Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Round 2 With Henry

Henry Louis Gomez said...

So if I submit to you and run the blog the way you want it to be run you will stop distorting what I write and making up lies about me out of whole cloth?

Yes, that's very democratic.

No, thank you.
4/15/2008 9:47 PM


So, Henry, you are the one running the blog now (or should I say running down the blog?). Thank-you for confirming another of my "lies" and "distortions." I'm sure that if you keep coming here you will eventually confirm every word I ever said about you.

Your rejection of democracy does not surprise me either. You have rejected it already so many times before. Continue, then, to run Babalú as bully and autocrat. I doubt that you could run it any other way.

As for "submit[ing]" to me, what chance is there of that when you won't even submit to your own best interests or Babalú's?


Henry Louis Gomez said...

I ban who I want to ban, write what I want to write, don't write what I don't want to write and don't accept comments that I don't want to accept. If that's running the blog, then I suppose I run the blog to the same extent all the others run the blog.

But you are the one that made the offer (which sounds a lot like blackmail or "blogmail") to me. Even if I had 100% decision making power over the policies at Babalu I would not accept your offer in a million years.

So have fun with your little fabrications and your petty games. I don't find them interesting in the slightest.

I have a client in Wayne. Next time I fly into Newark maybe I'll drop by and we can discuss this face to face.

Vana said...


Are you moving into this fine blog, you have visited about 5 times today, why things are getting boring at Babalunia? obviously you do find what Manuel has to say interesting, or you would not read him, you call yourself an American-Cuban, yet you do not practice free speech at Babalu, I would say you are more like a tired tyranny, you know like in Cuba.