Monday, March 31, 2008

Babaloo's Waterloos: Its Putrid Carnival

By now everyone is aware that Babalú has banished yesterday's "Squashing the Losers" post to its secret archives along with that priceless caricature. Very soon its secret archives will be bigger than the Vatican's. If they keep them closed for 1000 years maybe everybody will forget about Val's cybernetic terrorist attack on Killcastro and his family. At least, that's the plan. It may work in a thousand years but it isn't going to work today.

Of course, some of us are good at forecasting the moves of the Babalunians. It almost seems embarrassing to say so since it is akin to bragging that one can outsmart his neighbor's dog. You thought I was going to say children, but I hold their native genius in too high esteem to make that comparison. But, yes, I saved the expunged post and shall use it to good effect whenever the opportunity presents itself, which may be my next post. Its contents became so toxic to Babalú at the end and Henry himself so unhinged that there was no choice but to retire it. Too bad for them that they cannot lobotomize all their readers or do to their other critics what they did to Killcastro.

And now Val makes it all into a great joke, laughing at the wounds that he himself inflicted; and he is joined in that putrid carnival (feast of flesh-eaters) by Alberto de la Cruz, cubanology, fantomas and Robert Molleda (he has not commented yet, but he will). And Ziva, too (ah, these autos-da-fé!). Of course, laughing at your enemy's pain, dehumanizing and objectifying him, is one of the weapons of totalitarianism. And it can also be used by petite tyrants like Val and his retinue of bootlickers.

What a sorry spectacle they present to the world of our aspirations for Cuba. How they demean us all and our cause by just being themselves.


The Mad Hatter said...

Cagalú: an island on the net with a goateed dictator.

(complete with all the anal fixations of a petty tyrant, a living blimp, and a parsonage of other assorted and equally lowly characters)

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Mat, first more instructive insights.

I think Val will begin to scrub his site more often. As it appears "soon" that thousands of Cubans on the island will have an unfretted opportunity to reunite with their loved ones in Miami. And more importantly, begin to communicate via the internet with families on the internet.

As the Cubans begin to become internet saavy, they will turn to the Cuban internet voices such as Babulu, KillCastro, RCBA and several others.

At these blogs, they will quickly discover who were "true" allies, and who were the "chivatos."

They above all people in the Western Hemisphere will understand which Cuban blogger appreciated free speech. And those like Val and Henry that repressed it. The Cubans will "know" with no uncertainty those bloggers who respects the freedom to disagree, and those like Val and Henry who beat back dissension and different voices.

And now, they will "know" who "outed" those who made efforts to speak against the Cuban communist nation, and those like you who punished the "chivatos."

Yes Mat, your archieves will serve as a valuable resource to those Cubans who will arrive to the shores of freedom, including the internet to discern who was who, as they suffered!!!

Keep on keepin on MAT, as your archieves will serve to prevent malipulation and possible abuse of the newly arrived Cubans on the internet by Val, Henry and other chivatos over at Babulu!!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Mad Hatter:

You gave me an idea. As you know all of Babalú's contributing writers are baptised with a supposedly characteristic nickname on their induction. Maybe we should re-baptize them with more appropriate monikers. I have already done my part with Henry "Economist" Gómez. And who shall ever forget Alex's immortal George "Poodle" Moneo? He's been cashiered from Babalú, but who shall ever forget "The Poodle?"

Do you have any suggestions for the others?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


That's good. You used chivatos correctly. We'll have you speaking Spanish like a native before we're through.

The Mad Hatter said...

Alberto "El Cagadito" de la Cruz
Robert "El Vientecito Platanero" Molleda
Valentin "El Dictador" Prieto

Anonymous said...

Robert "Mala Moneda" Molleda

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


I thought George the poodle was allowed back into the "Chivato Kingdom?" Please explain!!

Vana said...


I'm glad you saved the post of the caricature, I'm sure your skin crawled just like mine at the lies Henry was spewing at Invisible Rider, claiming KC's name was common in Cuba, as KC says it is not, the Babalunians are losing credibility by the hour, pretty soon they will be the only ones posting and commenting

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Look at their list of contributing writers.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


As you can see the volume of comments have dropped off sharply since the relevation that Val is a chivato. This is not surprising, as who would want to associate with "confessed" and "proud" chivatos such as Val.

