Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Chivato and the Procurer

Phil Peters said on his blog today that he is not a CIA agent, contrary to what Henry had implied on Babalú. Of course, if Peters were a CIA agent one would hardly expect him to put his his livelihood in jeopardy by admitting it. Still, this was one of the luckiest days in Henry's life. He was busy backtracking on his privileged information when Peters left him off the hook. Still, the intent to harm Peters was there as unconcealed as Val Prieto's attempt on Killcastro's life. Of course, the latter was immeasurably worse because Peters does not have family in Cuba that could become hostages as Killcastro's did. The worse that could happen to Peters is that a lot of contacts at the highest levels of the Cuban government [sic] would fail to return his calls, or, in the worst case scenario, that he would be barred from travelling to Communist Cuba. That would have a catastrophic effect on both his public and his private life, granted, but he wouldn't have had his skull cracked as Killcastro's wife's brother-in-law did nor would he be imprisoned as Killcastro's cousin was. Still, the consequences of these acts, though important in determining their severity, do not speak to motive, and in both cases the motive was the same -- to disrupt their lives for the worse by making potentially-dangerous information about them public that neither does desired should be made public. That takes a long breath to say. In Spanish, it is so much easier: both Val & Henry are guilty of chivatería.

Phil Peters, if anyone ever doubted it, is a capitalist. We now have it on his own authority. He is, in fact, a capitalist of the old school. He has the same serene perspective on the exploitation of man by man that the robber barons of old did, except he is not one of them. He is merely their publicist, also in the 19th-century connotation, which combined both lobbyist and procurer. To put it in a simple but forceful way, Peters is a capitalist pimp. U.S. companies pay him money to introduce them to future business opportunities in Cuba and to do whatever lies in his power, through the Lexington Institute and his blog, to hasten the day when Cuba's captive workforce will be enlisted in the service of American corporations. Cubans, who have no labor laws to protect them and are hostages of a regime that actively encourages their exploitation, are ideal subjects for predatory capitalism, which, of course, is on the same continuum as Communism (which is always predatory).

With the monies it receives as "donations" from U.S. corporations interested in doing dusiness with Cuba's Communist overlords, the Lexington Institute underwrites and Peters himself conducts junkets for U.S. congressmen who want to "do Cuba," bringing them to places of interest there such as churches and soybean factories, according to him. The congressmen, after returning from the island, take their places as proud fighters against the embargo and for re-establishing relations with the Communist regime so that all Americans, not just themselves, may enjoy the privilege of visiting Baptist churches and soybean processing factories in Cuba.

Peters is also involved, in a strictly private capacity, in negotiating the return of stolen properties to their American owners through proxies. Since the thieves, Castro and his henchmen, are unwilling to turn these over to the corporate heirs of the original owners, Peters arranges marriages of convenience between the Cuban regime and their foreign subsidiaries. One hand washes the other hand and both hands are squeezing the collective neck of the Cuban people.

That is what Mr. Peters does, or, rather, what he facilitates. To be sure he does so with as much charm and commiseration as anyone could bring to such a task.


KillCastro said...

To clarify Killcastro's cousin
jail: 3 days no charges

KillCastro's wife's brother in law, cracked skull, official charge "Resisting arrest". Charges dropped, crack in skull on the mend.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Repercussions to Phil Peters from Henry's outing of him as a CIA agent (whether true or not):

None at present.

But it is still early and Castro's memory is long.

We shall see what develops in the future.

True or not, it not something that Peters would want hanging over his head.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

There is no doubt that Henry is sorely disappointed that his "outing" target was "not" a C.I.A. agent. Nevertheless, Henry and Val will not be undaunted, as their horrific "outings" will continue for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Val Prieto=chivato
Henry Gomez=chivato

Anonymous said...


Ms Calabaza said...

Wow, so Henry really did it. Hmmm, maybe I'm naive, but aren't spies supposed to say they're not spies? I mean did anyone expect this guy to admit he ever worked for the CIA?

Whatever, if I were Henry I'd find meself a good lawyer . . . Bozo!

