Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tibetans Rise Up Against Communist Rule

The Tibetan people are rebelling against Chinese rule and the world is silent. It seems that saving the Beijing Olympics is more important than saving an ancient people whose land and culture have been eviscerated by more than half a century of ethnic cleansing. The New York Times, which has always done its upmost to keep captive nations captive because their liberation might upset the peace between the democratic West and the totalitarian East, has gone so far as to portray the Tibetan freedom fighters as Chinese seditionists, when, in fact, they are nationalists fighting for the sovereignty of their country, invaded, occupied and illegally annexed by Red China in 1951.

The Times is reporting today that the demonstrators (or "rampaging mob," as it calls them) have "clashed with riot police in a second Chinese city." Chinese city? Have the Tibetans invaded some city in China? No, The Times apparently recognizes Tibet as a Chinese province, and when Tibetans rise against their country's Chinese occupiers in Tibet it reports that they have "clashed" with the Chinese in a Chinese city! When the protests began in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa (which The Times at least recognizes as Tibetan) the uprising there was characterized as a "deadly riot." Tibetans, led by Buddhist monks and flying their country's banned flag, take to the streets to fight for their freedom and their country's independence with only rocks and torches as weapons and The Times accuses them of perpetrating a "deadly riot," although the ones responsible for the carnage are those with the guns and the tanks. The Tibetans are supposedly to blame for causing the Chinese to kill them, as the victims of the Boston Massacre were responsible for instigating the wrath of the British, I suppose.

The Times is also reporting the official Chinese line that the Dalai Lama incited the uprising. The Dalai Lama is their Cuban embargo; he gets blamed for everything that doesn't go their way in Tibet. Of course it would be as foolish to eliminate the Dalai Lama to placate the Chinese as it would be to eliminate the trade embargo to placate Castro.

As Cubans we cannot witness the events in Tibet with indifference, nor without a great sense of foreboding. What if those were our countrymen facing down tanks with fists? What would be the world's reaction? How would The New York Times report it and all the media outlets that follow its lead? Consider this: Liberals actually like Tibetans. They admire the Dalai Lama and his religion of peace (which is a lot more militant and dignified than our religion of peace). But liberals admire Tibetans in their place, of course, which appears to be in a Shangri-La collage or menagerie, but not in an independent Tibet.

Unlike Tibetans, Cubans are not well-liked by the MSM; in fact, we are profoundly disliked. More than disliked even: we are as hated as the Tibetans are loved (although the effects of the media's love or hate are much the same, as we have seen). If the Cuban people rose against their tyrants, unarmed and alone, as some wish them to do who have nothing to lose by their annihilation, there may be those who might see it as a propitious moment to end their association with the Castro regime; but the media will never side with Castro's enemies and will not be moved even by mountains of dead bigger than the Pan.

Those really acquainted with the nature of the Castro regime know that it will suppress any mass public manifestation of dissent at least as ferociously as the Chinese and likely more so. Even with Tibet in flames, the Chinese Communists are still masters of China. Tibet is a Chinese colony, obviously worth taking and holding, but not destined to be the last stand of Chinese Communism. Cuba, of course, is the site of Castro & Company and only incidentally the habitation of 11 million Cubans. It can only remain Castro's or revert to the Cuban people.

If the Cuban Communists were faced with an open revolt they would react to it with the closest approximation to a nuclear holocaust which they could manage; they would lay waste to the entire country (or the little they have not already levelled), cast it literally in darkness, cut off food and water, spread pandemics and desolation, and if they could sink the island itself into the ocean, as Castro once promised, they would do it rather than relinquish control of it. Let us never fool ourselves about the nature of our enemy. The Cuban people on the island don't. They know what they are up against and they struggle every day against it, but they know better than us, because they are there and we are not, the limits of the possible. We must not vent our frustration on their bodies but be patient till the hour of redemption comes as come it must. Again, we cannot know that hour because we are not in that place, nor can we schedule revolutions and expect others to do the dying.

Nevertheless, the example of the Tibetans is inspiring. We will not demean their sacrifice by predicting the outcome of their struggle while they are still battling in the streets. Nothing do we desire more truly than their victory. But whatever the outcome there are important lessons in their struggle for Cubans to assimilate both here and on the island.


Anonymous said...

Also Manuel, many celebrities take the mantel of the Free Tibet cause, and they are actually most of them born Americans. Instead, our Cuban celebrities -with exceptions that one could count with the fingers of a mutilated hand- are always silent and shrugging shoulders when they should be vocal about the Cuban cause. A very small group of influential Cubans would condemn Castro (I and II) in public and still a much more reduced group dares to condemn the dry foot wet foot.... all while we have throngs of Cubans attacking and condemning seven valiant youngsters for doing what other Cubans have done in the past: to come seeking freedom to the United States.