Nevertheless, it wont be long before we see brand new names "ghost-posting" to hide the stark reality of the implosion of Babulu!!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Yah, but i thought George said it was all a lie. That the reports of his demise was greatly exaggerated.

Fantomas said...


ELjuanlargoindividuocaca dodds dijo:

As the Cubans begin to become internet saavy, they will turn to the Cuban internet voices such as Babulu, KillCastro, RCBA and several others.

The cubans on the island will turn to websites that speak their language: ESPAÑOL ...SOMETHING you know little about caca dobbs

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


No sir, the language will be that of freedom, which is understood by all!!

nonee moose said...

Coño, Manuel. Has ido de bi-polar a di-polar, con estos dos.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Say hello to our friend Longfellow.

The Mad Hatter said...

So, "Ziva" is proving those two guys from KillCastro wrong. Nice lady.
They thought that she was dragged into this, but she looks like she was a willing tool of el chivato.
With friends like those people need not have any enemies.

Fantomas said...

oye Mat tu antes no eras tan friendly con el caca dobss en connection, como ha sido que all of a sudden esa amistad ha florecido de la noche a la mañana


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


I have stopped speaking Nonee since he compared me to his "shits" he takes in the morning after he wakes up. Nonee was a jerkoff since the moment we first met, and remained so do this very day!!!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Don't you realize that Longfellow has seen the light?

When will you see the light, fantomas.


nonee moose said...

You are much more lucid than I remember, louJif. Perhaps your battery of analysts/bartenders has happened upon just the right lithium cocktail. No matter. Like life in general, you sanity is but a passing thing.

You may continue observing your vow of silence. After all, MAT didn't tell you to say hello to me.

Alex Hernandez said...

I'm not suprised that so many people are kissing Val Flea Balls.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Nonee said: after all, MAT didn't tell you to say hello to me.

See, and it is smart-ass comments like the one above that would have required a savage and instant response. Nevertheless, i will ignore my genetic impulses and instincts.

As this is the time to celebrate the undoing of Val "chivato" Prieto, and Henry "mini-me" Gomez. Two he/shes that i have never forgotten about, unfortunately for them.

But Nonee, and "others" should be aware that my prolific "SHITLIST" which numbers in the "HUNDREDS" is still active and continually expanded, reviewed, and updated. And Mr. Moosehead, you still remain near the top of the list!! As i distinctly recall you saying in SOTP, and i quote you, "i have better discussions with my shits in the morning."


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It's OK so long as you don't expect the shits to answer back.

Anonymous said...

So Val admits that he is agent "OO7 1/2." The 7 stands for his IQ and the 1/2, well, you can figure that out yourselves.

nonee moose said...

louJif, you may need to borrow more fingers and toes, because I'm not sure you can count past 21. I'm still not sure you can count past 20. But I digress...

By all means, continue revelling in the babalunian petard. The previous ones needed amplification in order to appreciate. This one is distinctive, in that it cannot really be enjoyed. The fact that you might proves you miss the point. Yourschadenfreude is not in order. It bestows much more credit than has ever been due.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Celebrating has more than one meaning. Unfortantely, you are unable to grasp which definition that i was referring to.

The "celebrating" that i was referring to means that i am "celebrating" the fact that Val has completely and totally been exposed for who they really are.

And not "celebrating" the fact that KC was outed.

But then again, you knew damn well what i was talking about. But you would rather impute the demeaning definition upon me to make me bad.

And Nonee, that is exactly why i dont like you. You dont stand for anything. You demonstrate an uncaring attitude to the world and events around you.


Here it is the 3rd day of the "outing" and you bring your fat uncaring ass in here without so much as a condemnation of Val. You were like that in the Cuban Connection as well as SOTP. In Rick's new blog, the most you could muster up is to politely ask Robert not to defend Val's act. But other than that, you had nothing to say. Everywhere you show up, it is like a blob has just entered the blog. A fat, nasty, empty, piece of shit meaningless blob. Piece of shit!!

