Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Villa Valentina

I certainly hope that Smart Buy Kitchen gave Val equal value for the promotion they received on Babalú. We shudder to think what other commercials will find their way to the "[kitchen] island on the internet" as Val's house improves and expands in the future.

The noble cause is now a brand new kitchen.

Tomorrow it may be a new Florida room.

And the next day a new pool.

I hope that Cuban freedom will be able to keep pace with the improvements to Val's house; for then we are sure to get there soon.


Since we are on the subject of Val's kitchen, we must acknowledge the remarkable feat accomplished by a Babalú commenter gringotico who was able to introduce the following comment under its censorship radar. Although we do not accept his suggestion that there is some kind of moral equivalence between victim (Killcastro) and victimizer (Val), we find his comments re Val to be very well-founded:

"Hey val, So nice that you have a new kitchen. Too bad our friends in Cuba don't have that option.

Well have not been around for a few months and just by chance went to killcastro and saw how there is now a big wrangle between you guys.

Is it true that you outed killcastro and gave the Kubans his name so that they could go and screw over his family?

And how is Henry the fuckhead? Is your GOP candidate winning fuckhead?

Don't suppose that you will let this post hang out for long.

Used to be a supporter but now I see for sure that when Cuba is free it will be all of you fighting it out for control just like the Shiites versus the others in Iraq.

Too bad that you can't work together but I guess knowing the Latin mentality that it will be a cluster fuck

Good luck to all.

Will check back in a few months and see how much more you dumbfucks have disintegrated.

So the question is dump this message like Raúl would do or let it hang and come back and fuck with me?

I'm hoping you have learned some freedoms here in our USA and leave this out there so all the rabid mafia can comment.

Don't worry i can handle it.

I love Cuba and want my friends there to be free.

Hopefully when they are they are also free of all you wannabe control fucks.

They hate you all and will never accept you when freedom finally comes. Face it.

They will kill you when they get the chance.

Sorry but just my opinion.
Posted by: gringotico at April 1, 2008 08:06 PM


Vana said...


I went to Babalu to see their response to gringotico of course they erased it, along with Ziva telling him he's no longer welcomed there, am sure they blocked him, what a bunch of idiots, a blog on the net that does not allow dissent, reminds one of the Castro brothers.

Fantomas said...

what a bunch of idiots, a blog on the net that does not allow dissent, reminds one of the Castro brothers.

Another blog on the net that censors es el de kill castro. Alli no solo te borran los comments alli te insultan , te dicen Fuck you como tomarse un vso de agua, te calumnian y chivatean tambien

Hay muchos pecadores en este mundo que solo estan pendientes de la paja ajena

Vana said...

They only censor you because you are an idiot fanto, you seldom stick to the subject, you come into these blogs to cause havoc that's why, so stop comparing them to Babalunia, calumniarte lo dudo, el unico bueno para eso eres tu.

You were over at Babalu laughing with CHIVATO about what he did to KC, then you want to go over there like nothing, you are a hypoctite.

Ms Calabaza said...

this goes hand in hand with your earlier post in which you surgically detailed the manner in which Val handled his outburst. I suspect he is purposely posting his new kitchen to prove that a) he was busy this weekend and had no time to dwell on the issue at hand; b) to add more fodder to the "lunatic fringe" as Henry likes to say.

Either way, he has clearly mocked and laughed his way out of a mean-spirited attack on KC and his family never stopping to think about the repercussions.

To me, the worst part of this is that not one of contributors said something as simple as: "Val, just apolize." Instead, they chose to follow the party line; mock the "new enemy" and reconstruct history by making the issue about the "treatment of a female blogger". Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Another copy and paste job by Manolito Copy'n Paste. Pretty soon you'll have to change the name of this place to Manolo's Copy and Paste Review of others Who Copy and Paste.
Can't you come up with anything original?
And another contradiction. You keep saying that Babalu is dead and no one goes by there anymore. And at the same time you say that these people gave Val a great discount for the publicity that they got at his blog.
Will you make up your mind Manolo? Don't you see that your obsession is making you look sillier and sillier with each passing day?

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


In regards to your questin last night. MAT was %100 percent accurate. However, I do not know how much responsibity that i should bare to Cuban Connections downfall. As for many months Val, Henry, and myself were the only voices that were in there. It became so active, because so many people came in to disagree with all three of us. This freedom to agree and disagree is what grew the Cuban Connection into a regular200-300 plus comment threads. Many times with Val and Henry complaining about the growth, demanding censorhips, removals, and deletions in order to stifle free speech. Speech that often leveled criticism against them.

