Monday, April 2, 2007

The Disappearing "I'M A COCKSUCKER, DON'T YA KNOW" Post on Babalú

Val must have worked on it all week-end. It was certainly the lengthiest post in Babalú history. It took him more than 1200 words to explain that he is not a "cocksucker." I was just about to link it to my blog when Val pulled it down without explanation and without leaving a trace. It was up long enough, however, for several readers to leave their drop of venom for me, too. Duly noted. I don't know if he's re-writing the post or if someone convinced him to pull it down for good as it served merely to compound embarrassment upon embarrassment. In his long and ridiculous explanation, Val concealed all the essential facts of this case as set forth here. He proved that he is very afraid of my words because he didn't quote or link to the "offending" critique. But Val is even more afraid of his own words than of mine.


Email said...

Come on, don't you know by now that it's his blog and he can do whatever he wants. It does not matter that you are both on the same side. He reserves the right to be ..... If you don't like it you can go and start your own blog. I guess that is what you did.

Good luck with your blog. So far, I am enjoying it very much. I hope you don't pick up the bad habit of publishing BS rumors as facts.

El Caimán

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

el caimán:

Thank-you for your good wishes which are offered without the usual reservations and qualifications in obeisance to Val.

Another interesting twist to this story, which you understand better than most, is that less than 24 hours before Val booted me from babalú he had asked me, publicly, to write a guest post for his blog, which I respectfully declined. Apparently no one says "No" to Val on babalú and lives to tell the tale on babalú. Yes, Val actually asked to write for his blog even though now he says in the "Disappeared" Post that he finds me "less than realistic and sane." Is his house lined with mirrors or with padding?

killcastro said...

Hmmm ... gets more interesting all the time. I too was invited to write for that blog and I declined. When our blog went live, I received an email calling me a "traitor" but to be fair, once I questioned the seriousness of that accusation, the gentleman responded that it was a joke. Or was it? Bipolarity is such a difficult infirmity to pin point.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


But how can that be? Val is the "Father of Cuban-American Blogging." He has said so many times — many, many times. In fact, even here.

Would a "Father" stab his "children?"