Anonymous said...

Tellechea is dying of envy again. Peters was smart enough to recognize that Henry posted a letter from a lawyer. But Tellechea's envy makes him say dumb things and he kept accusing Gomez.
If Peter would have done anything, it would have been against the lawyer who made the charge, not against Henry.
He didn't do anything because what the lawyer said may be true.
But Tellechea doesn't care. His envy is not only eating his liver is also eating his brain.
We will se what copy and pasting job he has prepared for today. LOL

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Henry was sent a private communication containing confidential and possibly slanderous allegations, which, if true, could threaten the life of a third party if made public. In addition, there are federal laws that expressly forbid such disclosures as regards individuals in the intelligence service. Henry chose, nevertheless, to ignore those laws and publish those accusations. This is actually worse than what Philip Agee did because at the time of his outing of CIA agents there were no laws prohibiting it.

I am sorry that you are simply too stupid to understand this. No doubt envy -- on your part -- has something to do with your failure to do so.

Ms Calabaza said...

"His envy is not only eating his liver is also eating his brain."

. . . that is "Cuban" translated to English . . . I love it.

Anonymous said...

Im just glad for the first time in a long time, that nobody has brought up the rumors of Henry Gomez's homosxuality.

Thank god,

Ms Calabaza said...

Who cares about his sexual preference? He's the one that is always quick on the draw calling out people on this.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Henry is not gay. Anyone who has ever seen a picture of Henry knows that he could not possibly be gay since his appearance violates in every way the gay aesthetic. But if he were gay it makes absolutely no difference to this discussion, as Ms. Calabaza rightly points out.

Let us hear no more of these unfounded rumors.

Anonymous said...



Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you for your cooperation.

Because Henry is a homophobe does not mean that he is also a homosexual.

Agustin Farinas said...

what is interesting in this piece of news, is that Phil Peters is an strong advocate of ending the embargo while his Lexington Institute is receiving donations from Sherrit, the Canadian company who is operating the Nicaro Moa Company in Cuba. Sherrit has a strong interest in ending the embargo and the Helms Burton Law but but at the same time they are operating a company that was stolen from its rightful owners. I see a conflict of interests here. Phil advocates for ending the embargo while a company who will benefit from the abolition of the embargo makes profits from stolen property. Don't you see a conflict of interests here?

Anonymous said...

Manuel, yes, you are correct again. I, however, dont mind exploring every every aspect of Mr. Gomez's personal life. A personal life that he often sock-puppets, laced with profane and illicit remarks that are always geared toward the same-sex i.e., other males.

Moreover, Mr. Gomez never misses an opportunity to inappropriately expose others personal life, often without regard to personal safety of the targeted person.

Nevertheless, unlike Henry, because of your request Manuel. I will refrain from exploring areas that may be deemed inapporpriate.

However, it should be duly noted by Henry. That continued exploration of other peoples business that jeopordizes innocent Cuban families, will prompt me to disregard my self-restraint. And then Tellechea's protection of your sexual-orientation will become immediately null and void. As you Henry will have shown not to reciprocate the same generoristy as others have provided you, including Tellechea.

Tellechea will then be FORCED to drag me kicking and screaming to the madhouse, for i will be driven mad. Even in that psyche ward, you will be unable to escape my wrath. As i know your curiousity will get the best of you. And will prompt you to visit me down there, where i will warmly greet you.

Because if you Henry, refuse to take caution upon others before you post. I will then glady show no mercy upon what i post. (NONE)

Henry in effect you will have set the junkyard dogs upon yourself. Junkyard dogs that can not be restrained, nor whistled back. And unfortunately for you Henry, you will have nobody to blame but your sorry, pathetic self. As you will be set upon and savaged beyond recognition, in this blog, and every other blog that you frequent. Now go ahead and put another Cuban family in danger by "outing" a Cuban blogger!!


nonee moose said...

Where's the conflict, Agustin? Client wants embargo gone, client operates facility that would benefit from lifting of embargo.