Fantomas said...
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Anonymous said...

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you for the warning. It was obviously a canned comment. Nevertheless, I have not deleted it because it may prove useful to others to know about this virus in order to avoid it. I have, however, severed the link and placed a warning on Celular's comment.

Anonymous said...

That's right Charlie, and they (some are Cuban bloggers in Miami) are not only condemning the soccer players but making fun of their accents. Better some of those bloggers et al. stick to denouncing the so-called reforms the dictatorship is presenting for what they really are--window-dressing for a system that cannot be reformed but rather should be completely eradicated.

Anonymous said...

A little history about tibet and china for those who don't understand the problems that the Tibetans are facing today because of the Chinese.

The History Of Sino-Tibetans Conflict:

The conflict dates back to the rule of Kublai Khan in the Thirteenth Century. During that time, the ruler unified China and Tibet into one centralized empire. This point, during which China and Tibet were unified, is the basis, for China's claim to Tibetan land. In 1720, Manchu troops asserted their control over tibet by coming and reorganizing the government into one which was friendly toward the Chinese government. In the nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Tibet attempted to break away from Chineses control. Serveral times, Tibet attempted to declare itself entirely independent only to be attacked again and taken over by the Chinese. Finally, in the early 20th centurey, Tibet was able to declare independence, expelling all Chinese residents from Tibet. However, this independecne was destroyed when, in the 1950's the Chinese government under the rule of Chairman Mao took over by violating the rights of Tibetans which is still going on, to a lesser extent today.

The Chinese Perspective:

The Chinese government believes its claim to Tibet to be valid for three main reasons. The government believes its rights to Tibetan territory to be left over from the Thirteenth Century, when China and Tibet were both incorporated into Kublai Khan's empire. The Chinese goverment claims that union formed at that time was never legally broken; therefore, Tibet, the smaller of two countries, has a legal obligation to become absorbed into China. Second, the Chinese government has traditionally been an imperialistic one. In the 1950's when violent conflict between China and Tibet began, the Chinese government justified its actions by saying that it was "helping" the Tibetans. The government believed , and still believes today, that the Tibetans need Chinese help to maintain a successful society and to prevent Bucddhism, a religion to which the Chinese government is violently opposed, from influencing the Tibetan culture. Finally, China is heavily overpopulated and has many social problems because of it. The society could greatly benefit from more land, and the goverment saw taking over Tibet as a possible way of gaining land and making life more comfortable for the Chinese people.

The Tibetan Perspective:

The Tibetans are opposed to Chinese rule for a number of reasons. First, the Tibetans resent the violation rights imposed on them for the past 40 years by the Chinese government. They also resent the destruction of Tibetan culture, elimination of religious freedom and destruction of religious symbols and houses of worship and Chinese immigrants into Tibet which is destroying the atmosphere of a pure Tibetan society. Tibetans also feel that they are given the right by international law to maintain their own government, and that by the Chinse imposing their rule upon Tibet, China is in direct violation of international law.

What is Being Done To Help Tibet:

48 years occupied by China - Over 17% of Tibetans killed - 6,000 monasteries destroyed - Genocide by the Chinese continues - Appeal to the world community for help..As usual, like cuba We haven't heard recently much about Tibet in the United States media.

Fact of the matter is there is no way China will ever give up Tibet, well not as long as there are American airbases located 100miles from its boarder anyway. The area, being the highest point in the world, is vital to them strategically and what would happen if they lost Tibet? Taiwan and Sichuan next? The PCP simply isn't going to let this happen, anyone who thinks they will is being naive.

The international governments and particularly the UK have a huge amount of guilt over the Tibetan issue. The UK had multiple approaches from the Tibetans during the illegal invasion and occupation by China, yet did nothing while their homeland was taken from them. It took Ireland and Malaysia to raise the issue in the UN, where there was an official reprimand handed to China over human rights abuses in Tibet. Don't be fooled into thinking this is an internal affair. This coming Olympics gives us all a chance to at least partly redress the past failings by raising the issue again and supporting the Tibetans in their quest to overthrow their occupiers, and an even more significant chance to educate the Chinese who are still ignorant of the true nature of the illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The Republic of China on Taiwan also claims sovereignty over Tibet even as the Red China claims sovereignty over Taiwan. When it comes to Tibet, it doesn't matter if the Chinese are Communists or anti-Communists, they are all vent on denying Tibetan sovereignty. Yet what nation on earth is more distinctively a nation than Tibet?