KillCastro said...

I have been so busy, tracking down my family's whereabouts I have had little time to pay attention to the scumbag who perpetrated this attack. Today I get a call from a supposed Blabalucian telling me about the spin campaign put forth by Henry; with the ridiculous logic my name is a popular name in Cuba.
Let me explain here, Even though it is NOT a common name. I have given information (this seems to be missing from their official bag of political spins) that can be tracked to about ten blocks from my house. I figured I have given conflicting enough info that noone could pinpoint exactly the location without a name. So again not even thinking (as Mr,. T says, they are incapable of putting together a good defense because they miss half the facts which condemn them).
I have been scolded by a few people for giving so much info about myself, well the info was given to prove veracity to statements I have made, but I am not stupid, I split my Cuban life into three persons, so NOONE could just read the posts and head towards my family's house. But a NAME? That is as good as painting a star of David on my door. So the excuse that the name is common is just another failed attempt at defending the indefensible, and if they feel the need to come up with this kind of bullshit, they KNOW, deep down inside they KNOW , there was forethought malice in what was done.

Fantomas said...

Mat pa que te acuerdes como se expresaba your new friend longjohn

you really need to see the light

I hate Cubans because one of them gave me anal herpes. You all stop talking that jiberish.

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 11:42 PM

more here

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Maybe he got over his hatred of Cubans or has not had a recurrence of the herpes. Who knows? All I know is that he is in a new place now. The reformed John will always be welcomed here. And I will continue to hope that you, too, will be reformed, fantomas.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


LOL, everybody know that was Henry Gomez who hijack my name with homosexual content. You can go to Babulu, and pull hundreds of gay-related put downs from Henry Gomez.

But what you cut and pasted tells me that there is more behind your mask than meets the eye. Perhaps you were pointed in that direction by Henry Gomez himself. As the Cuban Connection contained thousands upon thousands of comments, which would take more than several days to root through them to find what you found. You were handed that by Henry, who knew where to find it, because he was the author.

Neverthelss, i write to you with a grin. As i know i have struck a nerve so much so. That Henry has felt the need to give you one of "his" homosexual related comments in in order to discredit my hard-hitting remarks about him. In addition, your cut and paste speaks not only to Henry Gomez's rumored facination with homosexuality. But it also speaks to your quiet relationshiop with Henry. Which also explains why you are so intent in disrupting Henry's competition, namely Mat. Which also explains why you quietly supported KC's "outing."

Fantomas, you should know that i will not be deterred. Quite the contrary. Your cut and paste of "Henry's" homosexual comment has only served to stregthen my committment to see to it that Henry "widestance" Gomez gets his ass reemed ala Val "chivato" Gomez on a late Friday night at Val's "mancamp."

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


I will do nothing to disrepct your blog. As i always try to appreciate a free-speech. My time here is short. But in the mean time, if i step out of "your" implied boundaries. Then be sure to let me know, as i would immediately step back in. You have my word!!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


By the way, would you be interested in explaining your relationship with Henry "widestance" Gomez?

1) friends
2) driking buddies
3) employee
4) lovers
5) all of the above

If "lovers" you can tell me. I promise i wont tell anybody, or make fun of you or Henry!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


It woudnt surprise me if you were part of that Babulu "mancamp" crowd. Where ever you guys go, the subject of homosexuality is always brought up.

The last time i was on the beach i thought i saw Henry "widestance" Gomez leading a gay pride parade. He was chanting "OUT, OUT, OUT." Little did i know that he was referring to KC!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Told yah boy, dont get me started. My fingers are like an ak-47. I have a twisted mind, not to be engaged. But now im gonna learn yah. Im gonna learn yah real good boy.

Cristián said...

I'm a little confused. I'm no fan of babalu and I have been following the outing- it is despicable!! But could someone please tell me something? I don't understand because I didn't see the KC post before the name was removed, did Val post KC's first AND last name? If so, this is inexcusable. If not, how could a first name, (which on babalu they said was so common that someone on their staff had the same name, if this is true) be trailed right to his family so quickly? And is the regime monitoring KC's (and other) blogs so often that it picked up on the name? Maybe I don't want to accept that they are actually sitting on blogs monitoring activity 24 hours a day or that they care that much about what happens outside of Cuba.

