henry promised that Val would explain everything today. Not only did Henry lie to his readers. But Val disrepected then subsequently disrepcted them.

And no Val, i dont think you are the top Castro chivato. As you are too stupid for that. No sir, a big, fat pig like you, feeds at the bottom throth.

And you never did answer my question. Where are you getting all the money for home repairs, when most Americans are barely filling up their gasoline tanks!!

Anonymous said...

"lunatic fringe" y Fantomas finds these powerful words! Jajaja fantomas doesn't see he's considered a joke over there!

nonee moose said...

Sor Val-I-had. Problem solved, MAT.

Anonymous said...

What can I say?
I think that it was a lousy attempt to take Ziva down with them. The chivatos do that all the time....

Anonymous said...

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Posted by Abajofidel at March 31, 2008 09:05 AM

Fantomas = idiota

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Val Prieto=Chivato

Anonymous said...

Take note of the names of other chivatos and sympathizer of Val Prieto's chivateria gathering around him.
Fantomas, Henry, and Co.

Anonymous said...



a n o n i m o s

Rin tin tin said...

it is over dont you see it yet




Anonymous said...

It ain't over til the fat ladies sing and Henry and Val are not singing. Lalalalalalalalalalala!

rin tin tin's bitch

a chivato named Val lurks among us said...

Anon said: it is over dont you see it yet




No, a dog has a bone, and there aint no putting it down, as long as KC family is in danger!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly...'Babalu mimics the totalitarians it condenms.' That's what everyone realizes sooner or later.


The Mad Hatter said...

What would have been of those chivatos if they had remained in Cuba?
Where do you think the Castros & Felipe Perez Roque comes from?

Vana said...

Lies and more lies, Invincible Rider deserves a comendation, he went to Babalu and defended KC to no end, the lies Henry was spewing at him made me sick, calling KC dipshit among oyher things.

Cannot the Babalunians defend themselves without lying, censoring and calling people names? they are worthless nothings, just look around at all these people coming in here to show their disdain for them.

Stevie Sahl said...

I want you all to just leave my precious Z. Kathleen alone.

She is my special matz'ah chick.

Leave us be alone.