Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Notable & Disillusioned: Henry Dumps Obama

"And speaking of Obama, the media has finally begun to examine his record and see if there's any "there" there. Two words: empty suit... I think a mesmerizing socialist with a forked tongue is more dangerous than an unscrupulously ambitious Clinton that everyone is wary of." -- Henry "Economist" Gómez, "Hillary Comes Back, Obama Under Scrutiny," Babalú, March 4, 2008

Henry doesn't send Obama roses anymore. What happened to his paeans to Obama's enthralling oratory, youthful appearance and winsome personality which he was so fond of contrasting to McCain's lack of eloquence, crabbiness and U-G-L-I-N-E-S-S? While Henry still finds Obama "mesmerizing" as do the women who faint at the sight of his diversity, he is now ready to concede that his boy Barack is also a "socialist," a liar ("forked tongue") and an airhead ("empty suit") who is "unscrupulously ambitious" and more "dangerous" than Hillary (and presumably Bill too). Now, let me not suggest that I am unsatisfied with this sudden evolution on Henry's part. Our readers know that Henry is always evolving. Like a top. There are those who contend that consistency is the quality of the stagnant mind. If this is true then no mind is more active than Henry's in marked contrast to his sometime idol's.

Obama has always been Obama. His suit is as empty today as it was when he first entered national politics three years ago. Yes, three years ago, when he began his 1000-day prep for the presidency. If anything it may be even emptier today -- his mind, not his suit -- since the more issues that confront it the less capable he is of addressing them much less articulating a coherent political philosophy. Fortunately for him, he doesn't have to. All he has to do is conceal the bootless philosophy that has been spoonfed to him by his mentors. He is the fascade and they are the dialectic.

Henry is a frustrated political operative; perhaps we should be kind and call him an amateur political operative. Obama is not even that. He is what others operate upon.


Agustin Farinas said...

Hopefully there are more Americans waking up from the hypnotic "charm" this guy exudes, and start questioning his policies and past behavior, specially his voting record in the Illinois State Senate and the US Senate. His claim that he never voted for the Iraq War is laughable. Obama was not a member of the US Senate at the time the vote on the Iraq War took place in 2003.
His past associations and friendship with people like William Ayers are very troubling because Mr. Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group from the 1960's who was at war with the US Govt. and attacked several Govt. installations during that decade and the following one.
His endorsement from Mr. Louis Farrakhan and the award from Obama's church magazine to this purveyor of hatred as Man of the Year, is also cause for alarm , because of the anti-Semitic venom and anti-white sentiment Farrakhan has expressed in his speeches, but it seems very few people in the media are troubled by it.
The display of the Cuban flag with Che's image superimposed on it, at his campaign office's was very disturbing and should tells us something about some of the followers and friends of this candidate. It was not a simple volunteers office as his campaign claimed, because there are pictures of both Obama and his wife smiling available with the person who had the Che’s image and the flag in the Houston office.
It is not coincidence that he happens to be the favorite candidate of Ortega, Chavez and the Invisible One and they have all expressed that in the media.
I hope the American voters start to question and demand some answers from this candidate. Hope and dreams are fine, but the American people do not want change for change's sake. They want to know what these changes entail and where is the country going with these changes.
Speech after speech of empty words of rhetoric, should be no substitute for some information about what the candidate is planning do and to change and how is this going to be accomplished.
We should expect no less from each candidate, but specially those who are espousing changes that nobody knows anything about so far, and how will they affect them.
So far, I find this information from the Obama camp wanting, and there is more cheering going on there than telling us what we want and need to know.

Charlie Bravo said...

And to top it all, Fidel Castro *hearts* Obama.
I've been saying for a while now that we are in the most particular situation where we have two Manchurian candidates endorsed by Fidel Castro, Hillary and Obama tearing each other to death as in a Texas cage match in the jungles of Thailand.
The press is fine and dandy with these two..... But John "non conservative enough" McCain is an old school anticommunist, and that gives the runs to the boys of the press and their idol, Fidel "Invisible Man" Castro.
We've been saying that Obama is an empty suit, a marionette of hidden interests, and the worst part is that nobody wants to listen that the man is just a void wrapped in a suit. He's the portrait of empty in the good days. In the bad days, he's just a closet communist, whose association with (reverse) racists flies over the head of his supporters.
What if another candidate was a member of a "church" which does not allow black parishioners? His doesn't allow whites, and nobody seems to be bothered by that. He's a closet muslim with one thousand and one soft denials, but he presents no documentation proving a conversion or that he is not a practicing Muslim. As we know, there is an element of deception in Islam that instruct the followers to pretend they adopted other religion to do their deeds, it is called taqiyya and kitman.
But let's pretend that this is an issue than can be solved with a priest of a pastor interceding for him before society.... what's with that Che stamped flag? What's with his associations with Farrakhan and why did he used Nation of Islam guards in one of his rallies in Washington DC? (I was there)
And then, how's that a man with a thousand days political experience, whose wife is not proud of being an American can aspire to become the leader of this nation?
I question why he does not show respect for the flag or the anthem, why doesn't he wears a lapel with the flag. That, in my eyes, is not very respectful.
Finally, the endorsement from terrorists such as Chavez, Castro, and Ortega should be enough for people to see who this guy really is.

