Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Note to Our Readers

[No, relax, we are not closing shop. That's usually what "A Note to Our Readers" has come to mean recently in the galaxy of the blogosphere that we inhabit. In fact, we are expanding not imploding. I make this clarification at the onset lest the next paragraph be read as a valedictory].

In March of last year we founded the Review of Cuban-American Blogs. We will spend this entire month celebrating its first anniversary by recounting its victories over obscurantism over the past year which have benefitted all Cuban-themed blogs and especially the one to which we have devoted the most attention. For now let us just say that we are proud of all that RCAB has achieved and look forward to another year of serving the Cuban-American blogosphere. The truth can only increase by telling it and we are determined to tell more of it than anybody else.

Today we are inaugurating a new feature at RCAB. Since week-ends are always a slow period at all blogs, we are literally taking a page from the Sunday newspapers and stuffing our own digital newspaper not with advertisements but with the casual light reading which readers favor on Sunday mornings. Our version of light will certainly never be "lite," but will, we hope, expand the Cuban experience beyond the last 50 years and allow us even to laugh when nothing in the present does. Laughter is good for the soul and as my mother used to say, "Recordar es volver a vivir."

You will find the first installment in RCAB's new "Sunday Is Funday" feature below. Enjoy.


Vana said...

Thank God you are not closing this fine blog, you had me scared with your comment the other day, yes laughing is good for the soul, and many times Manuel you have given me deep belly laughs, thank you.

Fantomas said...

can you make those articles shorter, me duelen los ojos

tu sabes que yo no leo mucho

Squathole said...

Happy anniversary, Manny! Say, come visit the new place in your spare time.

Anonymous said...

Good show! Great Monday morning reading.


Agustin Farinas said...

Happy Anniversary to the RCAB!
One year of "poniendo los puntos sobre las ies" and telling like it is. The RCAB has been unmasking the fallacy of those who call themselves Cubans but propose plans and ideas who will not benefit the Cuban people, but on the contrary will only cause them more pain and suffering.
Good job MAT! Keep up the good work.