Sunday, April 6, 2008

Henry Baits Me About Gandhi and Gets Hooked

"God forbid that anyone compare Biscet to Ghandi [sic]. The loons will be jumping all over that one. -- Henry "Economist Gómez, "Prisoner of Conscience vs. Political Prisoner" (comment), Babalú, April 6, 2008

The "loons," you say, Henry?

You mean the people who actually know Gandhi's real history (besides knowing how to correctly spell his name)?

The Gandhi who was a self-professed friend and admirer of Hitler, who wrote to him that he "didn't think he was as bad as the British say?"

The Gandhi who advised Jews literally to "jump off a cliff," that is, commit collective suicide, rather than allow the Nazis to slaughter them, and, by so doing, "give the world an example of moral greatness?"

That Gandhi?

The real Gandhi, not the movie Gandhi?

No doubt Gandhi's advice to Biscet and other Cubans would be to "walk off a cliff," too.

Come to think of it, Henry is Oscar Biscet's "Gandhi." Henry almost got Biscet killed last year when he unilaterally declared himself Biscet's campaign manager and announced Biscet's candidacy for the presidency of Cuba. The problem is that he had not bothered to consult Biscet about it. Biscet's wife had to beg Henry to desist because he was going to get her husband killed.

[Note to Henry: Never bait me, little boy, because it is you who will get hooked].


joep said...

Damn, fool! That's a bitch-slap if I ever read one. UH!

While we're on the topic of Hitler-lovers,

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Yes, a bitch-slap indeed. One that would even make Val "chivato" Prieto proud. As it was delivered with just the right amount of force. Not enough to hurt, but just enough to publicly humilate!!

Poor Henry, between the bitch-slaps between Mat and Val. Henry no longer knows which side of his red-face to offer as the next tribute!!

KillCastro said...

Is this dolt that much of an uncultured and total asshole? Has he ever read a book that had no pictures?

Does he know Gandhi’s infamous tales as a womanizer and rapist of those ingénues who came seeking his divine “wisdom”?

Does he know Gandhi's 100% support of the ruler ship of Britain in India, until WWII when his people were appalled to his support of Britain?. Indians everyone protested at this decision of Gandhi’s blatant support of the colonizers while naively believing that if there was anyone to support would be Hitler, since a defeat of Britain would surely be beneficial to India. AFTER his people voiced their complaint Gandhi reached out to Hitler.

Before that Gandhi was more than amicable with the British, partaking in great receptions and being a common guest at 10 Downing St.

Let us quote Gandhi’s "peaceful" resistance doctrines shall we?

(During the British/Zulu war)

If the Government (British)
only realized what reserve force is being wasted, they would make use of it and give Indians the opportunity of a thorough training for actual warfare

Alex Hernandez said...

Great one Manuel...I shall follow that remark on my blog..hahaha

Ms Calabaza said...


Here's a great article including an mP3 of Henry's hero, Fred Thompson with regard to Gandhi.

I post it here because he has banned me from posting at Babalu and I know he reads this blog all of the time.

So, here it is Henry:

joep said...

...sorry, I forgot to continue on the topic of Hitler-lovers, but will do so at a later date...

Anonymous said...

val prieto=chivato
henry gomez= his little bitch

Anonymous said...

kill castro = chivato
charlie Bravo= chivato

Anonymous said...

Agarran a un miembro de kill castro blog

Un hombre de Washington, DC se subió al toldo de su camioneta tipo minivan mientras manejaba a unas 55 millas por hora, chocó y luego protagonizó una persecución a pie en la que se desnudó.

Finalmente el hombre fue detenido y llevado a un hospital, donde se mantiene en condición estable este fin de semana.
La policía del estado dijo que luego de chocar su vehículo, el hombre de 38 años se desnudó y los incitó a perseguirlo por una autopista.

Las autoridades no revelaron la identidad del hombre, a quien no se le presentaron cargos.

El hombre se recupera en un hospital de la ciudad , de lo que los testigos calificaron como una herida profunda en el cuerpo.

La policía dijo que debió usar armas paralizadoras y aerosol de pimienta durante la persecución el viernes, pero que pudo controlar al hombre sólo cuando fue derribado por la fuerza.

Ana said...

Why don't the Babalunians just stay in their echo chamber? Why do they come here and leave inane comments? Is it because there's no freedom left to comment on their blog, even for them?

Val "asno" chivato prieto 4 eva......

Anonymous said...

Vana: ramera y chivata

Ana said...

The not-so-anonymous fools are trying to co-opt the val=chivato thing, and try cutesy little improvisations with it. The blowfish at Babblelong can't come up with anything original.

Sorry, but val owns the chivato moniker.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are exactly right. The Babalunians never saw an original idea that they didn't try to steal. Ideas to them are what property is to the fidelistas.

Vana said...

Vana ramera, I know that's fantomas, what an ass you are.

Vana said...

Yes Manuel that's the Gandhi henry meant, the inhumane Gandhi, advising jews to jump over a cliff, that's what Henry would love to do to us.

Fantomas said...

Vana de que hablas?

tienes pruebas a ver