This is a very scary thought, that none of us is safe in this country. Can't KC block the ip's from Cuba?

Thanks for the help and for keeping everyone abreast of the what is going on.


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


First, in short, a blog named KillCastro is monitored by both the Cuban and American government. With the sole purpose of gathering information on any type of fullfillment of the title. There are many Cuban-Americans sitting in both American and Cuban prisons just for that reason. And yes, the American would care if one of their citizens was discovered plotting an overthrow of a foreign government, regardless if the foreign government was a foe. Lest there be a potential for a conflict, or another boatlift. Both of which America desires to avoid.

Also there is no need to sit at a computer 24/7 to write down comments in anothers blog. Hell, i could get an over the shelf software and permanently record each word type in MAT's blog while i sleep. In fact, it is quite common for bloggers to record other bloggers comments 24/7. More specifically a government such as Cuba, does take a mirror image of a blog named "KillCastro" searching for talk of said title. You do know that Fidel was quite adept at being one step ahead of his adversaries employing one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. So much so that intelligence experts say man for man that Cuban intelligence often rivaled American intelligence.

Consequently, a name of the author whether the first, or last name is more than sufficient for a highly skilled intelligence agency such as Cuba's to cross-check or confirm what they already suspect.

Actually, i am surprised that you even question this, particularly if you are of Cuban dissent. You must be of the younger version. As the older Cubans, or well-read Americans such as myself would never underestimate the Cuban intelligence service. As they have a proven track record of preserving Cuba's communist government for the last 40 plus years. Of course, they have lots of assistance from CHIVATOS like Val Prieto.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Do you disagree with any of the above the i wrote to Christian?

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Here you go:

They are called keyloggers. Very popular with the Bush adminstration, and any other communist police paranoid police states.

They often are downloaded to your computer when surfing various sites. I have had to remove nearly 10 in the last month alone with my spysweeper.

Or just google keyloggers!! No doubt that you have one or more installed on your computer as we speak.

Very, very, common!!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Here :

Or Google: Keyloggers

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Cite: wikipedia

Remote Access software Keyloggers –Are local software keyloggers programmed with an added feature to transmit recorded data out of the target computer and make the data available to the monitor at a remote location.

And the above is exactly why KC is so nervous by Val's "outing" The remote access is how they caught KC, because of Val the "chivato" Prieto.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I cannot improve on your reply.

I will only add that Killcastro, believing that other Cuban bloggers were honorable men and knew enough not to betray such a confidence, did not conceal his identity from many of them. He was also quite frank in providing details of his life in Cuba on his blog which anyone could use to pinpoint the location of his family. He, of course, did not suspect that he would ever be the victim of such infamy as Val visited on him and his family.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Note also, that you can only remove the commerical keyloggers. Bush's keyloggers are non-removable. As are the other governments, including the Chinese supplied Cuban government's keyloggers. Asians always have the superior technology!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


I cannot shake my finger at KC, as i was also fooled. Even though i always had my suspicions about Val true beliefs. Like most other suspicions, they are unprovable until it is too late.

Now the whole Southflorida blogishpere knows that Val is a chivato, and shall always be known as a chivato. Along with his enablers, who make light of the KC's "outing."

Vana said...


Don't listen or pay attention to fantomas, he's insane, all he speaks is utter nonsense, ignore him, youll be better off

Vana said...


I'm sure KC'S namme is not common in Cuba anymore, it may be common in exile, I'm pretty sure his name does not start with a Y. Now that would be common in Cuba, wouldn't it?

What Val did is utterly devastating, for the person who prefers to blog anonymous, that should be respected, unles of course you are not a man, but a common sewer rat

Anonymous said...

Vana tomate un valium o un prozac has algo linda

Fantomas said...

Matt this new version of longjohn forgot the real long treadmark. prove that we are dealing with another impostor


long john fellow dijo in 2006

O.K. I confess. I am an AIDS infected homosexual. So stop blogging in Spanish and go back were you all came from. The United States belongs only to Americans and Jews.

