Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sr Cohiba Joins Babalú

We had expected at least some of the Babalunians to abandon the ship of their disgraced chivato leader. Instead, they are actually enlisting new recruits, which is not as remarkable as the fact that there are actually new recruits to enlist. Not hapless fantomas whose fate by now is in the hands of Babalu's Veterans Committee (composed of George). Good luck to him.

The new inductee is Sr Cohiba, Henry's rational partner at Cuban American Pundits (CAP). At 2:39 AM appeared Sr Cohiba's first post. It was a test. Fifteen minutes later appeared Henry's announcement welcoming him to Babalú's "magnificent cadre of writers." His anti-Obama writings at CAP are commendable and stand in sharp contrast to Henry's hissy fits about John McCain (which are becoming less frequent lately). Babalú certainly needs a strong advocate for John McCain to clear the mess that the "political animal since the age of 5" has made there. Sr Cohiba is also a lawyer. And Val may need one of those soon, too.


Alex said...

My new blog

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

I dont think sr chiba is an attorney.

A lawyer has a law degree, but cannot practice without an attorney.

An attorney has passed the Florida bar, and can practice without a lawyer.

Lawyer vs attorney are not interchangeable, they are distinct and separate.

Insist that sr cohiba present his Florida Bar id number as proof that he is an "attorney."

Until then, sr cohiba can be considered a phoney, just like Val "chivato" Prieto.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Your blog promises great things for the future.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I believe you may have had past run-ins with Sr Cohiba.

Vana said...

I cannot believe anyone would want to join Babalunia, a blog owned by a CHIVATO, if I lived in Miami I would distance myself from Val as far as I could. Incredible

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


That is why i am skeptical that member of the Florida bar in good staning would involve himself in a potential federal investigation. If babulu does have ties to the Cuban communist government. Then that whole crowd get taken down.

Vana said...


Those same kind of chivatos brought about the "Robolution" and here we have them now hosting an anti Castro blog, aint life a bitch!