Saturday, April 7, 2007

Groundswell of Support for Posada Carriles at Babalú — Dignity Carries the Day

Three months ago I received an e-mail from someone at Babalú (not Ziva) inquiring whether I thought Luís Posada Carriles was "guilty." Of course, I left the e-mail unanswered (which is something I never do). What self-respecting Cuban would ask such a question? Guilty of what? Loving his country? Defending his country? Sacrificing everything for his country's freedom? When Cuba is finally free, it is to Posada and men like Posada that statues will be raised and justly so; for they are the "men of marble" of whom Martí dreamt.

There are no lost causes, only lost men. This is a truth that Posada understands in the marrow of his bones. The cause of Cuba Libre has been Posada's cause all his life. When others became disillusioned by failure and betrayal (the betrayal having usually been the cause of the failure) and retired from the active struggle against Castro, Posada remained steadfast to the idealism of his youth. Neither the persecution of his (our) enemies nor the indifference of other Cuban exiles, not even being imprisoned unjustly and illegally by three countries or shot in the face by Castro's agents, has made Posada waver for a minute in his determination to continue fighting for our country. Such determination is ennobling in young men but sublime in old men. It is the spirit of the patriarchs and apostles, the men who mattered the most even when it seemed to most that they didn't matter at all.

Posada's only mistake was to place his trust in this country, and his mistake is not unique. As an anti-Communist freedom fighter, Posada served the interests of the U.S. during the Cold War and received its help and protection. When the Cold War ended, he was cast aside and vilified by those who had been his allies of convenience; but, undaunted, Posada carried on the fight, virtually alone but unbroken.

The much-acquitted Posada Carriles is now being held on charges that he entered the U.S. "illegally" and lied about it to federal authorities. That is to say, the U.S. government, which allows millions of migrants to cross the Mexican border every year illegally without prosecuting them, is instead aiming its guns at a man who is entitled by law to U.S. citizenship on the basis of his service in Vietnam and a hundred other places. Besides, under the barbarous "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" interpretation of the Cuban Adjustment Act (1966), any Cuban who simply sets foot in the U.S. is granted automatic asylum and the right to apply for citizenship in 2 years. Why is Posada the exception? Because Communists label him a "terrorist?" How many times must he be acquitted for that label to disappear? The most telling proof of Posada's innocence is that the U.S. didn't even try to have him indicted for complicity in any terrorist acts. The evidence just isn't there.

But returning to Babalú again, which, as we have documented here, supports noble causes only if it believes that supporting them will not bring "discredit" to the "community," preferring to conserve whatever political capital it may have for the Estefans and other heroes of capitalism.

The 78-year old man who has fought for Cuba longer than the Estefans have been alive and the 4-year old girl who is threatened with Elián's fate do not concern the Val Prietos and Henry Gómezes of our "community." Eager always, as they should be, to defend the victims of Castro in Cuba, they are just as loathe to say one word in support of those who are persecuted in our own midst for the same cause.

Today, Ziva, whom I have called in the past "the moral conscience of Babalú," proves me right yet again with her "Breaking News" post on Texas Judge Kathleen Cardone's order to grant Posada Carriles bail. Although Ziva does not comment on the judge's decision herself or say anything personally about Posada in her post, the very fact that she even dared to reproduce partially and link the story is significant because it allowed Babalú's readers to comment on the case, from which many assimilationist Cuban exiles can't run fast enough.

I do not know how long it will be before Val deletes the entire thread for fear that the candid opinions expressed there will be attributed to him and the whole "community." The comments do in fact reveal the real feelings of cubanos dignos, of which there is no paucity among Babalú's readers and comment writers:

This is the best news I have heard in so long! Da Roof! Da Roof! Da Roof is on Fire! We dont need no water let da mother F**ker burn (Fidelismo) ! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We win this one ya'll.
Posted by: Guajiro_de_Broward at April 6, 2007 07:29 PM

