Monday, April 21, 2008

Round 8 With Henry (He Says "¡No más!")


That is a good obervation and worth pondering: "One thing is being anti-castro and another anti-communist."

Manuel A. Tellechea's last comment at Babalu blog, implying that while the Estefans are anti-castro, they are not anti-communist on March 29, 2007.

I'll state for the record, once and for all, that I was opposed to Elian being returned to Cuba. And the person who can verify that fact is Alex, formerly of SotP and currently of Miami and Beyond. We worked together for several years including the period of time in which Elian was in the United States.

If your readers want to continue believing the opposite, then that's their problem. Nobody is going to know better than me how I felt. You chose to mischaracterize statements I made about it, I suppose because it helped you in your little crusade against Babalu. But if this really were a fight, your tactics would be considered an illegal low blow and you'd be disqualified. You are not honorable, you're making stuff up as you go along. For over a year I rarely stopped by here. And almost every time I did I came away laughing because of the story lines you invented about me. The only one that didn't make me laugh was that one about Elian.

Anyway, Manuel I've had fun sparring with you but now am bored with it, so it's time to bid you adieu.

4/21/2008 12:18 AM


OK. Let's see. I was complimenting Vic, one of your long-gone commenters whom you and Val regularly beat up before he disappeared, for making an astute observation and one which many people are unaware of, namely, that it is possible to be anti-Castro but not anti-Communist. I do not say whether Gloria or Emilio Estefan are one or the other; it is Val (and you now) who assume that they are not "anti-Communists." Of course, not being an "anti-Communist" does not imply being a Communist, either. The whole of liberaldom from the 1950s to the 1990s were stridently "anti anti-Communist" but not themselves in favor of making the U.S. a Communist state. All this, of course, flies over your heads and it is no use explaining it to you.

Val did not boot me from Babalú for calling Gloria a "Communist," which I never did; but for complimenting Vic for an astute observation. Nobody, of course, is allowed to compliment on Babalú anyone whom you abuse, isolate and eventually discard after playing your "cat and mouse game" with them. The poor guy even came to RCAB to apologize for saying something that got me kicked off Babalú! As I explained to Vic, he had done nothing wrong in expressing his opinion; nor I in praising him for the acuteness of his observation.

What you don't say, however, is that Val laid down a "fatwa" at Babalú threatening to boot the next person who said anything critical about the Estefans. Apparently, I was that person. Except, of course, that I had made my comment praising Vic's observation minutes before he laid down his "fatwa." When this was pointed out to him, Val immediately "unbooted me" (can't have the appearance of looking unfair though being unfair is actually acceptable to him). Of course, it was already too late. No one with any sense of honor could have continued to comment at Babalú. Honor entailed on one the duty of fighting such practices and the dictatorial mindset which is behind them. And there you have your example: it is possible to be anti-Castro while at the same time embracing Communist practices such censorship, purges and proscriptions. Val and you prove that every day.

I have heard enormities in my day, but your assertion that you rarely read this blog must be the biggest of them all. Is anyone here so gullible as to believe you? Every time I write even one word about you (and I have written many) the phone starts ringing for you and it would take a bigger man than you to resist the temptation of seeing what I wrote about you. Of course, you don't need to be tempted. Even if you had made a resolution not to read RCAB, that resolution, as so many others, wouldn't make it past New Year's Day.

As for Elián, it has been shown to my satisfaction (and your eternal shame) that you were in favor of his return to Cuba. When Alex stated in a comment (long after I had made my initial assertion last year) that in your conversations with him you held the opposite opinion, I did not call him a liar but accepted what he said as his personal experience with you. There is someone else, however, who heard you loudly take the father's (i.e. Fidel's) side. Your disdain for Elenita (amply chroniched here) and your adamant refusal to say even one word on her behalf confirms me in my belief you want every body to remain and be rendered in your precious "pressure-cooker" even the babies. Needless to say, this causes me to regard you as nothing less than a monster, worse even than Val, who actually expressed 10 words of support for her.

The fact that you do not consider me "honorable" is a compliment. I desire nothing more than to be disdained by men such as you.

Of course, I am laughing at your assertion that you are tired of sparring with me and are bidding me "adieu." I bet everybody else is laughing, too. Frankly, you should ignore me as these excursions into "enemy territory" are sapping you of all your energy and you have all but given up posting at Babalú. Remember that there is still much knowledge that remains to be extracted from the chronicles of "Nostradamus" Dorshner in Tropic Magazine 20 years ago.

We'll see if you've said your last "¡No más!"


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Henry and Val,

Seriously, you and Val mimic the Bosnian communist Serbs that i encountered in the Sarajevo, and Split, Croatia.

I have never met an "open" Cuban communist in Miami, as i did in the Balkans. But, it shocking to me, how you and Val have escaped detection from within your own community.

I dont know if your free ride from your Cuban brothers and sisters is due to your blogs, your over-heated rhetoric, or your anti-communist fundraising adventures.

But Henry and Val, regardless of your denials, homosexual taunts, or your bullying tactics.

Both of you look all too familiar to me!!

Vana said...

Round 8, you have knocked him out 7times Manuel, but he still gets up, no matter the ko's have been worth it, let's see if he will now stay down for good, I doubt it though he seems to like punishment.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am pretty sure that he is going to come back for more. Henry's become addicted to free and open discussion. That's something that is in short supply at Babalú.

Vana said...


I'm afraid you are correct, he'll be back.

Anonymous said...

only 4 comments MAt ?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Apparently Henry is not as interesting as he thinks. His 15 minutes at RCAB may be over. The audience is too familiar and repulsed by his labia.

I hope the experience will prove beneficial to him.

Anonymous said...

Is RCAB dead again?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


RCAB has never died although it only has one heart as opposed to Babalú's 16.

Anonymous said...

Un corazón nó, un hígado.