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 11:36 PM


Roger that!! Most Cuban-Americans have a right wing mentality. Its a hamster in a hamster wheel. When we are paying $4.00 a gallon in gas next week. They will all believe that is their right wing way of fighting Fidel.

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 10:51 PM

Oh and yes I think PeeWee is Val.

Posted by: Juan (Pancho) Valquez | July 13, 2006 at 09:55 PM

Lou Dobbs -

I don't believe that this person is actually a translator for the Cuban interests section. I think they're just trying to stir up trouble.

I don't have any proof that Val is peewee it's just a gut feeling. Either way it doesn't really matter if it is him or not because he has exactly the same mind set. A carbon copy if you will.

Posted by: Juan (Pancho) Valquez | July 13, 2006 at 10:36 PM

El cherna Longfellow ya lo tenemos llorando porque esta frustrado que no entiende y no le hacen caso a sus provocaciones.
Juan Fellowlong

Posted by: Juan Fellowlong | July 13, 2006 at 09:41 PM


Good to see you. They are writing in Spanish to purposely exclude me. Do you really think PeeWee is Val Prieto? I am not one to point fingers about people using different handles. As i have been accused of being 10 different people, including you. But what evidence to you have to think PeeWee is Val.


First, fuck you!! All you do is name call. If you disagree with my point that Cuban exiles dont create hostility towards them, then make a counter argument. You dont do that. All you do is skip through here and call names. So fuck you!!

Second, because someone doesnt like you nasty ass right wing Cubans doesnt make them pro-Fidel. Dont believe me? Go anywhere from South of Broward all the way up to the panhandle. And introduce yourself as a right wing Cubn exile.

You try to accuse anybody who doesnt like Cuban exiles as communist. Nope, people in SouthFlorida just plain dont like militant Cubans. So again Fuck You, and your ettiquete!!! Oh, and have a nice day.


Oscar said...

Fantomas said...

A.T. ignorantly "again" stated: Plus, Al Gore is still upset that he has not been credited with inventing the Internet

A.T., many times i have credited you with being a brilliant thinker and writer, and a true American patriot, unlike Val Prieto.

But the above statement is why often times i have to scold you for ignorant flashes of "immigrant" beliefs.

Gore NEVER said that he invented the internet. Please read the right wing lie foisted upon people, and more specifically the right wing, ignorant, goose-stepping lemming Cuban community.

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 01:05 PM

A.D.T. another lemming wrote: A.T. you are on to something...except it was Gore who pulled the plug on our blogging because we as Cuban-Americans

Wow, the Cuban lemmings are so graceful when the march in lockstep!!

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 01:07 PM

Damn, and I was even more brilliant than usual yesterday. All those words of wisdom, gone forever...

Oscar, if I were you I wouldn't open any email attachments coming from a Manny T.

I see John didn't miss a step though.

Posted by: gansibele | July 13, 2006 at 01:13 PM


Actually, i was busy all day yesterday. I didnt post one thing. See that is how damn smart i am. Like a freggin psychic!!

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 01:19 PM


lemmings can't goosestep. if they were to stand on their hind legs to attempt it, the second they lifted one of them to execute the maneuver, their asses would be left too low to the ground, thereby causing them to roll over onto their side, like a Weeble, only without the counterbalancing wobble...

I thought I went over this with you...

Posted by: nonee moose | July 13, 2006 at 01:23 PM

Really? I would have sworn I saw a gazillion of your posts yesterday. Maybe I got confused because they all sound the same. Sorry about that.

Posted by: gansibele | July 13, 2006 at 01:56 PM

My posts were meant to be silly, John. Not serious. You missed the point...."again".

Everyone knows that Cuban Americans invented the Internet. We also invented computers, coffee mugs and thumbtacks.

We also invented Al Gore.

Posted by: a thought... | July 13, 2006 at 01:59 PM

AT, don't forget the fondue fork, the spiral notebook, and the peaked lapel...

We didn't really invent Al Gore... lo calcamos en papel de china...