Great news indeed! Though the MSM is spewing out half truths regarding the bombing of the airplane.
He was tried twice in Venezuela, ( in military & civil court) BOTH TIMES ACQUITTED. Again the MSM IGNORES ALL THE FACTS AND SPINS THE STORY TO FIT THEIR AGENDA.
Posted by: Jewbana at April 6, 2007 08:02 PM

Texas justice.
Posted by: Gigi at April 6, 2007 09:49 PM

Fidel se debe haber cagado con esta noticia. Fifo debe estar super furioso. Saquen la billetera que el gran pintor cubano comenzara a coger ordenes nuevas pronto , muy pronto. [Fidel probably soiled himself when he heard the news. Fifo should be super furious. Take out your checkbooks because the great Cuban painter will be taking new orders soon, very soon].
Posted by: Abajofidel at April 6, 2007 10:05 PM

The MSM never mentions that Fidel Castro's 26 of July Movement carried out the first international airline hijacking of a commercial plane in Nov. 1958. The plane crashed into Nipe Bay killing most of those aboard, including women and children. Here is the article and photos
Let's not forget the hundreds of bombs that Castro's underlings set off in Cuba during the revolution.
Posted by: delacova at April 6, 2007 10:28 PM

ATT Abajofidel: fidel can't shit on anything except into a colostomy bag that he drags around with quite a stink...pew!!!
Posted by: Doorgunner at April 7, 2007 11:06 AM

How can a Cuban, under current law - even wet foot/dry foot, be in the United States illegally? I thought that as long as you got here, it didn't matter how - raft, Pedro Pan flight, swim the Rio Grande, get a gig with Dizzy Gillespie's UN big band, just get here.
Posted by: Paxety at April 7, 2007 11:25 AM

The problem is that he left Cuba back in the day and became a citizen of Venezuela. That is where the problem lies. But he worked hard for the US in the CIA and there are exceptions for those who served in the Military to get Naturalization.

Why can't Posada get it like that? I will tell you why.....politics with our wimpy president who does not have the Ronald Reagan balls to stand up to those elements of the evil empire within and without the US.
Posted by: Guajiro_de_Broward at April 7, 2007 01:42 PM

Could he renounce his Venezuelan citizenship? Or does that require he go to the Venezuelan embassy and then technically be "in Venezuela" and get arrested?
Posted by: daniel_in_garanhuns at April 7, 2007 03:07 PM

UPDATE: I urge you to read killcastro's compelling comment on this post, which forthrightly tackles the question, "What if Posada did do it?"

For 48 years, 99% of the casualties have been on our side but the media's attention has been focused 99% of the time on the 1-percent of casualties that the enemy has sustained in this unequal war where their side is always given the benefit of the doubt and our side is pronounced guilty even when proven innocent.


killcastro said...

The Posada Carriles issue is one of those lessons in the “1984” school of DoubleSpeak so well adopted by the communists.
And HERE is one of those moments when being ALLOWED to be in Kuba and discuss these issues FACE to face with a commie brings tremendous benefits!
Right after 9/11/01 (Nov/2001 to be exact) I was in Kuba to be present at my then fiance’s USIS interview. I was still shaken about 9/11 . Shaken to the point of being treated medically for my state – I lost 3 workers who Cantor Fitzgerald hired from my company and the stench of rotting/burned flesh could not be washed out of your system . It had penetrated you at a cellular level.
So I am in Kuba and I am NOT all together arguing in rational terms. I want the Middle East (Afghanistan specially) to be nuked to a point where the sand turned to glass !

During a discussion about this (actually it began with an exclamation of sympathy from one of my ñangara cousins) , He shoots back at me
“After all we KNOW what it is to have a terrorist act perpetrated on us , those poor athletes in that plane”
My wife tells me I turned a color she had never seen on a person, and I bolted up from the couch I was sitting and faced my cousin bringing my nose to his nose and exclaiming

The rest of the people in the room mostly family were frozen. From there I began a tirade that lasted 15 minutes without me stopping to breathe!

“Think of your FUCKING plane times 27 ! “ That is what happened in New York! And this point “me cago en la madre de esos hijos de puta y en la de Bush for not being in the air already blowing those fuckers up!”

