Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Good Samaritan of Words

Once again President George Bush has spoken out on behalf of Cuban freedom. No president has said more on the subject and done less. He is the Good Samaritan of Words. He stands before the prostrate body of our forlorn country and he griefs and commiserates and then moves on. And our country is left langushing on the road, waiting for the Good Samaritan of Deeds to appear.

A man's actions are his truest words and in all things pertaining to Cuba Bush has followed the course charted by his Democratic predecessor. With a stroke of his pen he could have put an end to the legal travesty and crime against humanity known as the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy." Instead, he has upheld it longer than Clinton did. He has done nothing in seven years to alleviate the suffering of the Cuban people or increase the discomfort of their oppressors. This is wrong and he knows it is wrong and hence the words and empty gestures. They are not without effect and play to the sensibilities of certain Cuban-Americans (or "American-Cubans") who are impressed by the mere fact that the president of the United States deigns to notice them. Attention is nice. It makes us all feel important. But when all is said and said, the president's words do not diminish one iota the suffering of the Cuban people nor bring them one day closer to their liberation. His words about Cuba, like Barack Obama's words about everything, are meant to conceal the truth rather than confess it.

By the time he leaves office, I am sure that Mr. Bush will have held a Cuba-event in each and every room of the White House; perhaps even the Lincoln bedroom. This time the setting was the Theodore Roosevelt Room, and there the president stands in front of a portrait of the Rough Rider. Yes, that is certainly an historical personage who looms large in the history of both our countries. He was the star of the so-called "Spanish-American War," which cost the lives of 400 American soldiers and more than 300,000 Cubans. Still, our sacrifice did not merit mention (or maybe Cubans are included among the "Spanish"). Roosevelt and his countrymen did nothing to secure our independence from Spain, which was won in ten thousand battles fought by Cuban rebels and not in an amphibious landing made possible by them or in a silly charge up a hillock while Cuban troops were keeping the enemy at bay. Little did Cubans realize then that another enemy had supplanted the Spanish in Cuba. Then came American Occupation, the Platt Amendment and Guantánamo, all on Teddy Roosevelt's watch. Did I mention that TR named his dog "Cuba?"

There was all kinds of symbolism whirling around the Roosevelt Room when President Bush proclaimed the inalienable right of Cubans to be free.


Charlie Bravo said...

Parole, parole, parole

Anonymous said...

This guy,Bush is all Talk, the best off,off,off,off Broadway Show. Unfortunately, Bush lacks the brains about cuba.In my opinion he is to wishy washy on all issues and to anxious to please.BUSH SUCK!

Anonymous said...

Bush is a liar...nothing he says means anything at all. I'd rather listen to Katt Williams at the Improv than listen to this baboon. That's how little respect I have for this Asshole.

Bush is delusional. He seems to think that once Fidel dies Cuba will flower into a democracy.So I guess Raul is going to be walking around with his finger up his ass.

Fantomas said...

Mr George W Flush se poncho regarding Cuba, pal laton de la basura de la historia
y te lo dice fantomas , Republicano de pura cepa. No pude votar por el porque no era elegible pero si Vote por su papa

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Vana said...

To be honest I have not seen any of the stations report Bush's speech, talk and more talk, never a decisive action, he has done nothing to further Cuba's liberation.

Charlie Bravo said...

He can talk and talk, but he would not dismantle the racist, criminal, and illegal dry foot wet foot. What if one of those dissidents were to arrive to the states and could not touch "dry land"? The answer is simple, he would be summarily send back to Cuba. Talking about Cuban freedom while being the enforcer of the dry foot wet foot -and doing the dirty work for castro- is simply IMMORAL.