Posted by: nonee moose | July 13, 2006 at 02:16 PM

Still, the "lost" posts for July 12 have not been restored. Technical glitch or not, I will address this subject and no other until the missing posts resurface.

At this point, I think I'll just shut down the computer, and type away on the keyboard -- an exercise in futility, granted, but so is writing on this blog if what one writes today will disappear tomorrow.

Posted by: Manuel A. Tellechea | July 13, 2006 at 02:23 PM

The serious lack of a sense of humor among some bloggers is characteristically "unCuban."

Posted by: a different thought | July 13, 2006 at 03:07 PM

A.T. and A.D.T.

Im sorry sugahs!!

Posted by: John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs | July 13, 2006 at 03:09 PM

Han perdido la tabla....

Yum! Fondue! How about a get-together at the Melting Pot? That way if anyone gets out of hand, we CAN actually throw them in a pot of boiling oil...

Posted by: a thought... | July 13, 2006 at 04:29 PM

LOL. Ok, I need help here... I am reminded of an old buffet place in or around North Miami...the food may well have been nasty, if I recall correctly. Does "Sweden House" ring any bells? Something like that? Bueller?

Posted by: nonee moose | July 13, 2006 at 05:20 PM


The "lost" posts of July 12 appeared to have been restored (for now at least) and we can all rejoice that the continuity of this blog has not been disrupted. Nevertheless, having twice learned my lesson, I have copied everything in case that this problem recurs.

The other writers on this blog do not lie when they say that some of their best work is contained in the July 12 posts, and I am pleased, for their sake and mine, that these have been rescued from the void.

Thanks are due to Oscar Corral for following up on this matter. It shows moreover that he does read his own blog after all.

Posted by: Manuel A. Tellechea | July 14, 2006 at 07:50 AM

Sorry, Nonee; I have never heard of "Sweden House."

Posted by: a thought... | July 14, 2006 at 08:39 AM


As I said moments ago, don't hold your collective breath that the rescued posts will stay rescued. Upon further scrutiny I have found that while the July 12 posts have been restored to the thread dealing with Smuggling Cubans, the other threads are still bereft of blogging activity for July 12. However, if the "lost" July 12 posts can be restored to one thread, there is no reason that they can't also be restored to the others.

I already have a headache. I am fighting this battle for all of you.

Posted by: Manuel A. Tellechea | July 14, 2006 at 09:25 AM


All the posts for July 12 are still missing except on the Cuban smuggling thread. I am sure that if one thread can be restored, the others can as well.

The battle continues.

Posted by: Manuel A. Tellechea | July 14, 2006 at 02:57 PM

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


This is a bit too much. Stop quoting at length from Miami's Cuban Connection. Just give the URL.

Fantomas said...

i tried but it was too long ,i made my point no more cross postings thanks

saludame a vana si la vez besos para ella

KillCastro said...

FIRST - NO NEWS of my brother in law or my cousin....
Next, an explanation:

This keeps popping up and I do not not how many times I have explained it but here it goes again.
My name is NOT common AT ALL in Cuba, just because of the coincidence of someone they know (I know him also and we are amazed at the coincidence of sharing the same name) but a name in itself would not get them anywhere, but my First name came accompanied by details of my life in Cuba and details of my life outside Cuba and trips back and the people I have as sources within the Island.
So, in order to validate some of the news I have revived I have had to give details as to my general neighborhood. If I say I know “ANYTHING” because I was friends with Vivian Lechuga the daughter of the UN ambassador to the UN during the 60’s, that gets them 1 inch closer to who I am, doesn’t do Vivian any harm.. Cause I was not an activist then. When I mentioned I was in jail at 11 for 3 weeks without any good reason , that brings them 2” closer to me. But I am sure there were a lot of 11 year old who got a damn good whacking in thoise days. Again they may get a tiny closer but not enough.

As I said , and EVERYONE misses this , the domain is being investigated as of three weeks ago , and I may loose it , some "unknown" entity claims it violates Internet rules because it is registered with a Cuban address but it does not function out of Cuba. Now THAT tells you someone snitched or the government of Cuba is after whoever owns the domain. That also tells you the domain is monitored 24/7 automatically.