Things got heated.

“Well killing the innocents in Afghanistan is not going to solve anything and that is murder .. “ Talk about putting out the fire with luzbrillante asere!
But.. He doesn’t stop THERE, he continues…

“Well that is the problem with YOU, you keep invading countries all over the world and then you get this attack ( well clearly the original expression of sympathy was just a fucking hypocritical tap in the back and this fucker had been enjoying the attack as “deserved retribution” but now that cousin from NY is here , gotta play it safe)

Okey that was IT.. I went psychotic , I pushed my cousin who wound up on the other side of the room… the rest of my family is now, resorting to religion “Ay Dios, mio , santo cielos pero que esto .. , hay San Lazaro bandito! One of my “on the fence cousins, pulls me back and goes “Mi primo que la gente esta oyendo”

“FUCK LA GENTE” I said . I AM a FREE MAN, you assholes are NOT so *I* can speak!
Then I started with KaSStros little shing-ding in Angola “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? – “er hmm well yeah , well yeah that wasn’t any good…

So how is the USA considered INVADERS by your fucking indoctrination!?

Now, WHO, please do tell me WHO began terrorism at a national scale as a valid form of effecting political change. WHO?”
Of all people one of my youngest and brightest second cousins chimes in

“Of course it was Fidel!”

Everyone in the family did one of those “say what “ head spinning.

“Yeah, he continued, the revolution was all about terrorism … and anyone who denies THAT is just a fucking ASSHOLE”

Oh good, I had a young cousin there who had actually read Cuban history.

“So, now I ask you …. (Said I) “How do you even find the blowing of that plane as a surprise? YOUR MAXIMUM LEADER invented THAT!

And for “Fidel” the more people an act of terrorism killed, the greater the valor and grandeur of the terrorist!

Now, EVERYONE is just “FUCK this I am not even touching THIS argument…but shit , el primo tiene razon!” Bet ya they had NEVER heard it put THAT way before!

So the cousin who was just now getting up and was being held back in case he was gonna come punch ME , (which I swear to GOD I was hoping he did) chimes in with

“Well that was the only way Fidel had to fight Batista?
There you go; Dig a deeper hole you fuck!

“How, by killing civilians? , so what the FUCK are YOU complaining about ? The guy who blew up the plane did NOTHING that Fidel would not have approved in 1958!

YOU, ALL of you have found it VERY convenient to forget about HOW your fucking revolution came to be!

So, a lot of “caballero, caballero, vamos a dejar esto así… porque aquí nadie va a ganar”

Its not a question of WINNING an argument it is a question of winning a WAR .. And that plane was blown off the sky by someone who is at war with YOUR Maximum Leader.. And by the way.. If YOU guys have NOT gotten the news yet, it is a damn good possibility that your OWN COMANDANTE blew that plane to get rid of several high ranking military official he had to put away, or don’t we all remember Camilo’s demise? Planes are VERY convenient as far as KaSStro is concerned.

Now the room was tomb.. Heads nodding while other shook. Here LIVE and in person.. They get the TRUTH shoved up their asses and someone ready to refute their government’s propaganda!

The girlfriend of the “bright cousin” walked out in a huff, her father was the ambassador to some African country.

As family, eventually we both apologized to each other, yeah I TOTALLY lost it, and I swear had I had something blunt near by I would’ve probably whacked him with it!

But THAT is Posada Carriles’ “sin”? Continue a rule of engagement initiated by KaSStro? Sow what was fine and patriotic in 1958 and against Batista was no longer so nifty in 1976 and against “Fidel” well fuck YOU ALL!

First he was never found guilty and if he was guilty he was guilty of extreme patriotism!

There put THAT man on the fucking pedestal that has just recently been vacated!

The role of the USA in this was shameful, but why are we surprised?

Go rent “The Good Shepard” and see how the USA army fucked the CIA and the Giron invasion. Yes the CIA was compromised but god damn it the Gironians HAD the beach head and they DID make the call, but as Kennedy put it in the midst of the debacle “The USA has no intention to interfere in the affairs of the island”
There, fuck you and good night Cubans.