Agustin Farinas said...

but we have to endure that people like Fantomas come here and cheer for this guy. The association of this guy with a known racist like Farrakhan who has visited Cuba several times and has attacked this country from the tribune offered him in Havana, should set alarm bells everywhere, including a reputed and self appointed anti-Castro fighter like the said person. But no, he continues to cheer for him and try to convince us that Obama intends to free prisoners in Cuba if and when he becomes President and start talks with the regime that Raul now heads.(at least on paper)
Some people are fooled very easy by this guy's reputed charm, or refuse to see him for what he is: an empty suit whose changes do not portend anything good for the USA. Either he is vary naive, in which case he should not be in the position he aspires to, or he has a hidden agenda and that is even worse for the American people.

Charlie Bravo said...

I am inclined to think that the hidden agenda of Barack Hussein Obama is more and more in the open every day that passes. Now we are practically forbidden from writing his middle Muslim name, as if the first and the last were not Muslim enough. Let's see if he adopts and unpronounceable sign as his name, as Prince once did. In the case of Obama it could very well be the Hammer and The Sickle, but thinking of that, he could replace The Sickle by the Crescent moon, for the sake of accuracy and originality. If I have some time today I will design that for him, just to relieve him of the work.

Charlie Bravo said...
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Fantomas said...

ya abrio el fantomas chat abierto las 24 horas asi que fariñas cuando quieras hablamos alli y en vivo a todo color, tambien invito a Vana, a Manny y a todos los regulares de este blog... y fariñas tranquilo , recuerda mis palabras soy republicano de corazon , no te me confundas nunca con eso, el hecho de que te haya dicho que obama se sentaria a hablar con los bandoleros no era para que el claudicara ante ellos, sino todo lo contrario para que le exigiera cambios, podra hacer hilary eso? y Mc cain si continua con la mentalidad de la guerra fria de not engage con los bandoleros tampoco nos llevara a nada, asi que tu decides, tal parece tu tienes la respuesta y la varita magica y dime cual de los tres nos conviene, yo lo he dicho anteriormente ni los republicanos ni los democratas han hecho nada por cuba in the last 50 years y si la cosa sigue asi , tendremos cuba socialista comunista por los proximos 200 años

huy que feo me quedo eso, como dueleeeee


Vana said...

The political animal since the age of bleeding through his wounds and eating crow galore, now he's dumping Obama, finally he realizes Obby is a commie, the political animal surely was not doing his homework verey well, Que Cara de Palo!

Vana said...

Oh another thing, what is these good looks the speak of? I see nothing good looking about Obama, sorry I don't see it.

Fantomas said...

finally he realizes Obby is a commie,

Vana sometimes usted parece tan bruta que da pena

Agustin Farinas said...

The candidates from the Democratic party are willing to seat and talk and that is fine. But before these conversations take place, several items need to be addressed. Release of all prisoners of conscience, freedom of the press and a timetable for real free elections with international observers. Not the type of elections where only one party is on the ballot.
No candidate should sit to talk with Cuba just for the sake of talking. Talk is cheap, an old refrain says. But the Cuban regime needs to stop bullshitting and get serious about reforming the system. Actually it is in their own interest because if the situation continues as it is now, there is trouble on the horizon in store for them. Raul knows it, and he knows there is not much time left to him.
I doubt if an old Stalinist like him will ever change and allow reforms. I seriously doubt it, judging by his past performnace and behavior. He only knows the way of the gun and is very difficult to teach new tricks to an old dog.
Principles cannot be forsaken just for the sake of sitting down and talk, because many people before have talked with Castro and Co. from Carter to the Pope, and nothing has come of it.
So talk in itself have not achieved the desired results. No on has a magic wand to turn these guys into democrats overnight. They only seem to respond to pressurer and when democratic governments stand firm, they respect them. On the other hand, when they are weak they do not respect them. I seriously doubt whether Raul would have ordered the planes of Brothers to the Rescue shotdown when Reagan was President. He knew the bases where they came from, might have been bombarded and destroyed with a surgical strike. No civilian casualties just military personnnel and the base wiped out.
Clinton was a different story, he was involved in the Lewinsky affaire, facing impeachment and the last thing he needed was another crisis with a military response. I may be wrong, but I would like to think that Reagan would have reacted different.
Castro and his brother know very well just how far they can go and then pull back from the abyss.
I doubt very much whether Obama or Mrs. Clinton would show any resolve and strength in dealing with Castro and his brother. That is just my personal opinion judging by the type of political positions on Cuba they are both spousing. I think McCain will keep them on their toes just because he himself has faced the communists head to head and knows from personal experience how devious and evil they are. Neither candidate from the other party has that kind of experience, and are a lot more naive when it comes to dealing with communists. He may be old, but experience should count for something, and in this respect he has a lot more than Obama or Mrs. Clinton.

Fantomas said...

They only seem to respond to pressurer and when democratic governments stand firm, they respect them

fariñas aun asi eso no nos ha beneficiado en nada...

y te garantizo los bandoleros querran hablar mejor con un negro que con un republicano..

tambien la seleccion de obama should put a refrain in the muslim world specially alquaida since a fellow muslim will be at the helm of the US... they will not want to exposed one of their own

Vana said...


El bruto mas grande del mundo eres tu.

Anonymous said...

Obama rocks. His only hidden agenda is to dampen the spirits of the right wing neo cons, who destroyed this country and are trying to destroy the worlds (a.k.a. john Bolton).

Obama will win and we will be better for it. by the way, obama is smart, smarter than most of miami.. he was editor of harvard law review. that is good enough for me - better than the ape-like bush.

Agustin Farinas said...

At least Obama was smart enough to fool you, and we have to give him that much.

As P.T. Barnum said:
A sucker is born every day.