Monday, March 31, 2008

Guest Post: Killcastro Speaks to RCAB

[RCAB is very pleased and proud to publish today its first Guest Post. The Killcastro Affaire has been covered on this blog more exhaustively than on any other. 20 posts we have devoted to it so far and we see no reason to stop while the fate of Killcastro's family remains unknown and Val Prieto continues to refuse to accept responsibility for this foulest deed in the history of the Cuban-American blogosphere. As you all know by now, Val Prieto outed Killcastro on his own blog last week, setting in motion a series of personal catastrophes in Killcastro's life which have surely not run their course. Val's reaction and that of a majority of the other Babalunians has been, literally, to laugh it off as some kind of sophomore prank. It is a tribute to Killcastro's nobility that he is willing to entertain the notion that Val did not fully understand the ramifications of what he was doing. That assumption is supported by Val's complete ignorance of the Cuban quehacer (reality). I, on the other hand, am less disposed than my friend to grant him the benefit of the doubt. He may be unschooled as far as history is concerned but he has a doctorate in the art of screwing others. But let the reader decide, for himself, the extent of Val's guilt. Originally posted here as a comment, writing around midnight, Killcastro has kindly revised and updated it for inclusion here. He speaks as Killcastro always does, with absolute frankness and without concealing his emotions -- MAT]

FIRST - NO NEWS of my wife's brother-in-law or my cousin...

Next, an explanation:

This keeps popping up and I do not know how many times I have explained it but here it goes again.

My name is not common at all in Cuba: the coincidence that someone they know shares it (I know him also and we are amazed at the fact we are tocayos) is not significant, nor would the name itself be significant nor get them get anywhere if my first name were not also accompanied by details of my life in Cuba and details of my life outside Cuba and of trips back there and references to the people I have as sources within the island.

So, in order to validate some of the news I have received, I have had to give details as to my general neighborhood. If I say I know “anything" because I was friends with Vivian Lechuga, the daughter of the Cuban ambassador to the UN during the 60’s, that gets them 1 inch closer to whom I am, but doesn’t do Vivian any harm becaause I was not an activist then. When I mention I was in jail at age 11 for 3 weeks without any good reason , that brings them 2 inches closer to me. But I am sure there were a lot of 11-year olds who got a damn good whacking in those days. Again they may get a tiny bit closer but not enough.

As I said , and everyone misses this, the domain is being investigated as of three weeks ago , and I may lose it, some "unknown" entity claims it violates Internet rules because it is registered with a Cuban address but it does not function out of Cuba. Now that tells you that someone snitched and that the government of Cuba is after whomever owns the domain. That also tells you the domain is monitored 24/7 automatically.

As far as the details of my life, I have mentioned my Secundaria Básica (High School), where there was no one in that secundaria with my first name (!); I have mentioned distances of my house to certain places; I have given, as it was breaking, news of acts of terrorism in La Habana that were committed near my house or my wife's. I have been careful to throw conflicting info that sometimes would put my family in Miramar, other times in El Vedado, etc. But, if you are a Cuban who has ever visited the island you know the authorities ask you whom you will visit there. I found that question peculiar, but with a first name being the first search item in a database they just tack thousands of last names to the first name in a SQL query and and quite a select group of people will pop up; next they will narrow that list by using other facts which they have culled from my blog (especially my high school) and they will be able to concentrate their search around a couple of hundred houses. In one of my posts, I mentioned that I lived near a certain bus depot, and that at the very corner of my house there was a hole that’s been there for 10 years. All these big and little details add up. Stick that into any computer and you'll come within about 10 square blocks, and simply asking around will take them straight to my house. But they did not bother anyone in my house. They tapped the phones instead. I suspect that they were waiting for me to call and get solid info that would put the whole family away for life. My cousin, whose godfather is a very high ranking Castro official, went to see what happened and he came back with the news, "they got us, the phones are tapped." Fortunately, his godfather vouched for him (I could identify the godfather, but fuck it, you either believe it or not; I don’t care anymore about anybody who doubts my veracity). He was also able to get a tap sweeper and swept 3 phones lines all clean. That doesn’t mean that they are not still watching.

The MOTHERFUCKER is that no sooner did they find my family than they found my wife's family as well. This would have happened eventually anyway, but not at the speed it was done. Now that I think of it, since my wife’s last visit to Cuba was a just a few months ago, her paperwork was probably still warm with the handling by the G2.

In that house only a 21-year old kid who’s married to my wife's sister seemed a likely candidate as a troublemaker, and on his way home he got thrown into a car and we still don't know about his fate. My cousin missed a day to go and see what had happened to the kid, and now we have lost contact (total contact) with my cousin as well, and this kid has a network that makes the G2 look like the keystone cops. So now two members of my family are missing. Others in my my team of informants where fast enough to cover their tracks and go into hiding, but my family did not do shit cause because they had no idea what I was doing and were innocent of any wrongdoing themselves.

To give you a more detailed snapshot of our operation in Cuba will hurt no one: there are at least 5 groups of informants including Charlie Bravo's, no group knows about the other so when we get a piece of news we know it is valid if it passes through at least 2 of the groups, which are far enough from one another not to have picked it up as a bola. And that is what we jokingly call our "Korean Crystal Ball"...