The fact that the facility is stolen property is wrong. It is also immaterial. Just because the embargo may have been precipitated by the expropriation of US private property and that, once upon a time, the return of that property may have been a condition for the lifting of the embargo, has nothing to do with what independent commercial motivations may be found among those who advocate for its abrogation.

MAT, re Henry: I think that approaching Henry's behavior from a "legal" perspective is perhaps a bit narrow-minded. Even approaching it from a moral POV misses the mark. Tha fact is that if he is cavalierly outing operatives of one sort or another, he is dealing with people outside the realm of his rather privileged and sheltered upbringing.

He's starting to look a little like Kim Philby, in an idealistic neophyte kind of way. Only not as smart. He ought to be careful, and realize his whole dabbling in the freedom and tee-shirt thing is just that, dabbling. The big boys don't screw around like that.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I think that Peters is as big a bundle of conflicted interests as you are ever likely to encounter anywhere. He should, in fact, be a public attraction: "The world's biggest string-ball of conflicted interests."

Peters also admitted to meeting with "the man" on several occasions in Cuba. He probably describes Fidel as his "friend" to clients. It helps to have such a "friend" in Cuba.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


And, unlike Kim Philby, Henry has nowhere to run.

Anonymous said...

Let's flip things around: What potential conflicts does Henry have? Who are his advertising clients and do they somehow influence what he blogs? Shouldn't we know all that so we can properly evaluate the positions he takes?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are very right. No doubt Henry has his own conflicts of interest and no doubt these dictate his conduct as much as Peters' do.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The previous thread is suddenly hot again.

Srcohiba said...

You guys are sounding as rabid as Nancy Pelosi and good ole Rick from SFDB...

you have no clue about what you're talking about.

No violation of federal law has occurred. I'm sure you don't even know what the applicable law is or what title of the US code is applicable.

Under your misguided feeding frenzy Robert Novak should have been convicted of a felony for writing the article that was the basis for the Scooter Libby case.

Sorry to butt in but there's nothing worse folks who write about the law without having the slightest idea of what they are talking about. It does a disservice to everyone and it makes me cry out a large "oy vay!"

So to quote Sgt. Hulka from the movie Stripes, "lighten up" folks.

Vana said...


I don't think Henry was disappointed that Phil was not CIA, I think he was relieved, he could have been facing up to 10 years in prison had it been thus.

Srcohiba said...

Vana, don't be such a yentah

you are clueless

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are now the sixth or seventh member of Babalú's "magnificent cadre of writers" to visit my "humble blog"(if I may borrow Val's favorite phrase) under his own name or moniker. [Of course, others visit as part of the "Tribe of the Anonimi"].

I have devoted two posts to you lately. These did not elicit your commentary. But this post on Henry's possible outing of a CIA (?) agent does merit your attention. I can only surmise that is because it has also attracted Henry's.

I am certainly glad that you are there to assure him that everything will be alright. I am not so sure as you. Then, again, lawyers are supposed to be optimistic if only to discourage their clients from lunging at them.

I'm afraid that I could never become Rick. That requires too great a quotient of stupidity as well as an amputated funny bone. But there is a Rick already and I am sure that he will be pleased to argue quiddities of the law (or photography) with you. I have 8 lawyers in my family and have always made it a point never to listen to their opinions on the law. If they were mechanics or repairmen of any kind, I would listen.

Finally, let me say, as I have before, that I admire your steadfastness to John McCain and sincerely hope that you will be able to undo the very great harm which Henry has done to Babalú's reputation in Republican circles by attacking him while indulging his erstwhile crush on Obama.

Agustin Farinas said...

Down below, a piece of news about some of the things we can expect to happen if by some crazy twist of fate, Obama happens to be elected POTUS in Nov.

"NEW YORK — A senior Hamas official has confirmed that former President Jimmy Carter will meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, during a visit to Syria next week, according to the Associated Press.

The official, Mohammed Nazzal, told the AP that Carter sent an envoy to Damascus requesting a meeting with Hamas leadership, including Meshal, and that Hamas "welcomed the request." The meeting will take place on April 18, he said."