As far as the details of my life, I have mentioned my Secundaria Basica (High School) , there was NOONE in that secundaria with my first name !, I have mentioned distances of my house to certain places , I have give as it happened news of acts of terrorism in La Habana , specially near my house in La Habana and that of my wife's. I have been careful to throw conflicting info that sometimes would put my family in Miramar, other times in El Vedado etc. But , if you are a Cuban who has EVER visited Cuba you know they ask you who you will visit , I found that question peculiar , but with a first name being the first search item in a database they just tack thousands of last names to the first name in a SQL query and and quite a selected group of people will pop up , the second being the location of the High School, they narrow this down to a couple hundred houses. In one of my posts I did mentioned I lived near a bus depot, and that at the very corner of my house there was a hole that’s been there for 10 years. Stick this into any computer and you come to about 10 square blocks, simple asking around will take them straight to my house. But they did NOT bother anyone in MY house. They tapped the phones and they were intermittent . My suspicions is that they were waiting for me to call and get solid info that would put the whole family away for life. My cousin who has a godfather at VERY high rankings went to see what happened and he came back with the news , they got us , the phones are tapped and they are letting the taps off, his godfather vouched for him , I could identify the godfather but fuck it , you either believe it or NOT , I don’t care anymore about anyone who doubts my veracity. . He was also able to get a tap sweeper and swept 3 phones lines all clean. That doesn’t meant hey are not watching.
The MOTHERFUCKER is that no sooner they find my family they found my wife's family, This would be easy enough eventually but not at the speed it was done.
Thinking about it my wife’s last visit to Cuba was a few months ago , his paper work was still inwarm with the handling of her travels courtesy of the G2.

In that house only a 21 year old kid who’s married to my wife's sister seem a candidate as a rebel rouser, and on his way home he got thrown into a car and we haven’t known anything about is fate. My cousin missed a day to go and see what has happened to the kid, but we lost contact with my cousin TOTAL contact, and this kid has a network that makes the G2 look like the keystone cops. So two members of my family are now missing. All innocent of any wrong doing because my team of informants where fast enough to cover their tracks and go into hiding, my family did not do shit cause they had no idea what it is I am doing. To give you a MORE deatailed snapshot of our operation in Cuba will hurt noone, there are at least 5 groups of informants including those from CB,. not one group knows of the other so when we get a piece of news we know is valid if it passes through at least 2 groups which are far enough from each other not to have picked it up as a bola. And THAT is what we jokingly call our "Korean Crystal Ball" ...
The people who always knew there may come a day when someone would knock on their doors had a plan , my family did not because I never got my family involved only the promise of my cousin to take care of them PASE LO QUE PASE. That was enough. Now lately several things have happened besides the investigation of the domain , we have broken news even BEFORE they became bolas in Cuba and Mr. T can vouch for our accuracy . I think Vana said in a post “how do you guys do this?”
LOTS of VERY brave patriotic men and women, we just sit here and wait till3AM for an email or a text message they do all the work and they are DAMN GOOD!
Through every “KaSStro is dead” charade , Val Prieto has been insatiable asking us if he is or not because his "sources " say he is. We laugh at this shit and boleros perniciosos but we get quite pissed of the likes of Val Prieto trying to use us as his personal news organization. I think my last post to him was “The prock is alive and seen by 4 people so GO FUCK YOURSELF” if he is dead you will read it in our blog. This latest surge of scoops, the detailed predictions as to the economy and the fact that El EXILIO HISTORICO was NEVER going to cavalcade into La Habana as heroes or conquerors MUST have pissed the hell outta the BLABALOTS , whose only contribution to Cuba freedom seems to be some recipe to make lechon asado . I really do not know cause I do not read the blog EVER , they bore me , the whole macho man camp shit is way too American football for my taste all in all they are not MY Cubans , those are back there 90 miles south.
So call it as you wish , fear of seeing their little world come crashing, envy for being so inherently lazy that can not get one item unless it is published by the MSM. Take for whatever you feel is worth KILLCASTRO was (IS) a thorn on the side of that homoerotic bunch and some kind of retribution was at hand.
Two weks ago out of nowhere Ziva , psosts in our blog , something I always knows precedes a confrontation. And this was Her TRAYING desperately to begin a feud valling averyone that is falling for these impovemnets by Raul is a fool!. Yeah she knows SO fucking much about waiting in line for ¼ lb of gorgojo loaded roce !. So the people in Cuba who are happy as they haven’t been in years and I who however they get it am happy they are eating , are branded fools by anothet person whos never put a foot in Cuba. How MUCH does one need to withstand from this group of physchos ?