Posada Carriles (if he IS guilty) did what any patriot would have done , hit the enemy where it hurts the most and in a most public way. It is called WAR!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You certainly hit Cuba like a hurricane, shaking your relatives out of their culpable complacency and complicity. This is the kind of confrontation that more visiting exiles should have with their confused kin. The truth is so little spoken in Cuba and only in rarified circles that it is necessary to introduce (or re-introduce) our friends and family to it, even if that means splashing it in their faces like cold water. They will be the better for it in the end. The truth, however ugly and initially disorienting, may not set them free but it will certainly make them less complacent in wearing their shackles.

I am sorry for the terrible loss you sustained on 9/11. Even if you were in no wise responsible for the fate of your employees, still the heart, which has more sensitive cords than the brain, must have felt keenly and still feel a reflexive remorse for failing to foresee what nobody then foresaw.

Coincidentally, the first altercation which I ever had with Val Prieto concerned 9/11. It was in 2004. The government had recently issued checks to the survivors and relatives of the deceased. Val put up his usual post in honor of that anniversary. I observed there that it seemed unjust to me that the government should compensate the survivors of a company executive killed at the WTC with $3 million and the survivors of a dishwasher with $300,000: the implication being that one man's life was worth ten times more than another's. These are calculations made every day by the insurance industry based on an individual's earning potential over a lifetime. However, the U.S. government bailed out the insurance companies and assumed responsibility for all claims. Still, it used the insurance companies' formula to determine the "appropriate level" of compensation to each individual killed or injured there. It should instead have used the formula which says that "All men are created equal." Val, of course, would have none of it. He is no egalitarian, as his recent conduct in estefangate shows.

So displeased was Val at that suggestion that he deleted the entire 100-comment thread and substituted it with another, which drew no responses. Such sleight of hand seemed unconscionable to me and I stopped commenting there for more than 2 years, though I continued reading Babalú.

I eventually decided that perhaps Val could not see rationally when it came to 9/11 and that this was an emotional lapse in judgment which was unfortunate but understandable.

So I returned to Babalú last year, but the recent Estefan affaire made me see that Val was simply being Val when he tries to silence dissent, makes threads disappear at whim or ousts allies from his demesne for recoiling at the bonds which he places on free expression.

As for your comments on Posada, I have requested in an Update that everyone read and meditate upon them.

killcastro said...

Mr. T
My losses on 9/11/01 were devastating to my whole LIFE, not only did I loose dear friends but I lost my company . A company 4 guys with NOTHING but an idea on a napkin had built to the tune of $25 million a year.
But speaking of the money is trite, and shameful for me, what IS important is that we HAD to close shop and over 50 employees were destitute and with no chance of finding a job in what then became the NYC economic collapse. A collapse that to THIS day we feel and that NO politician is willing to discuss.

We also suffered a tremendous blow to our health and STILL our politicians are un-willing to speak about the fact that almost 6 years after the attack there is NOT a soul working inside Ground Zero working! Why? And this goes both to the Federal government and to NY politicians. WHY? Why is EVERY PERSON I know in NYC suffering from some illness they did NOT have before 9/11? Why is my wife who even in the miserable conditions they had in Kuba was a generally healthy woman, suffering from constant tachycardia, chronic rhinitis ,sinus infections and a thyroid condition ?

NONE of these were there the week she arrived in NYC and had a FULL physical to apply for her residence!

So something VERY sinister is still permeating the air in NYC and our politicians do NOT want to tell us (There I am SHITTING ON MY OWN, and they have NOTHING to do with Miami, that should clarify my moral integrity!) As CB says “God only knows what they had in those suitcases” and I am sure our politicians think the same , but there is NO FIXING it, the only solution is to close the city down and if it came to that, the whole country would face economic chaos and we would have no other choice but to nuke the middle east to Kingdom come and INDEED becaome a country of invaders and conquerors!