In addition, MAT is correct. The Cuban Connection was by far the biggest and boldest Cuban-themed blog in the entire nation. It was very active, with many different and unique opinions, as well as being very FREE and OPEN. There is no doubt if the Cuban Connection was still alive it would have 1000 plus comment threads, and would have reduced Babulu into non-existence. Hence, the problem that Henry and Val began to have with the Cuban Connection. The Cuban Connection was the "go to" Cuban blog, that quickly replaced Babulu, and spelled doom for Babulu. There is no doubt that Val and Henry felt the loss of readership in Babulu. As they also spent "more" time in the Cuban Connection than their own blog at Babulu following the long-winding often educational and fun debates, as well as the open dialogue that would often occur.

Cuban Connection huge growth quickly became a matter of survival and relevancy for Babulu, which eventually led them to sabotage the Cuban Connection, namely posting links to child porn sites, many times with "my" nickname attached, to hide their true identity, and deflect blame towards me. (and it worked) As no Cuban could think it possible for a fellow Cuban to sabatoge a Cuban blog of such importance to the Cuban community. Unfortunately, Val and Henry escaped detection, as blame was squarely laid upon my lap. This is particurlarly unfortunate as recent events have demonstrated that both Val and Henry have now sabatoged others, including KillCastro. And was in the early stages of sabotaging RCAB, with the very same tactics.

With the "outing" of KC, they became too reckless and overconfident with their position in the Cuban blogisphere. They were caught red-handed, and have been properly and forever labeled as "chivatos." A label that i will personally never let them remove. As i was the lone voice who always knew the dark forces which lurked beneath their superficial and empty words. It is just unfortunate that others like KC had to discover the hard way, what i learned long ago.

Now, newly arrived Cubans as well as the younger Cubans on the island will not have to suffer the same fate that Val and Henry have inflicted on others. When the Cubans, particularly on the island, some being teenagers bring their new blogs online. They will have online guardians to sound the alarm to alert them to "online chivatos" that will do them and their blogs great harm. These bloggers like MAT, Alex, KC, CB, and others who will protect and guide the new and innocent Cubans who will turn these Cuban bloggers who remain true to their word and true to Cuba's freedom. Unlike Val and Henry who only remain true only to themselves, a very American trait, and a very ugly trait that is almost uniquely American!!


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I never said that "these people gave Val a great discount for the publicity that they got at his blog." Of course, they well might have under an equally great misapprehension of Babalú's popularity.

As for "cutting and pasting," yes, whenever a comment is deleted from Babalú (as this one was by Ziva) it will be reproduced here.

RCAB gives Babalú's orphaned comments a home.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you for posting your recollections of Miami's Cuban Connection, which closely parallel my own in the previous thread.

I might add that the sabotage on Oscar Corral's blog had one objective in mind -- to force him to institute comment moderation. He did and MCC died.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Anon aka henry/val said: Pretty soon you'll have to change the name of this place to Manolo's Copy and Paste Review of others

Or better: The Babulu Deletions Reviewed.

I just enjoy reading what i am not supposed to be reading.

You gotta give it to MAT, the quickest hand in the west. Saving all your soon to be deletions, before you can delete them. LOL

Henry and Val, i bet you just hate MAT, JUST HATE HIM!!

I bet it is times like this that you wished you never kicked him out. Hell, i could have told you that you were going to regret that.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Sometimes they manage to delete a comment before I can save it. Thank God for diligent volunteers who provide me with whatever I've missed.

The fact that I reproduce their deletions is a negative-incentive against making even more deletions.

You know, with all the deletions I've saved, I could indeed start a "Babalú Deletions Review."

Anonymous said...

Val Prieto=Chivato

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I admire your succinctness.

How about this one?

Val Prieto-CDR.
Perfect together.

Vana said...


Thank you for your answer, between Manuel and you I'm getting a pretty grim picture of what went on at Oscar's blog iniciated by Val/Henry/Chivatos, while putting the blame on you, what a pair of sick individuals, they will get theirs trust me, we pay for everything we do on this earth, the karma they are creating for themselves will take many lives to pay it back.