Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At 2:47 AM: "A Call For You. He Says His Name Is 'Val'"

We are reliably informed that Val, who claimed to be oblivious to the outroar surrounding his outing of Killcastro because he was installing his new kitchen tiles this weekend, was actually personally phoning every Cuban blogger, Babalú satellite or not, presenting his "side" and dumping on our friend Killcastro. If he didn't phone you, Val doesn't have your number (or maybe he does). Val was a bit surprised when every blogger he called brought up my name. Can't do worse to Val than mention me, although for a long time now everybody who has anything to say about his blog does. Babalunian crew, if you want to see your leader squirm, mention my name to him. Often.


Anonymous said...

lier, he did not call me

ex babulu member said...

He called me, i listen to him for a few minutes. But quickly cut him short when he began to laugh about what he had done. I used to have respect for Prieto's work. Now i can see that it was all a lie, and i was hoodwinked. The term chivato fits him.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Maybe you were not on the "A List."

Or the "B List."

Or the "C List."

Or the "D List."

Or the "E List."

Maybe you were just on the "F List."

He obviously didn't get to the "F List."

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Why would he call you? You are at his feet all the time. Weren't you photographed in his kitchen?

Fantomas said...

que es eso de F, estas hablando de mi

no entiendo nada

de que hablas?

Oye estas como loco , coge un buche respira profundo, camina por el parque, haz ejercicios , visita a tu familia por tu madre cambia el tema chico escibe de algo bueno estas como obsesado

quien te paga? Kill or CB

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

I just wish we could have one discussion about Val and Henry without the rumors of their homosexuality being brought up by commenters!!

American Idol said...

hey john go away man, you bring bad smell to this blog, we were doing great before you came

Mat, do not let john torpedo your nice blog like he did to Corral with his foul mouth

off to fox

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

He, American idol aka pissed off Babuluer

Did i offend you when i mentioned Val, Henry, and homosexuality all in one sentence?


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Hey Henry, just curious. When was the last time you burned an American flag?

Pee Wee Herman said...

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...
He, American idol aka pissed off Babuluer

Did i offend you when i mentioned Val, Henry, and homosexuality all in one sentence?


Just when I tought I was out , you pulled me back in. Long john fellow old foe , does the word Nambla ring a bell to you anymore

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

MAT, i told you so.

Watch out, it wont be long before Henry begins to flood your site full of ugly sites that link to criminal acts against childen.

I always said that it was Henry Gomez that was responsible for that sick stuff posted at the Cuban Connection.

And now finally i have been vindicated.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

peewee herman:

This is a veritable Miami's Cuban Connection reunion sans Oscar (well, it was always sans Oscar): Longfellow, Noone, Pee Wee, and, of course, myself. Perhaps even Henry and Val lurk here in disguises. How jovial!

One thing which we will not tolerate here is your unnatural obsessions. Another mention of NAMBLA from you and The Madhouse will open its gates to receive you and will never open its gates again.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Good for you Mat, i think we can have our discussion without involving innocent children.

Aint that right Henry!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Why is it where ever blog you go to, you bring up the subject of homosexuality? At least Val has good sense not to leave a trail of crumbs as to leave traces of a secret life.

You however, are almost out!!

Fantomas said...

Mat te pido permiso para publicar aqui algunos comentarios que le escribo a CB y KC porque son tan infelices que me los borran alla
Dime si es ok contigo . Porque yo se que ellos vienen aqui siempre y entonces aqui me podran rebatir. Esto es en respuesta al ultimo post que hablan de una protesta hoy en la calle de la habanfrente el hotel comodoro de ellos que le piden a la gente en cuba que se queden en sus casas como si nada y QUE NO PROTESTEN ....que lueguito es mejor porque ellos dicen que Raulito puede parar los cambiecitos


Para CB y KC

Cada dia que pasa los entiendo menos. O sea que ahora es malo que el pueblo proteste , hoy salen 10 , mañana 15, el jueves 100 es eso lo que queremos . no que se queden en sus casas aplaudiendo estas mierdas de migajas
quien se han creido ustedes que son? bajense de esa nube por favor

Vamos a hacer un sondeo y preguntarle a los cubanos, a los disidentes que esta alla no a los que estan sentados en Washington o en NY detras de una computadora, vamos al pueblo


Vana said...

So he was busy recruiting people to his side, my God is there any decency in that RAT, I guess not.

Civato you are so damn transparent, what did you think that we were sitting here sucking our thumbs, we knew you were up to no good, that and shitting in your pants, what a piece of shit.

Vana said...

Fantomas you are an IDIOT, stop whinning, post this crap in your lonely blog.

Vana said...


I knew Henry was vile and dirty, but what is he reading when he has access to sites that abuse children? this has sickened me deeply, is this true John? he has done this before?

Vana said...

Manuel when I click to comment on the above post it tell me..Sorry we're unable to grant your request, hope you are not being sabotaged in any way.

I just wanted to say gringotico socked it to them, did they erase it?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Corral's blog Miami's Cuban Connection, back in the days when Oscar had not yet shown his true colors, was perhaps the most popular English-language Cuban-American blog. It regularly achieved posts with 200+ comments. Nothing like it had been seen then or has been seen since in the Cuban blogosphere, at least.

Besides posting stories from The Miami Herald, Oscar was an invisible presence on his own blog. This allowed for much unfettered discussion, which was a good thing. It also provided the opportunity for maniacs with their own agendas to hijack it, which was not.

Someone -- there are several possible candidates, including some of those who have already been mentioned here by others -- started posting dispatches from the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). That person eventually stopped when threatened with prosecution.

Then Corral put the final nail on MCC with his infamous article on the Martí Moonlighters.

Many people were responsible for the demise of Miami's Cuban Connection. But, ultimately, the responsible lies with Oscar Corral, who doomed it with his indifference and allowed psychopaths to direct its destiny.

Vana said...


I have seen reference here to NAMBLA mostly from fantomas, he seems to sometimes threaten you with it.

Call me naive but I did not know what it was, or let alone that something so vile and sick exsisted, to me one of the most hienous crimes a man can commit is to sexually abuse a child, they should go out somewhere and shoot themselves. Thank you for enlightening me, you always do.

Fantomas said...

Alex Hernandez said...
I've also noticed when the attention is not on Enrique, he start to act-up.

His trying to shift attention on him.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008 12:59:00 AM

Alex alguien te pregunto en otro post si estabas haciendo algo por Cuba, ultimamente lo unico que veo de ti son criticas a opiniones personales de otros blogeros. Bro esa es mi opinion personal. Sinceramente no se a que viene tu comentario. Mejor dedicate al fitness o lo que sea . Coopera en la causa no destruyas el pensamiento de otros

Alex Hernandez said...



Fantomas said...

Tranquilo alex que reine la paz entre nosotros

Asi es mejor y nos evitamos problemas .

ya nosotros pasamos por esa etapa de insultos and the likes anteriormente y fue bastante desagradable

we have outgrown it

Acuestate que es tarde

sleep well

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