This American Chamberlain will meet with the enemies of the US in order to convince them to be good ole boys, stop being terrorists and somehow let Israel live in peace.
I am sure his counterparts in this "august" meeting will be all ears, and will take note of Mr.Peanuts good advice and forego their terrorist evil ways. Yeah,sure.

How low can the Democratic leadership in the US go in order to play politics? First Nacy Pelosi travels to Syria (a terrorist supporter state) and now Carter, who is also a great supporter of Obama, so we can surely expect the aspiring Democratic candidate to follow in the former President footsteps (or missteps),if he is elected.

Have any of these morons ever read a book on the History of the XX Century? Do they really think they can appease and change these monsters?
It is really sad to see so many people in the US being totally ignorant, fooled or not caring about what these clowns will do in their name. This stupidity reminds me so much about the same spineless idiots in Europe in the late thirties when they were faced with totalitarism from the right and the left.
Our Democrats are behaving exactly like those old fools leaders of the European democracies at that time.
Those who ignore the lessons of history.......

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

SrCohiba: said: You guys are sounding as rabid as Nancy Pelosi and good ole Rick from SFDB...

Like a voter said to Harry S. Truman at a campaign rally, "give them hell Harry." Truman said, "no i will just tell them the truth, and they will think it is hell."

SrCohiba said: you have no clue about what you're talking about.

Like my uncle who is a judge once said, "A defenadant may beat the rap, but he cant beat the ride."

SrCohiba said: No violation of federal law has occurred. I'm sure you don't even know what the applicable law is or what title of the US code is applicable.

And neither do you. Or else you would have cited it.

SrCohiba said: Under your misguided feeding frenzy Robert Novak should have been convicted of a felony for writing the article that was the basis for the Scooter Libby case.

Henry is no Robert Novak, a well-respected reporter, that is afforded protection in the highest office.

SrCohiba said: Sorry to butt in but there's nothing worse folks who write about the law without having the slightest idea of what they are talking about.

And there is nothing worse than a "lawyer" pretending to be an "attorney." Attorneys have a florida bar id, lawyers dont. Where is your florida bar id?

SrCohiba said: It does a disservice to everyone and it makes me cry out a large "oy vay!"

And it does a disservice to everyone by sweeping under the rug, the recent "outings" by "your" blog at Baulu.

SrCohiba said: So to quote Sgt. Hulka from the movie Stripes, "lighten up" folks.

And another quote by Sgt Hulka to Bill Murry during their first gathering, "Well, im gonna to see how far Sgt. Hulka can stick his big toe up your ass." This quote, may be exactly what the federal authorites are thinking about both, Henry Gomez and Val Prieto as we speak.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Anonymous asked: Let's flip things around: What potential conflicts does Henry have? Who are his advertising clients and do they somehow influence what he blogs? Shouldn't we know all that so we can properly evaluate the positions he takes?

I too would be interested who is funding not only Henry, but also Babulu. I am not necessarily saying that Babulu recieves Communist funding.

All that i am asking is that Babulu should open up her financial books, so as to allow a complete and unimpeded inspections of said books. To ensure that there is no Communist influence of Babulu and/or her editors/contributors, including and not limited to Val Prieto and Henry Gomez.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The rub will be to get their cooperation.

Srcohiba said...


spoken like the true putz that you are.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

And that is the proverbial Catch-22Either Babulu fully disclose it financial records and backing. Or continue to face these types of questions, ok Val and Henry?

Yours truly,

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Putz, lol. All 4 of my ex-wives would beg to differ with your characterization of me.

Nevertheless, much like Henry, you appear to have a lot of free time on your hands. Especially for an "attorney" who bills at $300-$400 an hour. Hmmmm, very curious.

I am not mathmatician, but i would think "every" billable minute you spend on non-attorney related matters quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars in wasted money for your clients.

In fact, does your clients know you are spending their time blogging away, and snapping photos of pigeons sitting on park benches?

Actually, with Henry and Val as potential new clients. I suppose that you will be spending nearly all of your time devoted to overseeing their eventual incarceration. And trust me, it will be "overseeing" rather than "defending."