The people who always knew there might come a day when someone would knock on their doors had a plan, my family did not because I never got my family involved in my anti-Castro activities. I only relied on the promise of my cousin to take care of them "pase lo que pase." That was enough. Now lately several things have happened besides the investigation of the domain: we have broken news even before they became bolas in Cuba and Mr. T can vouch for our accuracy. [He does -- MAT]. I think Vana said in a post “how do you guys do this?” Lots of very brave patriotic men and women make it happen; we just sit here and wait till 3:00 AM for an email or a text message; they do all the work and they are damn good!

Through every “KaSStro is dead” charade, Val Prieto has been insatiable asking us if Fidel is or is not dead because his "sources" say he is. We laugh at this shit and his boleros perniciosos but get quite pissed at the likes of Val Prieto trying to use us as his personal news organization. I think my last post to him was “The prick is alive and seen by 4 people, so GO FUCK YOURSELF. If he is dead you will read it in our blog."

This latest surge of scoops, the detailed predictions as to the economy and the fact that El Exilio Histórico was never going to cavalcade into La Habana as heroes or conquerors must have pissed the hell outta the BLABALOTS, whose only contribution to Cuban freedom seems to be some recipe to make lechón asado. I really do not know cause I do not read the blog ever, they bore me, the whole macho man camp shit is way too American football for my taste; all in all they are not my Cubans, those are back there 90 miles south. So call it as you wish, fear of seeing their little world come crashing, envy for being so inherently lazy that they can't get one item of news from Cuba unless it is published by the MSM. Take for whatever you feel it's worth: Killcastro was (IS) a thorn at the side of that homoerotic bunch and some kind of retribution was at hand.

Two weeks ago out of nowhere, Ziva posts in our blog, something I always know precedes a confrontation. This was her trying desperately to begin a feud calling everyone that was "falling" for these improvements by Raúl is a fool! Yeah, she knows so fucking much about waiting in line for ¼ lb of gorgojo loaded rice! So the people in Cuba, who are happy as they haven’t been in years -- and I who, however they get it, am happy they are eating -- are branded fools by someone who has never put foot in Cuba. How much does one need to take from this bunch of psychos ?

So my answer to her was strong… but not insulting. Then she decides to send me a personal note saying “what the fuck KC why did you block my comment and BTW FUCK YOU.” At this point I was livid, so I told her to "stop drinking and look at the comment she had posted: it had NOT been banned and BTW she was a Cunt."

As anyone with a little bit of tactical thinking can discern here, this was a planned attack. Perhaps the motive was not to get my family hurt but to slow us down. I can believe that they are stupid enough to be unaware of the fact that revealing my identity would not just be spiteful and unethical but could and would result in retaliation against my family in Cuba. Okay, they have succeeded in stopping my activities for now and are very proud of themselves because of it. But I have enough material for several weeks of surprises.

As my name was disclosed Val Prieto's name and his cadre of CHIVATOS has been exposed also( didn’t think about that did you, Val?). Babalú blog is at this moment considered a collaborator of the regime both here and in Cuba, and as they found my house in La Habana, I am sure someone will track his down too. Call it karma.

I never trusted Prieto: the prick just looks way too much like KaSStro, which is not his fault, but he also acts like a dictator in waiting, which is. Four times he asked me to write for him and four times I refused, because he presented a very fractured personality, a weakness of character and an explosive temper, which flares up when anyone contradicts him or dares to oppose his mandates.

His self-bestowed title at Babalú is a joke is a joke: Editor-in-Chief of what? I guess he needed a journalist title cause Project Manager doesnt really impress anyone.

In one of my debates with Ziva she admitted she disagreed with Val but did not want to do so publicly because she was afraid to violate the Val Prieto mantra about not airing dirty laundry in public. Yep, that way you can be the biggest prick in history and no one finds out.

And since we are reminiscing ... a bit of a story about why CB and I resigned from collaborating with Henry's first blog, a blog we were invited to join. In one of the first posts, Henry stood up for the right of some asshole to burn the flag of the United States. This has nothing to do with Cuba per se, but we found it extremely upsetting, because regardless of how we criticize the government of the USA, its flag is sacred to us a symbol of freedom and democracy. We realized that if this prick defends the right to burn the U.S. flag, how long before he defends the right of burning the Cuba flag? To be consistent he would have to defend it and that was more than either of us could accept for a minute.

In a note to me, Henry said that Charlie had overreacted but with his nick being "Charlie Bravo" he was probably into this whole patriotic thing and asked that I speak to him and try to dissuade him from resigning. I refused and quit also.

Since then the motherfucking hypocrite has been a constant pain with his endless "let's be friends" appeals. Fuck you, I don’t wanna be friends with you.

I wonder if Val and Henry have this many problems with other bloggers. But here is the story, please read it and pass it along cause I am TIRED of repeating it!


Vana said...

Wonder who is behind the investigation of Killcastro the blog, I have an inkling Val/Henry/ Chivatones have a hand in it.

They are so jealous of the contacts KC and CB have inside the island they can't stand that they are not the ones who get the scoops.

If they keep censoring and not allowing their commenters to speak the truth at their almost defunct blog, Babalu will be a thing of the past, I for one can't wait to be rid of the lot of them.

KC I hope you are able to save the blog, I know you will fight to the end to keep it alive, I need my Killcastro fix to get through the day, thanks to your blog we are all well informed about what happens in the Island, most of us are not interested in kitchen remodeling, not in the blogs.

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