So my answer to her was STRONG … but not insulting , then she decides to send me a personal note saying “what the fuck KC why did you block my post and BTW FUCK YOU
” At this point I was livid , so I told her to stop drinking to look at the post it had NOT been banned and by the way she was a CUNT”
As anyone with a little bit of tactical thinking can discern here , this was a planned attack,

Perhaps the motive was not to get my family hurt but to slow us down
Okey I have had to stop my activities for a while but have enough material for several weeks of surprises, As MY name was disclosed Val Prieto's name and his cadre of CHIVATOS HAS been exposed ( didn’t think about that did you ?) so in very nice type in several PC's in Cuba BABALU blog is at this moment considered a collaborator of the regime, and as they found my house in Cuba , I am sure someone will find his house in Kendall and let the chips fall where they may.

I never trusted Prieto, the prick looks way too much like KaSStro, not an intellectual look to him but that of a troglodyte, dictator in waiting not because of the 4 times he asked me to write for him , not because he presented a very fractured personality, and weaknes of character and the flare up temeper to destroy ANYONE wh dares oppose his mandates.
His actual designation of ttles at BABALU is a joke , editor in Chief of what? I guess he needed a TITLE cause Project Manager doesnt really impress anyone.

When in one of my debates with Ziva she admitted she disagreed with him but did not want to do in public " the Val Prieto mantra" don’t air the dirty laundry" , Yeap that way you can be the biggest prick in history and none finds out.

And since we are reminiscing ... a bit of a story why CB and I resigned with collaborating with Henry's 1st Blog , a blog we were invited to join. One of the first posts was Henry standing up for the right of some asshole to burn the flag of the USA. This has NOTHING to do with Cuba, but we found this extremely upsetting , because regardless how we criticize the government of the USA , the USA is sacred and the flag is symbol of that sanctity . We realized "if this prick defends the right to burn the USA flag , how long before he defends the right of burning the Cuba flag."

In his note to me , he mentioned Charlie had overreacted but with his nick being Charlie Bravo he was probably into the whole patriotic thing , if I could speak to him , My answer do not need to speak with him , I quit also.
FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING HYPOCRITE and right there Henry whatever his fucking name is has been nothing but a constant pain of " lets be friends" , Fuck you I don’t wanna be friends"
I wonder if the have this many problems with other bloggers. But here is the story , please read it pass it along cause I am TIRED of repeating it !

Mi Tres Cubano said...

In the past, I have questioned your smacks/rencor at Babalu, and have often wondered why this obsession on a person and not something more productive for the island. Now I get it. This latest atrosity that happened to KC has solidified things into perspective. Que mierda.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

KC said: and his cadre of CHIVATOS HAS been exposed

Exactly, dont let any "chivato" escape your wrath. As they are just as guilty as Val Prieto.

nonee moose said...


Yay! Val did something cowardly and self-indulgent! Just like we knew he would!

Woo Hoo! Aren't we smart for knowing so...

I'm sure that makes KC sleep better at night.

You are one giant "Easy" button. You think that because MAT pats you on the head for joining in the baba-flogging, that somehow you get it? That throwing around references to Cubans buried here, and lost at sea gives you credibility? Dude you're going through a manic phase. It'll fade. It always does.

No one else on this thread has used the word celebrate but you. Any ideas why?

When you can answer that, then you might be closer to understanding what you stand for. The rest is just bells, ringing in "cheese time."

PS- I am much larger than a blob. A mass, perhaps...

rin tin tin said...

ljf aka dobssPS= is smaller than an ant

I am much larger than a blob. A mass, perhaps...