Now, the fact that one man’s life is worth more than another is just REPULSIVE to me. It goes against EVERY tenet of humanity we have been taught to respect.

On a PURELY pragmatic level.. All of these men and women who got the 3 Million (because their lifetime earning potential) most probably had life insurance that dwarfed the $3M they got , but what about the poor Mexican buss boy ? Or the African kid in a mail room how does ANYONE know what that kid could’ve achieved had he/she survived.?

Sometimes I am amazed at our principals when they are put in practice. EVERYONE who lost their lives in that sadistic ritual of carnage is irreplaceable to SOMEONE, a mother, a child, a wife a friend EVER SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Perhaps for those who were NOT here on that day the unspeakable slaughter, weighing the worth of a man’s life based solely on his “future earning power” makes sense, but if you were HERE and you inhaled that dust, in that dust were the particles of the rich and the poor. the deserving and the not so deserving but ALL of them were snuffed out without reason.
But imagine a city like NYC with the closest air protection over 45 minutes away ! Now THAT we owe to the democRATS! Who, when a vote came up to put 4 or 5 war planes in a hangar at Kennedy Airport cried FOUL ! NO, NO war planes in MY CITY the proposal was voted down. Thank you all for such wise and humane decision.

Had we had ONE F-16 sitting at Kennedy 3,000 people would be alive and we would not to this day be suffering the consequences of that most inhumane of all attacks.
Yes, the passengers on the planes would’ve been gone and THAT in itself would’ve been a tragedy and we ALL would’ve still suffered for their undeserved fate. But the city of NY would NOT have suffered what it has.
And speaking of the Mexican dishwasher, the African mail room boy, the Korean accountant or the Italian executive. This is also something ANY Cuban visiting Kuba can shove up the nose of ANY ñangara.
Their MANTRA of “it is the Americans' fault” ….
To which American do you refer?
The Korean, the African, the Italian. The black secretary of state or the white President?
“Oh they say .. Not THEM we speak of the GOVERNMENT “
But … the Korean, African and Italian VOTED for that government!. That government to which you blame for all the ills your motherfucking COMANDANTE is guilty of, was ELECTED by the people who died that day. We as Americans bear the same responsibilities and blame as does our president, because WE CHOSE HIM. Which is a hell of a lot more than we can say about YOUR system of government.

Again, you will be facing blank stares and total silence.

Yes, sometimes we DO vote for a government and it turns out to have been a bad decision! We have 4 years to get them the fuck outta office. What do YOU Cubans have?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Let me express again and more so my condolences for so great a tragedy, the effects of which are still with you today.

Have you ever given thought to the possibility, the distinct and almost certain possibility, that the man who wrecked your life from the age of 4 may also have been responsible for what befell you and thousands of others on that day?

There are protocals even among terrorists. Is it even conceivable that Fidel Castro would not have been accorded the "courtesy" of being informed that the attack was imminent? As the enemy closest to the hagemon, and the first line of defense against it, such a notification to Cuba would have been de rigeur.

And having known beforehand of the attack and done nothing to prevent, is it not fully as culpable as having conceived or executed it?

Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, KillCastro,
I am basically adding a tad to my comment at KillCastro, on the death of Baby Isabella, and the meaning of September 11 for both KillCastro and myself:
"As our readers know, both of us lost everything that day of September 11. Life went belly up for us, our personal lifes were marked by the tragedy, which is tattoed in our minds with a terribly colored shade of ink We lost our dusiness, acquaintances, friends, potential business ventures, part of our already kasstro-shattered sanity, and our health situation has never been the same. I had always said that we don't know what was in the luggage of the terrorists, and noboby who knows will likely ever tell us.
I arrived to my house smelling like roasted meat and aviation fuel, just for being close. Far enough to survive, close enough to be diagnosed with something similar to post traumatic stress disorder after being in a battlefield. The worst part came the following day, when I was told that I was too old to bear arms to defend this country. Fortunately, I've found ways and helps to defend the freedom of one of my countries and to fight for the freedom of my country of birth.
I would love anything more than the politicians and the power holders to be honest and tell us the truth. What happened on that day? What were the terrorist carrying? Why is that there no incident of the same sicknesses in the area surrounding the Pentagon or in the field of Pennsylvania where the other plane crashed? Or... do they have the same problems?
I can tell you that both writers of KillCastro have been afflicted by several bouts of "allergies" and other "illnesses". Apparently, there's no explaination for those. Everything that you read on KillCastro is authored by two exceptional guys who are walking medical mysteries, if you get take the "official" explaination of the physicians.
Again, we ask the government to investigate what was in the luggage of the terrorists. Did they have help on the ground spreading some substances in several places of the city of New York? Did they have accomplices inside the Twin Towers?
There are too many questions to be posed. Why is that the Cuban Air Force was in "red code alert"? Why is that kasstro "leaked" some information to the United States, was he working with the terrorists in creating a climate of mistrust within the American society? Have anyone analized the behavioural curve of the international trading at Wall Street on Sept. 10?
There are many questions.... and I tend to believe that kasstro was instrumental in creating the theory of the "inside job" to disturb the very same foundations of the modern American society.
Do not forget that he was a master of death and the evilfather to all terrorists when baby Osama Bin Laden played with little camel dung balls outside of the tent of his uncle Mohammed. "
Having said that, we need to pressure the politicos for them to tell us the truth.
True is that kasstro and che guevara planned the destruction of New York in a way that would have make September 11 look like an accident in a Chinese pyrotechnical castle.
I firmly believe that kasstro was privvy to information that he leaked in ways designed to seed confusion, chaos, and mistrust in the higher spheres of the American intelligence community.
If one reads history with the required depth, one will find that kasstro was jealous of Nikita for the phrase uttered by the latter, "we will bury you". Both kasstro and che huevera wanted the phrase for themselves, and they did a lot more than Nikita to bring that phrase from the realm of the utterances of a drunken Russian party honcho to a hellish reality. Both kasstro and che huevera are part of the inspirational pantheon of the Muslim terrorists and their dispatchers, and it's widely known that many of them have received training in Cuba. The connection of kasstro with Al-Qaeda and other terror organizations is much more evident than the connection of Saddam Hussein with Al-Qaeda (actually, Saddam connected to Al-Qaeda through kasstro and the Cuban undercover intellingence services)
These reasonings lead to even a more poignant set of questions:
Why has kasstro be allowed to roam freely after Sept 11 2001?
What is preventing us from bagging him and make him pay for his lifelong career as a terrorists which has harmed the USA while it has destroyed Cuba? Why are we still allowing him to diabolically breastfeed international terrorists?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

killcastro & charlie:

Before reading your comments I had not understood the extent that this tragedy continues to be one even today. It is plain from what you say and from the way you express yourselves that this is a wound that has not healed and may never heal. Did you know each other prior to 9/11 or was this the catalyst that brought you together and forged your collaboration?

Charlie Bravo said...

No, we didn't know each other prior to 9/11 Manuel. What brought us together was the passion of blogging, and our ardent views on the situation of Cuba, and its history. Only after that we realized that we have been in close proximity -in time and space terms- both in Cuba and in NYC. Our experiences in Cuba were eerily similar. Our experiences in NYC too. We left Cuba at different times, many years appart, I am the new arrival of the duo, as you know. Life brought me to NYC, and KillCastro and myself discovered each other at Babalu. We instantly became friends, and a few months later we became collaborators in Cuban American Pundits, and then when we left CAPs, we started KillCastro right away, and Ziva was with us for a while.
KillCastro lived the rock'n roll life in the USA. I lived at the edge of it in Cuba. I have to say, that our experiences were pretty similar in both countries. We have written a lot of those stories on KillCastro, and lately we are churning out some of our stories on The Black Sheep of Exile (las Ovejas Negras, para los lectores de Cuba)
In spite of the 9/11 tragedy, we have kept our sense of humor and I think that we have learnt a lot from that day. The open wounds, well, they are useful open like that. I don't want to forget or be "healed" (in the drum-circle liberal way of the term) of what happened on 9/11. I prefer to live day by day with the reality.
I am glad to tell you that I also survived the ETA bombing of the parking lot of the new terminal of the airport of Barajas on December 30, 2006. It was a reminder of the NYC tragedy, and of the universality of kasstro inspired terrorism. Will I be lucky enough to survive other attacks? I really don't know!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There are wounds that never heal; wounds that heal superficially; wounds that heal and leave an ugly scar; wounds that heal and leave an almost imperceptible scar; and wounds, finally, that heal without a discernable scar. This metaphor for human suffering is older than the liberals. When liberals use the term "heal" what they actually mean is that we should forget. Which, of course, is the last thing we should want to do.