Cheers!! :)


Srcohiba, if i were you, i would make sure that i get my retainer fee up front from both of those chivatos.

Vana said...


Don't be such an ass!! you are the cluless one writing for chivatos at Babalunia.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Very little makes me laugh in life, but your last comment directed to Sr. Cohiba did.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


I couldnt have said it better myself. I will continue to be as polite as possible to these people. But it amazes me how devoid the Babuluers are of honor, pride, principles, or respect.

It is as if a free naton of Cuba, comes secondary to the nation Babulu. This is why their rhetoric have always rang empty with me.

Out of all the excellent Cuban attorneys there are in America. They can manage to present one who will set up here and make excuses for the "outing," and subsequent imprisonment of KC's innocent family in Cuba.

If the Cuban population are awaiting Cuban-Americans such as as the Babulu members to be the beacon of freedom for them. Then i can see why it has been a long 40plus years and counting for them.

As a non-Cuban, i respectfully say that Cuban-Americans have got some house cleaning to do!!

Fantomas said...

Very little makes me laugh in life, but your last comment directed to Sr. Cohiba did.

Ahora Mat acepta que no se rie
por eso es que eres como eres, un renegado de la vida MAT, harto de vivir, mira es bien facil pegate un tiro y resuelto el caso MAt

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Well, he was asking for it. :)

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The funniest people are those whom it is very difficult to make laugh.

I am very worried about you, fantomas. People who speak constantly of suicide are on the verge of it themselves. It is not true that those who are always harping on suicide never commit it.

Ms Calabaza said...


my problem with Henry and Val is that they have "outed" two people within the last couple of weeks. The first one, honestly disturbs me more because of the consequences of KillCastro's family in Cuba. I suspect Mr. Peters can take care of himself.
I am not here to discuss the law but I am here to denounce what both Henry and Val have done. To stay quiet from my den and watch the show would be cowardly. I am disgusted by the fact that this has happened and neither one has apologized for their "mishap". I do not believe in threats and name-calling (that is why I no longer comment on Babalu), but worse than that is to stay QUIET about this.

Fantomas, no one on this blog has made more threats than you have. Stand up and take your punches big boy What's happened to you is you have been playing both sides for a long time and guess what? You were unmasked. You were offering aid and support to KillCastro while all the while egging on the Babalu boys. . . then, when you are bored (which seems to be a lot of the time) you attack MaT. Your comment that he should commit suicide was out of line and he does not deserve that from you. Babalu would not let you get away with that little comment, and you know that.

Srcohiba said...

John, I make my own hours and do what I want.

Unlike you, I'm not blogging from mom's house.

Finally, I don't just photograph nature and avian subjects, I also take portraits such as the one I took of you right here....

don't be such a shmendrick.

Folks, rather than casting aspersions and making libelous accusations, demonstrate to me where and how you believe a law was violated and cite to the law. Otherwise, you're just sounding like democrats; all talk no substance.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's me! You sure I let you take that photo?


Anonymous said...

if you use one more yiddish term, my stomach will turn. We get it, schmuck.

Simon, the deli owner said...

shmendrick, like a shmiel, but smaller.
Some small neurotic weakling.
Like Val Prieto, but still with some balls.

Anonymous said...

how are those sausages hanging, my boy?

Moishe, the cantor

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


1) Libel. This term is often used to stifle an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and many cases gossip.
There is no doubt that Henry sent you in to do just that.
Unfortunately for Henry and Val, their "outings" are more than gossip or wild speculation. They are basd in fact. Moreover, i am certain that you dont want independent eyes on Henry's and Val's "outings." As neither one would escape punishment from an independent review by a trier of fact.

2) If you want to censor discussion of potential Val or Henry's potential incarceration in RCAB. Then simply cite where Val and Henry are free to publish private information to a 3rd party, that caused actionable harm against an innocent party. Cite specific and relevant case law.

3) You make your own hours? I know of no attorney who sets his own hours. As hours are always based on the clients needs. Hence, your hours would be actually dictated by your client, rather than yourself.