Vana said...

I have been following the Tibet affair insofar as I can get news, not much reporting really going on here, I'm so proud of them for trying to liberate themselves, only is such a sad situation, all they will get is a lot of dead Tibetans, for China will never give it up.

Years ago I saw a documentary of when the Chinese took Tibet by force, I cried for them, for their lost homeland, for the unwanton killing of peace loving people.

Anonymous said...

So some are making fun of the accents of those country kids. Isn't that nice? Because, you know, those people know so much Spanish and their accents are so correct!
I am telling you....
I haven't read much of that, but if you could cut and paste for our "enjoyment" -actually, our shame- it would be great....

Sharpshooter said...

The Chinese Coomunist regime wants to end this incident in Tibet as soon as possible. If this rebellion in Tibet were to spread and continue for a long while, if we recall their past performance they will use brute force just like they did at Tienamen Square. Unfortunaltely for them, this may backfire and prove to be disaster in public relations. If they supress this revolt with a lot of blood, it may prompt a serious protest from the world and it will result in a boycott of the Olympic games in Peking. I am sure there is a lot of debating going on about what to do with the rebellion in the Tibet, deep in the bowels of the Central Comittee of the CCP in Peking.

Anonymous said...

Charlie...aqui van algunos recortes.

ric dijo...
Entonces, de acuerdo a esas declaraciones, la entrevista Loanni Cartaya Prieto con el agente de Inmigración que atienda su solicitud de asilo POLÍTICO (porque todavía no existen asilos FUTBOLÍSTICOS), debería transcurrir de la siguiente manera:

AGENTE: Why are you asking for political asylum in the US?

LOANNI: "Mi objetivo no es político. Lo mío es jugar fútbol".

AGENTE: Then... what was your intention in deciding to defect from the Cuban team and stay in the US?

LOANNI: "Desarrollar mis habilidades y superar mis condiciones como futbolista"

AGENTE: But... do you feel that you would be persecuted if you return to Cuba and that your life is in danger if your are sent back there?

LOANNI: "Mi objetivo no es político. Lo mío es jugar fútbol".

AGENTE: Then my dear friend... get your ass off this place right now and go back to your damned country within the next two days or we'll deport you as fast as can say 'fucking hypocrite asshole'!

12 de marzo de 2008 22:57

ric dijo...
Taoro, créeme, no se dan cuenta de nada... Lo único en que piensan es en regresar a Cuba ("donde sí se goza de veddá", la genial frase que he oído varias veces y que siempre repito), a donde llegan criticando todo lo de aquí. No quieren esto, nunca lo llegan a querer, tienen sembrado el odio a esto; quizás se adaptan, conviven, se endulzan, comparten y se quedan porque, el fondo de sus cerebros y sus bolsillos, que se vive mejor allá que aquí, PERO AQUELLO ES LO DE ELLOS...

13 de marzo de 2008 22:56

Güicho dijo...
Pero vamos a ver, coño!

Estos pendejos deportistas modernos están del carajo, sí, son individuos entrenados en la sumisión. Mamertos inducidos.

Pero los medios cubano-americanos contribuyen bastante a esa pendejez. Ante semejantes expresiones de cobardía deportiva ningún periodista les pregunta por ejemplo:
-"Entonces Ud. es comunista?"
-"Ud. está de acuerdo con el Castrismo?"
-"Vino aquí, pues, a ganar el dinero que le niega el gobierno cubano, pero éste sigue siendo su amo?"

Y por qué? Una de dos (o las dos): la propia pendejez de los periodistas, o la hipocresía directiva gringa: chupen, pero no traguen.

Y encima está la Ley de Ajuste que acoge al cubano apenas por ser cubano, sin condicionar su vocación por la democracia.

14 de marzo de 2008 6:52

Anónimo dijo...
vaya, que lo de nojotro e pateal labola, y ma na y el velde consolte el velde y volvel polque asere la familia asere eso e lo primero y que vean que uno vien del yuma con coba y diente de oro y si tenemo que malchal etando de visita en la tierra malchamo y si hay que volvl a chiavater chivateamo....

15 de marzo de 2008 17:47

Y esto es por arribita, Charlie.


Anonymous said...

Simply shameful Mamey. I wonder why -and how- so many people are so convinced that they are better than others....
As if as you say that's only "por arribita" well....

Anonymous said...

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