Charlie Bravo said...

yes, they (the liberals)have a knack for stealing and kidnapping the language(s) and the semantics associated with certain words and phrases, twisting the concept around in undescriptible ways!

killcastro said...

Mr. T

In response to your question regarding the “possible” specter of LA BESTIA DE BIRAN in the 9/11/01 attacks… I have not a shadow of a doubt that if not in a practical hands on mode, the island was used in some respect and that the BIG plan was not hashed by camel jockeys in some cave in Afghanistan
I have done extensive research on this topic, towards a book CB & I are writing. I will send you a synopsis of it.

The FACT is that the base at LOURDES was in charge of monitoring air traffic in the USA for over 2 years, both commercial and military. The FACT is that very TOP ranking military officials packed up and moved to both Cuba and Venezuela, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The ones in Kuba, had sole and absolute control of LOURDES.
Knowing (as we all do ) KaSStro’s penchant for air tight alibis, there are three events that seem to go against his basic instincts and in MY opinion they were premeditated excuses for things to come of which he was fully aware

1) KaSStro deports several Al-Qaeda members who were in Kuba to learn how to fly commercial jets.
Let us question this fact that seems to indicate KaSStro wanted nothing to do with Al-Qaeda
How were they allowed into Kuba? And once IN Kuba, they go to WHOM to ask for flying lessons? Not as if there are flying schools in Kuba !
Now, are we to believe they just arrive in Kuba, in the hope they will get these lessons, and this matter had not been discussed at all with the KaSStro government?
Why was the deportation was made public within Kuba? Of course starting “LA BOLA” rolling was a government task.
When they were deported, did they ALREADY know how to fly these planes?

2) KaSStro’s warning to the CIA of a “possible” attack within USA soil.
Again, an alibi for KaSStro and a source of confusion to the CIA. Is *HE* telling the truth? Is he fucking with us? The warning of course is without merit, since it was such a broad statement. Might as well have said: “An meteoroid will fall in the USA next year, BE READY !”

2) Why were all Kuban troops on full state of alert 6 weeks before the attack?

So personally I do not think this was KaSStro’s “baby” (as I do not think the Kennedy assassination was KaSStro’s “baby”) but that he knew full well what was happening, of that I am sure. And that wis planned by minds and intelligence gathering of a magnitude leagues ahead of that of Al-Qaeda. That is without a doubt.
Of course the Muslims were more than happy to take credit for what happened. The people who planned this are not looking for ANY credit; they were looking for EXACTLY what is happening in NYC almost 6 years after the attack and our full military involvement in the middle east while Latin America is ripe for the taking and off the radar of the USA.

The fact that the LOURDES base is back in full operation after the new Russian government supposedly dismantled it is VERY telling! Who refurbished the base , where did they get the gear , the money , the technical talent ? And most important WHY ARE THEY AGAIN MONITORING USA AIR TRAFFIC ?!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Castro's duplicity has no bounds and will choke anyone who embraces him. He has never brought anyone luck. If the Chinese or other fraternal or unfraternal regimes think that they can use him to their advantage, as the Soviets once did, they will find themselves hopelessly entangled and defrauded by their protégé.

Incidentally, Lyndon B. Johnson did believe to his dying day that Fidel Castro was directly responsible for Kennedy's assassination. If he wasn't privy to the truth, then who was?

Anonymous said...

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