4) I am still waiting for your florida bar id. As i am starting to suspect that you are unable to produce one!!

Anonymous said...

Outing a CIA agent is a violation of Title 50 U.S.C.§421

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Hey Henry and Val, sorry to inform you, but it is going to take more than a wanna-be lawyer throwing around the word libel to "censor" the "outings" that were prepretrated!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Hell yah, anonymous way to go!!!!

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Now as the self-appointed top-notch lawyer such as yourself. You should be able to quickly respond with a counter case law cite.

This is your first test of your legal skills. No doubt that Henry and Val are also anxiously waiting!!


See Srchoribia, this blog aint spoon-fed Babulu. You got to back up that swagger!!

Fantomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sr Cohiba:

Val Prieto needs your expertise on reverse mortgages.

Anonymous said...

Babulu sent forth their best in SrCohiba. And he was quickly and completely vanquished in RCAB.

Srcohiba said...

Good Job Anon. You've uncovered the correct statute.

So come now your legal know it alls, from the statute, demonstrate which section you believe has been violated and show me evidence that each element has been satisfied.

You can't. Nice try. So enough of the whining. Get a life.

Oye Juan, look me up. You'll find me. Not too difficult man.

And FWIW, I'm here on my own and write what the hell I want whenever and wherever I want.

You folks watch too many television shows. Too much CSI Miami.

But at least you amuse me.

ciao folks.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Or he may have retired from the field upon receipt of his orders from Val Prieto. Remember, the Babalunians are not free agents. Even in coming here Sr. Cohiba broke every Babalú commandment. Perhaps he will be forgiven because this lapse can be attributed to his inexperience. However, I will be surprised to see him in these precincts again, though he and all Babalunians have a standing invitation to engage us here.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

MAT, the only reason why Srcohiba came in here was to stifle the talk about Henry and Val. Much like a pitcher brushes back a homerun hitter with a fastball.

Unfortunately for Henry and Val, Sr.Cohiba fastball was knocked over the centerfield. And he will have to be called back into the dugout, i.e., Babulu.

As per your request Mat, Henry and Val always curl up in their fetal position with their thumb plugged in their mouths. I can recall when they exhibited much the same behavior at MCC. Of course, they remained avid readers.

No Mat, they are not men enough to engage the discussion in here. In fact, if this were not your blog. There is no doubt that Henry would be busy writing the editor demanding for strict moderation in RCAB.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Scohiba said: Oye Juan, look me up. You'll find me. Not too difficult man

Nah, i am feeling rather fatigued today for research. But i have a better ideal. Why dont you just reach into your wallet, pull out your Florida Bar id that they give every "attorney" after they swear in, and post it. You know the Florida bar id, that every "attorney" carries just in case they have to flash it to a cop as their get out of jail card. That little known perk given to every "attorney," as an officer of the court.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Incisive and hard-hitting commentary from you as usual. And you may be right. Perhaps the rookie was sent to "enemy territory" to test his mettle under fire. The veteran Henry has never ventured here under his real name. I guess this General Gómez always keeps behind the lines.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Yes Mat, Srchobia last two post were that of a sinking ship. Much like the German battleship Bismarck. Srchobia set sail from Babulu into the dangerous waters of RCAB. Dispatched by his overconfident commanders, Val and Henry, with much fanfare, ticker-tape, and great anticipations, your demise was greatly sought and expected. Unfortunately, much like the Bismarck, Srchobia was quickly overmatch and easily defeated by superior forces of RCAB. Leaving his inept commanders baffled and confused, as they thought Srchobia would be the answer that could help salvage the falling kingdom of Babulu.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


As Voltaire said, the English [replace with Babalunians] like to hang an admiral now and then "pour encourager les autres" (to encourage the others).

Vana said...


Well said, the nation of Babalunia indeed is more important to the Babalunians, then a free Cuba, they don't give a shit about Cuba, only about outwitting and outing their fellow Cuban bloggers.

Don't bothere being polite to any Babalunian, they don't deserve respect, only those that give it, deserve it, surely they don't give it.