Thursday, April 19, 2007

Posada Carriles Is Free

Today, Communist Cuba celebrates publicly its "victory" over the freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs — a "victory" which was a gift from JFK; privately, of course, Cubans old enough to remember the re-birth of hope which the news of the invasion first brought them, will mourn the death of that hope and all the horrors which were unleashed on the Cuban people over the next five decades by Kennedy's failure of will.

The capos of the regime, however, will not be celebrating so exuberantly on this anniversary, because Posada Carriles, their Public Enemy #1, has just been ordered released by a federal judge and is en route to Miami even as I write. I am by no means convinced that the government will allow him to enjoy for long his legal victory. The same Justice Department which kidnapped a 5-year old boy at gunpoint in order to present him as a gift to Castro, or which, for that matter, shackled in waist and leg irons an 80-year old man who stands before the law as innocent of any crime as you or I do, such a rogue agency, led by an unrepentant liar who answers to an even bigger liar, cannot be trusted to abide by court orders but will ride roughshod over the law itself to achieve its nefarious ends.

For now, however, and for as long as Posada's freedom is respected, we may all rejoice that justice has prevailed and that this selfless patriot, a hero of three nations and 1000 battles against Communism, will soon be among his people again.


Babalú has posted a communiqué regarding Posada's release, but said nothing about the release itself except to mourn that it will cause a "media outrage barrage" and backlash against Cuban-Americans, implying that perhaps Posada should have remained in jail to spare Val and his ilk more "embarrassment" about being Cuban exiles. Not to be outdone, Henry Gómez wants Posada tried for the crimes which Castro imputes to him, although Posada has already been acquitted in a civil trial and court martial of any part in those crimes. Henry, to be fair, wants Castro and his henchmen tried before Posada. How generous of him! I suppose he would have favored trying the Jews after the Nazis had already been convicted at Nuremberg. If they were not so offensive, these two clowns would be the Abbot and Costello of Cuban-American blogging.


Babalú has an intriguing new "commenter" named Marifea Perez-Unstable whose position on Posada is not radically different from Val and Henry's: "Luis Posada deserves to be tried before the Queen of Hearts: 'Sentence first, verdict later.'" Still, I fear that Val will soon ban her.


curt9954 said...

What can you expect from a country that has a holiday honoring the biggest mass murderer in history, Christopher Colombus. Down with the U.S Government!

Jewbana said...

Wow! Curt9954, that is radical! Ever had the chance to live overseas, maybe Cuba after fidel? We may not like our government but at least we have the choice to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

LittleGator said...

Curt sounds like the typical lefty loser. Probably wears a torn Guevara T, and hangs out at coffee shops were he sponges off others. All the while he complains that his government check isn't enough to score the really good pot his more affluent buddies are smoking. What a waste.